Sun-Saturn: Hidden Structures & the Planet Waves Website

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today’s Sun-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio may be bringing up all kinds of things for you, some ‘heavy’, others motivating you to get something done. Sun-Saturn might also be helping you to notice structures in your life that are hidden or less obvious.

Photo by Amanda Painter.

Take, for example, the complete overhaul of the Planet Waves website that Eric, Anatoly and team of programmers completed in September. They didn’t just change the look of the site.

They simplified the whole experience of using the site, bringing many areas together into one. It’s now possible to access all of our materials under your own identity and password.

I realize you might not have had a chance yet to explore the site if you’re not a Core Community or All-Access Pass member, given how busy life gets and the emails and links and social media chatter everyone sifts through these days.

Eric has taken the  content block off of several pages, and you may click through without registering. These links include writers who have developed their voice specifically to speak to you, in the challenging, beautiful life you are living.

Sarah Taylor writes an accessible, nuanced tarot reading for the week each Sunday. Len Wallick has established a devoted following for his humane, step-by-step Tuesday/Thursday astrology column. Amanda Moreno, new to the PW Sunday roster, muses on her exploration of spiritual, esoteric and healing arts from a personal perspective. If you’ve been a subscriber long enough, you may remember Judith Gayle’s spiritual/political essays — she now appears each Saturday on the website.

When you upgrade to either Core Community or All-Access Pass membership, the new site also gives you web access to your Tuesday and Thursday subscriber editions — we put them right on the front page. The weekly horoscopes are also posted there, both as part of the issue and posted separately if you want to make a beeline for them (again, as part of Core Community and All-Access Pass membership). We’ve temporarily waived the access restriction on those areas, so you can see how it feels to read them on the new site. Just click the links and you will see the articles.

Speaking of horoscopes, have you seen Eric’s new weekly horoscope, called Sex By Sign, which focuses specifically on the relational and inner growth aspects of sexuality? It’s available through the Core Community and All-Access Pass membership, but for a limited time you’re invited to check it out on the website, where it’s posted every week.

I know: some people just like the simplicity of getting the emailed editions, neatly contained in a newsletter (there’s Saturn again…). But do you remember the first time you stepped outside your previous limits to engage with Eric’s horoscopes and Planet Waves, thereby expanding your inner world?

Sometimes engaging with Saturn means giving a little push to the walls and routine you’re used to, redefining them for yourself as you stretch into some new — and rewarding — territory. Welcome to the rest of Planet Waves.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

P.S. Because he has articles and several horoscopes due by Thursday morning, Eric will be taking this week off from Planet Waves FM. (Saturn lets us stretch time only so much.) He’ll let you know later if he is able to broadcast after all.

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