Sun-Neptune, The Nature of TV, Astrology Secrets

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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I’ll be describing the imagery and influence of Sun conjunct Neptune, an aspect happening now and in exact alignment Wednesday. This once-per-year event is happening in Pisces, where the Sun has joined Neptune as of last week.

3D television sketch via Pintrest.

Apropos of Neptune and Pisces, I have some new thoughts for you about the interplay of TV, literacy and visual illusion. It further relates to my ongoing careful reading of Marshall McLuhan, the grandfather of media theory.

And inspired by a conversation with a friend last night, I’ll share some thoughts with you about the many different kinds of charts that exist in parallel — the solar chart, whole sign houses, modern houses and the sidereal chart. If there are four different versions of your chart working simultaneously, what do you do?

This conversation is relevant for people who read my horoscopes or listen to my readings, as I will reveal the house system that I use to do those readings. You will find out how I use all 12 astrological signs to come up with the basic soul and personality profile of any one Sun sign.

Not sure of my musical guest — but it will be something fun, in the style of Pisces.

In Monday’s astrology diary, I describe another attribute of the current sky — the mix of fire (Venus, Mars, Uranus in Aries) and water (Sun, Chiron, Neptune in Pisces).

Sarah Taylor, in this week’s tarot reading, explores the Ten of Swords and how your experience of it could give you the key ingredient in an act of alchemy — one with the potential to shift something from the shadows into the light.

Photo by Eric Francis.

Amanda Moreno recounts a purging that has resulted in a sense of spaciousness that is somehow Piscean.

While she often refers to Pisces as the ocean of divine love, it can also be “the unqualified realms, where everything just exists.”

Even if you don’t live where blizzards or typhoons are in the weather forecast, ‘relationship storms’ can happen anywhere.

In this week’s relationships-and-sex guest-post, Blair Glaser discusses how, when you prepare for drama, you have the power to manage and perhaps decrease it.

In her latest look at spirituality in the face of politics, Judith Gayle urges us to make it our practice to remain aware: to decide, choose again and attend to the bottom line of our human evolution in the face of cutthroat political absurdity.

Yesterday’s article from Cosmophilia featured on the main blog was Dallas Jennifer Cobb’s story of overthrowing the narrative instilled in her by her mother — ultimately healing herself through the process of mothering.

And in his latest column (look it on the Planet Waves blog at about noon EST), Len Wallick surveys the pattern made by the ‘personal planets’: the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars. His advice: first, listen to your imagination; then build a little reality on that foundation.


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