Sun Conjunct Jupiter, and More Uranus-Eris

Once each year, the Sun aligns in a conjunction with Jupiter, and that happens Monday. Jupiter entered Libra on Sept. 9, with plenty of other events distracting our attention (Mercury retrograde in Virgo, a series of eclipses and the last square between Saturn and Neptune).


Early published image taken by the Juno spacecraft, showing Jupiter’s north pole. Image by NASA/JPL Caltech.

With this conjunction we can finally get a feeling of the potential of Jupiter in Libra, which seems like a metaphor for refreshing the energy of your relationships and outlook toward them.

There is a reminder of our need for fairness, which is born of wisdom; and a reflection of how Libra in any form is about elegance and beauty, both of which are essential to human happiness.

Then there’s a symbol of balance. We live in an era where it seems the best we can do is get accustomed to being stretched, pushed and maximized at every moment, though I have faith we can do better.

In any case, this aspect hopefully has something good to offer, even if that’s simply a new perspective.

Meanwhile, Vesta also forms a tight square from Cancer to the Uranus-Eris conjunction. This links the ongoing social mysteries regarding personal identity and the internet with the question of what is meant by home.

Vesta signifies the hearth and the flame of devotion. If you are examining these momentous questions regarding the nature of the self and where you belong, that flame can become a powerful searchlight.

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