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With Mercury’s ingress to Libra today, the astrological environment has changed. The same is implicitly true regarding your mental environment, which Mercury (among other things) symbolizes. As Len Wallick explains, one way you might best adapt is to get, and stay, more curious than you have been.

If you are thinking about Hurricane Matthew this morning, your heart is in the right place. After taking nearly 600 lives in Haiti, Matthew has become the first hurricane of category 3 or greater to make landfall on the U.S. Atlantic coast in many a year. Being curious about that, and other facts, could well be the right place for your mind right now.


For example, consider how Mercury (astrology’s versatile emblem for the mind, thinking and curiosity — among other things) concluded many a week in Virgo and entered Libra earlier today just as Matthew was making landfall in the U.S. That would appear to be a bit beyond coincidence.

This is not to imply Mercury causes hurricanes. Astrology is more sophisticated that to say anything of the kind. What an astrologer might say is that you should at least be curious about any astrological and earthly events that parallel each other so closely and in such a striking manner. Think about it. Mercury entered Virgo way back on July 30 of this year. Even when you take its most recent retrograde into account, that’s an unusually long time for Mercury to be confined to one sign.

Mercury typically takes less than three weeks to move through any given sign. In parallel with how you think, Mercury would seem to like it that way. After all, a quick mind is generally considered to be a healthy mind. Conversely, when your thoughts are moving slowly, it’s usually because your mind is in some way impaired.

Even though most astrologers consider Virgo to be a healthy and empowering place for Mercury, it was undeniably moving slowly there for quite a while. It would follow, then, that Mercury’s earthly parallels (including your mind) might be at least a bit rusty now. Addressing the situation is where you come in.

Of all the things you might be responsible for in this world, how you think must certainly be foremost among them. Just as Mercury does not cause hurricanes, it would not follow that Mercury finally getting up to speed in a new sign would cause your thinking to improve all by itself. Instead, what Mercury’s long-delayed ingress to Libra most likely implies is that you should now consciously keep your mind in mind.

Even if your mind has not been somehow impaired during the last nine weeks or so, you could probably use some sort of mental workout about now. When you consider how the symbolically emotional Moon will be spending all of tomorrow and Sunday implicitly inhibited in Capricorn, the astrological message is even more clear. It would be to your advantage to think, and think again.

This does not necessarily mean that you should spend the weekend playing chess or reading Shakespeare, although you could do a lot worse. Instead, you can almost certainly meet the astrology and match it simply by being curious. If your curiosity has gotten a little rusty as of late, think back to when you were a kid.

Remember how, as a child, you were not as satisfied when learning unless you found things out for yourself. Recall how lessons experienced stayed with you longer than lessons taught in school. If you simply go back and try being like that again, you could do a lot worse than that, too.


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You could begin by not being satisfied merely to note that it’s been a long time since there has been a hurricane like Matthew. You can log on to the Internet and find out for yourself how things got to be that way, and what the consequences are.

Then, you could endeavor to contact some people who are open to discussing the issues your curiosity brought up for you. Who knows, in the course of such discussions you could find new words to express new thoughts, and emerge (even as Mercury is now emerging) quicker and more mentally nimble than you have been for weeks on end.

We have some really interesting astrology coming up next week. What will happen for the world and your life in parallel cannot be predicted. One thing can be said with near certainty, however. Watching sports all weekend will not prepare you to make the most of your near future. Thinking will help. And, if there is anything to astrology, you will need to get and stay more curious than ever so as not to miss anything coming up over your life’s horizon.

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