Star of the Sea: Venus Enters Pisces

Posted by Amy Elliott


Venus moves into Pisces for an extended stay tomorrow morning. In Pisces, Venus is what’s traditionally known as ‘exalted’ — which is another way of saying ‘very much at home’. Amy Elliott suggests that with a little faith and willingness, Venus in Pisces could offer deep healing and seeds of fresh growth.

Happy New Year! As 2017 begins to take its first tentative steps, Venus is about to move into Pisces for an extended stay, tomorrow morning at 2:46 (07:46:30 UTC).


Venus is visible near the top of this dawn photo by Bob Peterson.

In Pisces, Venus is what’s traditionally known as ‘exalted’ — which is another way of saying ‘very much at home’.

Since the mythological goddess of love supposedly emerged from the sea foam, this is hardly surprising. The astrological territory is also familiar and comfortable: Pisces is romantic, gentle and feminine. Here Venus takes on that dreamy quality that’s woven into classic fairytales and love stories. This is pretty much archetypal in nature; hence why these tales have lasted so many generations.

There can be a feeling of magic in the air. This may be particularly the case as Venus will be in mutual reception with Jupiter, Pisces’ classical ruler, which is currently in Libra.

More substantially, Venus’ lengthy tenure in this sign will involve a long conjunction with Chiron. This could be incredibly beneficial in terms of healing, especially if you’ve felt rather buffeted in the past year. There’s a pleasant feeling to this placement akin to soaking in a relaxing bath: it can soothe all sorts of aches and troubles — if you allow it to, that is.

As peacemaker, Venus in this sign should also be invaluable for mending rifts between people. This could be accentuated by the sextile to Mercury in early Capricorn. It does require actively working with the flow, and allowing common ground, where it sincerely exists, to be a valid reasoning point.

If you need this energy to work for you, note that its operation usually depends on a certain amount of faith. Trying to force the issue will often result in it slipping out of your grasp. Trust in the power of the goddess; move with her when you are able, and allow her to mould your ideas and imagination with characteristic gentleness. You will probably find fresh seeds planted and waiting to grow.

Peace out.

7 thoughts on “Star of the Sea: Venus Enters Pisces

  1. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    Also, has anyone experienced tapping into the subtle energies of environments, people, plants, and animals? I’ve been able to ever since the 28th of December. The reason I remember the date is because I had a healing conversation with my mom. We had a bit of a falling out right after Christmas day, but we were determined to work it out. The ability to sense, feel, and ease into a gentler approach with her aided in guiding me through that experience. I had a shit ton of emotion coursing through my body during our conversation, and I was able to speak clearly, openly, and honestly while holding & being gentle with her energy. Granted, that was after I had already lost my shit in a conversation over the phone, so a lot of it was already out in the open.

    1. Ramona

      Michael- Spooky action at a distance… “The ability to sense, feel, and ease into a gentler approach with her aided in guiding me through that experience.” Yes, I experienced something eerily similar to what you have described (in my case more as an observer) over the holidays.

      On the 27th of December, my partner and his brother had a very healing conversation with their mother. After the shit storm, that is. During dinner the discussion started with an angry outburst, followed by defensive and hurtful comments. Upset and high emotion. Then, as you mention, it seemed both sides were determined to work it out. A more gentle conversation continued with her. Each speaking their truths while respecting the other’s position. Emotional honesty with kindness. Not at all an easy undertaking, but worthwhile.

      Appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

  2. Ramona

    Amy- Thank-you. I live in a wooded valley overlooking a river. Affectionately I sometimes refer to it as Rivendell. Last night I looked up into the sky to see the thin sliver of the waxing crescent moon with Venus shining brightly nearby… the image lingers, as I read your words this morning.

  3. Geoff Marsh

    A Happy New Year to you too, Amy. There was indeed a magical feel to the sight of the Moon aligned half-way between Mars and Venus in tonight’s sky just after sunset. It was so beautiful that I thought perhaps 2017 might not be so bad after all. Here’s hoping.

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