Special Update: Virgo Moon + Mercury, Mars, Neptune

I’ve written and recorded plenty the past few weeks on the Mercury-Mars-Neptune configuration. That is now at its peak, and to make things more intriguing, the Virgo Moon is in the mix right now — passing right through the degrees of Virgo that align with Mercury, Mars and Neptune.

Note that the Virgo Moon has a bond to Mercury (Virgo is one of its signs) so the current aspect has extra relevance and seeming reality.

What the Moon adds is a body-level experience; a direct sensory level of contact; and in Virgo, something that will filter through to the mental level as any number of emotions or cognitive patterns. Some will seem new; others will seem to be preexisting, perhaps from the distant past, such as childhood or familial relationships. Some may seem to be products of the immediate environment.

Whatever the case, this astrology is indeed happening and it will come to one peak over the next few hours. Other peaks will happen during the week, and in one form or another this astrology will last well into Friday, as the Mercury-Mars-Neptune pattern loosens up.

Overall, I suggest taking things step by step. Plunging ahead into unknown territory comes with risks, and you will want to know something about those risks rather than denying them. I believe that any astrology can be used constructively, though all in all this is challenging astrology to work to your advantage.

I am noticing that I’m taking a protective and defensive posture more than I usually do with challenging aspects, and I’m going to trust that guidance for myself. I am curious to see what creative potential this aspect pattern has. My hunch is that it may come in the form of either troubleshooting existing ideas or developing new ones designed to solve seemingly intractable problems. But those plans will take time to develop fully.

I’m curious to hear about your experiences.

30 thoughts on “Special Update: Virgo Moon + Mercury, Mars, Neptune

  1. Neisha Hirsch

    So far, I am also very protective… There seems to be an intense need, within me, to protect my sense of peace and wholeness in the face of the glaring inauthenticity I’m confronting.

  2. Robert Moore

    Hi Eric – During the last eclipse you posted a segment “The Dangling Conversation” to which I commented about a mysterious but persistent connection that had indeed been dangling. For the better part of a year. With no sign of resolving.

    I have stuck closely with my ‘higher’ guidance since that time. It was soon indicated that the time of physical world connection was imminent. So much from the Planet Waves body of work has supported that, not the least of which has been Sarah Taylor’s most recent theme-connected tarot readings.

    This morning my guidance indicated it was “The Day” to make direct contact with this person. Indeed, a rare, undeniable opportunity presented itself shortly afterward and I seized it. I knew going in that he would need time to process this, but I must say I was encouraged by the unwavering look of agreement on his usually evasive face.

    It has been a powerful day. Soon after this long awaited moment, my best friend called in tears with news that his close friend and roommate had been beaten in an alley and was in the hospital with the back of his skull missing. I hope that’s not too graphic but feel it most likely speaks to the power of the current influences. – Rob

  3. Josie Beug

    This retrograde began with me flying across the country to take care of my mother who had fallen. I have been transported back to the Family of Origin vortex and all that took place in 2012 when my father died. This time it’s my mom who is failing. She’s a Sag sun, I’m Sag rising/Leo sun. I’m the youngest of five siblings and was scapegoated at my father’s funeral, which took place on the day before the Venus eclipse of the sun in June 2012.. I believe that was in Gemini? Anyhow, powerful, powerful energies cutting through the karma. I carry PTSD from what happened three years ago as it actually escalated to near physical violence and I had to call the sheriff, kinda like a good old John Wayne movie. At present I am feeling very protective and defensive as I re-confront many of the same old patterns, but with good strong boundaries in place, actually more like the fortifications of a medieval castle, lol.

  4. Barbara

    I appreciate the “heads up” on all of this……been feeling it …………trying to sort it all out…..stark dreams……..curious puzzle pcs. showing up………..thanks so much………

    Rob………..sorry to hear about your friend…………sending light……..take care

    Josie…..HANG IN THERE!!!!

  5. Lizzy

    Ah Josiie – how strange, because my father fell twice at the end of last week. He is the main carer of my mother, who is bedbound and has dementia – and he refuses to get an alarm system installed, or get his legs checked. My sister was frantic with panic and worry, and I to was preparing to catch a plane home . Though things are calmer for now. Good luck with it all, Jose!
    On another note – other troubling (work) issues seem to be reaching a peak — and I haven’t felt so vulnerable for a very long time. But a part of me is telling me that this is deep healing work going on – and a part of me feels as if I’m underwater (Neptune?). Thank you Eric.

  6. Michael Mayes

    I am experiencing less desire to be sentimental, and express emotion. In a conversation with my girlfriend yesterday afternoon I pointed out how we keep falling into a pattern where we overdose on ‘lovey-dovey’ sentiment, but eventually I get resentful because I feel smothered and stuck in all the emotion. This is a pattern of relating that we have that must at the very least become better balanced.

    1. Hugging Scorpio

      that’s interesting Michael, I know a bit how you’re feeling. It’s a double side to the equation for me because I’m accepting being loved in the form that it is being given and not stopping that flow on the one hand. Then on the other, I feel like I HAVE to respond likewise otherwise my emotions are not valid enough. I don’t like that pressure. I like to express my emotions authentically, and that means when it come from my own direction. But I also recognize that it means a lot to her to hear my words. It’s a vocal side of the relationship that she needs. And I need to loosen my fear of becoming too attached because somewhere along the line, I’m became scared of loosing my individuality. It’s a balance, like you said, to be nourished and maintained. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hugging Scorpio

    I just wanted to add a thought about Mars. I feel that sometimes we forget about the enormous energy access we can have with Mars, that it should never be feared. It’s just energy. How we apply ourselves and what our propensities are have a lot to do with how we utilize energy, especially high energy or frustrated energy. I know I have to work on this and meditation helps a lot.

    Similar to a Saturn return or conj Sun, we are taught something about taking initiative rather than having it imposed. What side of the equation is better? Receiving or directing? We can harness Mars and communicate something deeply creative as a means to propel us toward a desired outcome.

    I’ve been feeling a calling to do this and not be afraid and dreaming a bit. Letting that dream take on some life, tell a different story, visualize a different outcome, see myself having the very things I want: I am that which I am becoming. I never get it done and I can’t get it wrong.

    With a little discipline and focus, this aspect can go a long long way.

    1. Cowboyiam

      Hugging Scorpio, ( never get it done and I can’t get it wrong.)

      You sound like you follow Abraham-Hicks?

      I Just want to point out that what you express about giving up your emotional self and the inner struggle – that is a very Scorpio issue you are facing. I have several Scorpio friends and even a Scorpio son, so, I have come to realize how big a deal this issue really is for those of Scorpio persuasion. I say keep pushing into that and try to notice the diversions – which your mind might be playing on you. We are confronting our self now. Lets get this over with.

      1. Hugging Scorpio

        Thank you so much Cowboyiam, I really appreciate your loving message. I will keep at it!

        Abraham-Hicks has been a wonderful compliment to my Vajrayana practice. It has taken my meditation deeper in such beautiful ways, and it has softened my somewhat regimented monastic approach.

      2. Lizzy

        So true, Cowboyiam! (Scorpio moon and rising here). Wonderful Scorpio moonshine horoscope by Len – that applies to all Scorpion types, imo.
        I recognise myself in you and Hugging in your search. I keep harping on about Rupert Spira, but I really can’t recommend him enough,

        1. Cowboyiam

          I just googled him Lizzy. Thanks, I will dig in a see what he offers me. BTW I am Neptune in Scorpio and it is being activated now very strongly. The concept that Eric gave in this months Scorpio reading eased me somewhat; its alright for me to have conflicting opinions – depending on the day. My unresolved conflicts are working themselves out is how I took it.

          1. Lizzy

            ICowboyiam – I always forget that I have Scorpio moon in the mix as well! Think you’ll find RS helpful to see what you seem to have already understood (you wrote bout an amazing experience you had under one of Len’s pieces last week) . But it’s not easy to get what he’s saying in one go – it takes time (at least it did forme). – because it goes against everything we believe we are – that is, our belief in our solid identities. As usual, must run now !

          1. Lizzy

            Don’t know Adyashanti – but it’s also what Echartt Tolle talks and writes about – and many more (also Buddhist teachings), but I find that hese terachings really work for me. (they’re certainly not everyone’s cup of tea!).

          2. Lizzy

            Just checked Adyashanti. out Cowboyiam – yes, it is the same stuff. Thanks for that – looks good… Wil check it ou properly this evening, as well as the othr thread that’s going on. down there!

          3. Cowboyiam

            Yes Echartt Tolle has given me a lot. Read a couple of his books and listened to an recorded set many times.

  8. Shelley Stearns

    Reading everyone’s experiences, I am grateful for having had a relatively uneventful week. I spent mine feeling inert and unworthy of the path I am drawn to, which is a reoccurring theme for me. The only thing I was able to do without feeling inadequate was cook, so I made food all weekend to keep myself out of the hole. This was actually truly amazing because time-consuming cooking calms me and I haven’t done it in a few months.

    Then, yesterday, I was sitting staring at the wall and I felt something flip. I checked and the moon was conjunct my natal Mars. I was able to concentrate and then felt an amazing connection to myself as a part of everything.

  9. Michael Mayes

    Creatively, this aspect has been fertile. I was involved in a staged reading yesterday, and today, of two new plays. Although I believe the energy was a bit dampened at times, possibly due to the Mars/Neptune square, the mental fogginess, and uncertainty that comes with rx Mercury squaring Neptune lends itself to creative endeavors. It’s from this sort of foggy, unknown mental/spiritual plane (the liminal) where creativity happens. An example; today there was a slight chaotic nature to our reading. Mind you, we only had the script about 24 hours before the reading. Out of this loose vibe came some really funny character work that was invented on the spot.

  10. Robyn Landis

    I want to share about an experience, but (for someone else’s privacy, not mine) i am curious if this page is open to everyone on the Internet or just members. In other words, is this a closed community forum or is it searchable? Thanks…

    1. Amanda Painter

      Hi Robyn —

      I believe one must log in to PW to read comments — but anyone can get a free introductory registration to read posts and comments. Yes, this website and all columns on it are searchable on the Internet. We also post all our columns (blog posts) to Facebook (the PW group page and “business” page) with direct links to the content. This website is not in any way “secret,” and we do not screen people for membership.

      I hope that helps!

  11. Carolynkc

    Shelley Stearns wrote: “The only thing I was able to do without feeling inadequate was cook, so I made food all weekend to keep myself out of the hole.”

    After a good start at house cleaning and eating well, I took to couch. Would that I found cooking soothing. I am rather envious.
    The moon is in Virgo and that usually gets me moving, that and seeing my 13 yearold Golden Retriever, Sam chase his tail from sheer boredom….guilt has its uses.

  12. Pisces Sun

    My best friend’s mother passed and my sister had a stroke and has been in the hospital for a month, it’s been a tough month on that realm but lots of miracles for my sister so I count my blessings.
    Usually I have struggles with Rx Mercury, blow a computer or two up (at least a portable hard-drive or something) of course, we are only in the halfway mark. I am being very cautious also with my driving habits, basically everything including communication.
    I have been pretty productive in my writing and research, very focused and adhering a lot to what Hugging Scorpio shared above. I have deadlines to meet so no choice there anyway but I am also trying to work on my north node and be more disciplined (Virgo).

  13. Carrie

    This past February my fraternal grandmother died. March, my dad (her only child) also died. After he died, I went to PA to start probate on her estate. I flew back this week (Monday to be exact) to sort and clean out her home and garage so I can sell the property.

    My grandmother’s life was painful. Her mother died when she was 3. She was moved “from pillar to post” until she ended up as a foster child with a sheriff and his wife. When she was 9, he began molesting her and because she was a child who needed love to survive, she said she actively encouraged him and felt terrible guilt for that. His wife died and my grandmother replaced her in his bed. At age 15, she became pregnant with my father. The shame of her pregnancy was almost unbearable in the small village where they lived. He married her and she became a mom at age 16. They were dirt poor. This is the back story. Fast forward to my life.

    I was never my grandmother’s favorite; my older brother was. My parents divorced when I was 7 and my military dad was not around except one month each summer when he would fly my brother and I out to PA to see him and his mother at her property. Both were Pentecostal, tongues-speaking Christians. Being there was respite for us kids because our mother was in a relationship (and later married) a man who resented us. Yet n later years, (when I was in my 20’s- early 50’s) my dad ignored me for the most part because his second wife preferred her only son and my brother over me. I am also not my mother’s favorite but rather her scapegoat. Lost of pain pressed on me as a child and adult.

    My youngest daughter and I flew out to PA on Monday and on Tuesday, we started to clean out grandma’s trailer this week. In less than 2 days, we sorted and filled over 30 boxes and 45 bags of things for St Vincent de Paul to pick up on Thursday. We also filled over 50 bags of trash and hauled them up the hill to the curb. Then after they picked all the good stuff up and the furniture, we bagged up all the trash in the garage, about 30 more bags worth, and buckets of broken glass and glass jars, unbag-able items, so much stuff. She lived through the depression; she was 100 when she died. Cleaners cleaned her trailer; we didn’t have the energy or time to complete that task. So much garbage and old furniture at the curb.

    I have learned that there’s more than one kind of grief. There’s the wracking sobbing, wrenching, kick-in-the-stomach grief like I had when my brothers had their accident or the deep constant grief that never lets up like when I broke up with my first love. The one that I didn’t expect was the slow-trickle loss, the wound that you thought scabbed over, that hurt ignored in the service of getting on with life. That hurt re-opened when the one who was part of it dies. That slow loss isn’t wrenching or wracking or gut-smacking. Instead it is a drain on the energy, weepiness sometimes, unexpected and tiring. It isn’t overwhelming and I had long since disconnected from both my dad and my grandmother emotionally which is why it took me by surprise.

    Fascinating how the body reacts to it.

    Knowing I will never return here again; that the tie that bound me to that past hurt, those past karmic legacies of pain (her soul’s decimation at the hands of her adult caretakers; her need for love to survive so great, her desperation and transfer of love to her son) is now broken. His mother’s pain given to him and then given to me. His ties to me broken as well. Did I pass it to my children? Probably, though unknowingly. Such karmic pain seems to live on in us; carried in our hearts and in our very bones. It is why I feel tired, as though weighed down by a grief I don’t feel. Whence comes this tiredness, this weepiness? It is for lives broken, lives lived and forgotten, swept away on the wind. The grass is still there, the trees still grow but these people whose blood, bones, and DNA I share are gone. Part of my life went with them. Some good, some bad and they live in me but I am different; fortunate, aware. They were not aware because they never got therapy to see the pain, the legacy of it. I am indeed fortunate that I can take the pain they left with me and turn it into good. For them, for me, for my kids. I am humbled by my good fortune because I could have been just another conduit; unable to stop the cycle. I am deeply thankful for my therapists and my friends and created family.

    The finality of it; that I will never come here again, sits on me like a smallish weight. When I held my father’s box of ashes, I thought; his whole life reduced to this. As I saw the huge pile of garbage on my grandmother’s curb, I thought the same. So unsightly in her so green yard with the green trees gently swaying in the breeze. The religion, the judgment, the love and pain; all memories because those who tied me to them are gone. Capricorn moons are like that; you are old when you are a child and you are still young when you are old.

    This was my week. Lots of old family issues, memories, unexpected slow and tiring grief, a cleaning out of old wounds and old rooms, a sense of nostalgia and endings, ties broken and the dead resting in peace even as I let go of the ties they had on me.

    1. Pisces Sun

      Carrie, there is so much tenderness and poignant love-laden beauty in what you write, despite the deep pain you feel, and acknowledgement of the pain of both your grandmother, mother, father and others. Blessings are all around you and the poetry of life continues to be described by you: “When I held my father’s box of ashes, I thought; his whole life reduced to this. As I saw the huge pile of garbage on my grandmother’s curb, I thought the same. So unsightly in her so green yard with the green trees gently swaying in the breeze. The religion, the judgment, the love and pain; all memories because those who tied me to them are gone. Capricorn moons are like that; you are old when you are a child and you are still young when you are old.” It was so clear to me that your soul was wise as you were writing this passage. Might I suggest a book for you if you had not already read it? “Broken Open,” by Elizabeth Lesser, founder of the Omega Institute, where Eric is on staff. This book is such a good book that talks of loss and healing, I, myself, am returning to it.
      Prayers and thoughts to you and your family. I think the karmic cycle has been broken in you, as I think the cycle has also been broken in my family in our generation.

  14. Barbara

    To Pisces Sun………..prayers for you and your loved ones
    and to Carrie …..prayers for you and your loved ones………………..Take care………………

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