Sausage, Anybody?

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By examining the sum total of what the Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto are doing, Len Wallick ventures into some potentially uncomfortable territory in this column. Helpfully, he also refers to the very same astrology to show you a way out.

It’s Saturday and the waning crescent Moon is cruising around the zodiac faster than usual. Having entered Virgo only today, Luna will be making ingress to Libra before Monday has run its course for most of you reading this. By Tuesday, next week’s true colors are likely to become more plainly evident. In all likelihood, so will yours.


That’s because Mars is currently moving around the zodiac a bit slower than usual as it nears the midpoint of Libra. Once the Moon is also in Libra, it (along with the Sun’s position in Scorpio) will highlight a Martian aspect that has been sneaking up on us.

By this time next week, Mars will have closed to within 90 degrees of separation from Pluto’s position in Capricorn. It is the sort of geometric relationship astrologers call a “square”.

Square aspects correspond to the sort of tension that is not sustainable. Think of the term “something’s got to give” and you get the general idea. What’s more, any period of time prominently featuring a square between sign-ruling planets tends to favor those who are proactive when it comes to resolving tension.

Interestingly, many modern astrologers consider Scorpio to be the joint dominion of Mars and Pluto. Since Pluto was not discovered until 1930, that has not always been the case.

Originally (and traditionally, still) Mars had the rule of Aries and Scorpio all to itself. Being a fire sign (and, not incidentally, the initial sign of the zodiac wheel), a Martian association with Aries makes intuitive sense. Scorpio, on the other hand, is more complex.

Even though it took decades to connect the proverbial dots, once we were aware of Pluto’s existence, its own astrological complexity gradually became apparent. Even Pluto’s ups and downs with astronomers (who are still in dispute regarding how to define it) are indicative of a layered ambivalence long associated with the one sign counter-intuitively combining a fixed quality with water.

In our own time, correlations with Scorpio tend to be kept behind closed doors. Sex, death and taxes are just a few examples. Politics, especially as it has been related to the manufacture of sausage, is another. Reliably, the Sun’s annual traversal of Scorpio will tend to bring some of that potentially discomforting subject matter to light.

Now, while the Sun is still in Scorpio, Mars and Pluto are moving to double down. In addition, Mars aspects often go off prematurely. Hence, it should be no surprise that an especially self-righteous candidate for the U.S. Senate has recently been accused of plying adolescent women with cheap wine prior to fondling them way back when he himself was well past his first Saturn return.

Nor should it surprise anybody that a significant number of people still intend to vote for that guy. You might be excused for wondering how many of them enjoy sausage daily. Not everybody, however, has that sort of stomach.

Hopefully, choices you are facing in your own life are not as uncomfortable as those facing Republican voters of Alabama. If they are, remember the astrology coming up.

In order to more happily live for the long term with the consequences of your own actions in the days to come, be decisive and choose to reduce tension rather than prolong it. Even if that’s all you do next week, it could well be all that really needs to be done.

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5 thoughts on “Sausage, Anybody?

  1. Linda MayLinda May

    Totem Animal (instincts) Heads-Up (tail down!!)

    I only have a fews minutes (i m moving) so i ll be brief.

    Ahhh!! Did you hear my yelp?!

    Len, i just had to google this alabama douchbag to see who n why this filthy behaviour. (I had my gut feeling ON CUE). I yelped.!

    Born: feb 11 1947

    That makes him : (Mind you…. we are incarnated to master (and embody in our HUMAN form) our instincts whilst dancing with the star nations).

    Yin Owl (Wreckless hunter)
    Yang Moose (self esteem)
    Daily synergie Hawk (unscrupulous communicator)

    He also has squirrel (activity) and skunk (pissing sexuality) : both the Night Eagle s favourite food and eagle (innate thievery/spiritual laziness).

    Luckily he is 70 presently. Destiny s call back to Skunk Respect Sex n Reputation and keeping the jack back n strapped in .

    Let s keep working the self esteem issues!! Balance Beauty Potency is Nature s Calling!.


    1. Linda MayLinda May

      Non mastery equates OUR SelfSabotage Mechanisms.

      Moore s life mission is Hunting Self Esteem Opportunities… whilst communicating them (in Right Relationship as the ancients call it).

      His Soul s devotion is towards Communication/Messenger.

      His Inner Marriage is Mrs Owl telling Mr Moose to … get on with communicating it in AYNI.

      Blessings EVERY PW FamilyCritter ;-)

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