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Mercury and Venus indicate your head and heart will encounter some of the same issues on separate paths tomorrow: one of the mind, one of the heart. Once you acquaint yourself with what options each path will likely offer, what remains is for you to know the difference.

If Mercury and Venus are any indication, your head and heart will encounter some of the same issues on separate paths tomorrow. Mercury appears to be slowing down in Libra on its way to pass between Earth and the Sun. Venus appears to be speeding up in Virgo on its way to the Sun’s far side.


Mercury, among other things, correlates with your head — specifically how you think. Venus, among other things, corresponds to your heart — specifically how you feel.

Mercury appears to be decelerating on approach to station retrograde for the third time this year on Oct. 4, at 2+ Scorpio. Venus appears to be accelerating at it approaches the halfway point between its much less frequent retrograde periods.

Mercury entered the echo (or “shadow”) phase of its next retrograde two days ago as it moved past 16+ Libra, where it will resume direct motion again on Oct. 25. Venus is now entering the dawn’s glare to temporarily disappear from view before resuming visibility in the western sky after sundown later this year.

One would be hard-pressed to find two planets on more different paths than Mercury and Venus are now. The same may very well be true of what you are thinking and how you are feeling.

Yet, in both astrology and in your life, separate paths sometimes lead to something of the same circumstances — at least for a short while. In astrology’s case, at least, such will be the state of affairs for Mercury and Venus tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Mercury and Venus will symbolically encounter polarity through separate but similar aspects taking place at about the same time.

For astrologers, polarity is often encountered through oppositions — two objects or hypothetical points simultaneously occupying the same degree of opposite signs. Nevertheless, some calculated points and actual objects symbolize polarity in and of themselves.

So happens, both Mercury and Venus will participate in separate but very nearly simultaneous aspects tomorrow with precisely those points and objects most often identified with polarity.

Mercury will conjoin with the lunar north node in Libra tomorrow. The North Node is one of two hypothetical points where the paths of the Sun and Moon appear to cross (and where eclipses take place).

Besides marking where eclipses take place, the two lunar nodes are characterized by their perpetual opposition. For other points and objects, oppositions come and go in predictable periodicity, but the nodes remain in polarity 24 hours a day, forever.

That’s how Mercury in conjunction with one lunar node necessarily means a concurrent opposition to the other, in this case the lunar south node in Aries. Such a circumstance in the sky tomorrow may find you being of two minds here below.

Specifically, your thoughts about choices already made may be very different from what you are thinking about regarding choices you are facing. At the very least be aware of the potential for such a polarized mental condition.

If possible, build on the awareness of any mental conundrum you are dealing with tomorrow, and consider how you might achieve being of one mind after Mercury retrogrades back to conjoin the lunar North Node for a second time on Oct. 20 (or 21, depending on your time zone), and for yet a third time (in direct motion again) on Oct. 29.

Unlike Mercury, Venus is on a different path and not anywhere near resuming the retrograde motion it experienced from Dec. 21 of last year to Jan. 31 of this year.

Hence, tomorrow’s opposition from Venus in mutable Virgo to Chiron in mutable Pisces will not be revisited until late October next year. That’s a potential dilemma when you consider how Venus in polarity with Chiron tomorrow may come with some rather sensitive and pressing choices between being true to your feelings and pressure to conform with conventions you have no feeling for.

Fortunately, astrology is indicating an alternative (and immediate) resolution to any disparities of the heart you my feel tomorrow. For just as Venus and Chiron are opposing, both will be in square aspect to the Great Attractor in mutable Sagittarius, a combination creating a T-shaped configuration (or mutable T-square) on the zodiac.

The Great Attractor is an unimaginably mysterious and far away object in deepest space with gravity so powerful as to actively attract our galaxy (and millions of other galaxies) in its direction.

Like the lunar nodes, the Great Attractor has its own, independent association with polarity. As Eric put it, during a previous square from Venus (at that time in Pisces) to the Great Attractor, the aspect “brings tension to the issues of attraction and repulsion in your life.”

Adding Chiron to oppose Venus and simultaneously square the Great Attractor clearly implies that you should pay attention to any issues of attraction and/or repulsion you feel tomorrow.

Finally, a highly ephemeral and mutable T-square connection between Venus, Chiron and the Great Attractor just as clearly indicates that you should act on how you feel, rather than how others are trying to make you feel, to resolve your inner tensions with dispatch — a decidedly different path from what Mercury’s intellectual encounter with the nodes will dictate.

Separate paths — one of the mind, one of the heart — encountering similar issues is what tomorrow’s astrology may bring for you. And thanks to astrology, you now know what options each path will likely offer. What remains is for you to know the difference.

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