Round Up, Wind Down

From today on through to the Gemini New Moon shortly after 10:05 am EDT (14:05:18 UTC) Tuesday, it would appear that the best application of astrology is to round up and wind down. That, as opposed to getting all wound up and worn out. It may come down to walking a fine line between refusing to be pushed or pulled, and knowing when to bend rather than break.


The line you walk today might seem more like a tightrope with the Moon still in fiery Aries. If you can but round up a bit of patience until tomorrow though, the Moon’s entrance into Taurus might well coincide with the winding-down Friday evenings are known for.

Still, there is that itchy matter of Mercury’s almost-imperceptible return to direct motion today. Nonetheless, if you heed the advice Amanda Painter has already provided, simply rounding up some awareness could go a long way to scratch the itch.

Indeed, it would seem as though the tools of awareness Amanda recommended for today’s Mercury station direct will serve as the best choice of elixir through the weekend. Intoxication does not look to be the better alternative.

Consider how Neptune initiates just over five months of retrograde back through slippery Pisces tomorrow. Combine that with Saturn (halfway through its own period of apparent reversal) returning from Sagittarius for one last visit to soggy Scorpio as Sunday segues into Monday. In all that, there is an implicit danger of sliding down a proverbial slippery slope into a long pattern of lost sobriety. You don’t want that.

Better to round up a bit of creativity. At least for this weekend, look for alternative ways to unwind that leave you more fully conscious and alert than indulging alcohol or other mind-altering substances would allow.

For the Sun (an emblem of conscious awareness, among other things), has recently been in laborious application to conjoin with Mars. The Sun will occupy the same degree of Gemini with Mars (defining a precise conjunction) on Sunday, but the aspect is plenty potent now. It’s probably palpable as a push and pull that will continue until the Moon comes together with the Sun (for the Gemini New Moon) on Tuesday.

The implication of the Sun’s impending conjunction with Mars is that you have to round yourself up to bend with some potentially rash and unconscious energy, rather than have it break you.

That’s because Mars is moving on the other side of the Sun, operating out of sight through the combustive solar glare. Out of sight, however, does not always mean out of mind, especially with the Red Planet.

Rather, it could mean getting so wound up you might feel as though you are going out of your mind. But that does not have to happen. If you are not fully conscious of the aggressive Martian presence in your life this weekend, it could wear you out. Yet that need not be your fate. You will be able to choose otherwise, and you will want to.

Being all worn out is no way to avail yourself of the new beginnings often concurrent with a New Moon. So, stay sober. Stay aware. Round up your emotional and intellectual resources. Allow yourself to wind down even if others get all wound up this weekend. You won’t be sorry if you allow yourself to bend. You will be glad you did not bring yourself to break.

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6 thoughts on “Round Up, Wind Down

  1. Cowboyiam

    Len, You said –
    (In all that, there is an implicit danger of sliding down a proverbial slippery slope into a long pattern of lost sobriety. You don’t want that.)
    And then –
    (The implication of the Sun’s impending conjunction with Mars is that you have to round yourself up to bend with some potentially rash and unconscious energy, rather than have it break you.)

    Len it seems at times you are talking straight to me… Thank you for this warning, it seems I already know what is about to take place and – yes I realize you are wise – I need to be fully awake to deal with it consciously.

    But I know that “consciously” I will manage to make this drama beneficial for all of us who are concerned. I guess many others have something similar. Probably like Amanda suggests – its something about our sexual expansion.

    Your words are so appreciated.

  2. Michael Mayes

    Thanks Len, this is timely. This weekend I’ll be at a festival called “Playthink”. It’s a “movement & flow arts festival”. We’ll be camping, attending various workshops, and learning cool new stuff. I love having a clear mind. Though I admit I am, as Terence McKenna once said, “a little more dependent on cannabis than I’d like to be”. It can be a slippery slope. I don’t know if cannabis ‘fogs’ my mind, or if it brings me down to earth. I think both. I often ask myself, ‘How frequent is too frequent? Am I ok with how much cannabis I smoke?’ I’m still answering that for myself.

  3. Barbara

    Len……….I read and RE read your writings ………and I give them thought………..Rounding up creativity….emotional…intellectual…..with the hopes of dancing smoothly through all of these vibes….knowing that with balance….a few steps back…..create a clearer forward path……thank you…..

  4. Chao Zheng

    Yes, I actually realise these changes through mercury and Mars, merged into personal express. The retrograde Neptune, could I interpret that it would be the time for people align their inner imagination with the external projection. For Neptune power always manifest into dualities.
    Also could I perceive this process as the procedure for preparing the Saturn retrograde in scorpion after 16th? It might emphasise the deep and strong psychological establishment in these 3 years. In my own opinion, I thought I might vibrate with retrograde neptunes’ internal alignment. Can I interpret that as ” restore the inner strength in private imagination in order to align and absorb the external and collective unconsciousness”?

  5. Len Wallick Post author

    Amanda: It is for me to thank you, now and always for you generous and resourceful editorial guidance which make it possible for me to express the astrology in ways that resonate with your personal experience and that of others.

    Cowboyiam Speaking of which. Thank you for being so generous (and courageous) as to share so fully how my service here connects with your personal experience. There are profound implications in your feedback regarding the efficacious nature of astrology. Without the gift of your comments here, those implications might well be missed. Indeed, it may fairly be said that all of us are in fact “all of us who are concerned.”

    Michael: My thanks to you in turn for sharing how my endeavor to serve here is of timely and useful service to you (and, further to my reply to Cowboyiam) very possibly so for others. All i ask is that you not be too critical of yourself (or others). You are human being, and it is your birthright to explore consciousness in all of its dimensions. i only hope you will see fit to share the wisdom so derive here with all of us.

    Barbara: Thank you for giving my writing so much of your time and thought. i can only hope that you continue to find my service worthy of your kind and generous efforts

    Chao Zheng: Thank you for sharing your cogent insights on astrology here. It is an honor and privelege for me that you would take the time and effort to make such a valuable, pertinent and informative observation for all of us to benefit from. i agree with your interpretation of one of the prime potentials with this Neptune retrograde now underway (although it is my personal preference to see beyond dualities as necessary or inevitable). Thank you even more for your wise integration of the Saturn retrograde return to Scorpio so as to see the Neptune retrograde in a more holistic perspective – which we probably should. i believe your interpretation of restoring (as you put it) “the inner strength” so as to “align and absorb the external and collective consciousness” is indeed a profound application of the holistic integration you have implied. Thank you so very much.

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