4 thoughts on ““Right To Be a Jerk” States

  1. Phyllis Lamken

    The Right to Be Poor law, I live in Idaho, which is the reddest state and has the highest percentage of residents living on minimum jobs. In fact, our governor used this as a selling point to some out of state businesses.

    1. Shelley Stearns

      I was born and raised in Idaho. I remember the election where we became a right to work state. I was a teenager and it was a big area of contention between some of my family members. Now in Oregon and spent the weekend in the costal town of Astoria. I ran into a local who told me she was a Pisces and works in a paper mill. She said the Koch Brothers are taking over the town. They are working hard on rural Oregon for the next election and people seem to like them because they are providing jobs.

  2. marilyn

    We lived in Fla. where the right to work law was already established. My husband had an immediate operation performed, and he was at that time employed as a security guard. After the operation all kinds of test were performed on him, and the result three days later was he had cancer. I told his employer what the problems were on a daily basis. I asked if I could come down and pick up his pay check as it was an emergency operation. When I arrived to receive his pay, I was told to go back home and bring in his uniforms, before I could get his pay. Went back home, bought in the uniforms, collected his pay with the statement that “He could no longer come back to work”, from his employer. However, 2 days later new tests came back and NO he didn`t have cancer, but had already been fired. Took the grievance to court, lost due to the technicality that it was a “Right to work State” and they are giving YOU the right to work.

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