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“I agree with your analysis and thoughts about what is fueling the social rupturing we are seeing today. I am an amateur student of history and there is a deep underlying pattern that I have seen that holds true for most of humanity’s experiments in social living, at least as we know of it.” Reader Sally responds to Eric’s letter about anger.

Dear Eric,

I agree with your analysis and thoughts about what is fueling the social rupturing we are seeing today. I am an amateur student of history and there is a deep underlying pattern that I have seen that holds true for most of humanity’s experiments in social living, at least as we know of it in recorded history (and this is key – “recorded” history).


Thou Art Divine, by new 1lluminati

Somehow, somewhere, human beings made a shift in their perceptions. Before the shift they were a part of a whole. They were part of nature, part of the Great Mystery, so to speak.

Indigenous people still hold this way of seeing themselves so we know that it did exist at one time. At some point — and scholars disagree on when, exactly, this happened — humans (which are Souls in a body let us not forget) stepped out of Unity consciousness and moved into duality consciousness. This in itself was not a problem so long as the social order/mythos accepted both sides of any duality as having equal power and merit.

Where we began to come unstuck was when someone somewhere decided to start seeing duality in hierarchical terms so that values were ascribed to one side or another of any polarity whereby one half of the whole was seen as superior and the other inferior while at the same time one set of polarities was considered “us” and the other belonged to “the other” thereby separating ourselves from a collective whole.

To the Soul or Spirit which comes from a Unified field of Divine Wholeness, this new paradigm is terribly confusing to be sure but since human beings incarnate with amnesia it has taken us a very long time to evolve our own abilities for self-reflection to see this conundrum and wonder about it.

Instead we were hurtled along through thousands of years of history where societies organized themselves on more deeply entrenched structures of hierarchical power (often called Patriarchy) where the social ordering of power and distribution of resources mirrored the way we perceived our world.

Since there is a quantum entanglement between thoughts and matter, we have solidified this social world into something that is now so restrictive, domineering, aggressive and materially-oriented that we stand on the brink of our own destruction; and — to circle back to your article — the Soul in us is angry about this because we KNOW somewhere deep down inside that we could create something totally different from what we have going on here.

I think humanity sits on the brink of a major revolution and I’m not sure we’ll survive, but some of us will, no doubt. Humanity, in my opinion, must now change the way it thinks, literally, about reality. We can no longer see things in dualistic terms, especially hierarchical dualistic terms for this path has reached its apotheosis and it was a spectacular success that is doomed to fail.

Because when we ignore the whole, when we devalue the “other,” whatever that may be, when we separate out ourselves from the whole we succumb to the illusion that we are separate and somehow can thus be better than the other by virtue of our beliefs, our power or our politics…and none of that is true. We MUST switch our way of thinking from “either/or” to “both/and” in every way possible if we are to survive.

Anger, as you point out, is a key to unlocking this process because if we explore anger and why it is vibrating in our field of experience, we usually discover that somewhere a boundary has been violated. A breach of trust has occurred.


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Something that the deep soul within us knows that something has been transgressed and we are now out of balance with the wholeness (even a dualistic wholeness) that is our birthright. The violation then triggers a natural response; fear. In my own personal work and witnessing the emotional healing work of others what nearly always happens when you peel back anger is you find fear.

And when you look at what the fear is about it usually comes down to either fear of death or fear of rejection/abandonment — which is a kind of death. These are the deep, primordial regions of the root chakra which have been under such extreme pressure most recently…our very embodiment and reason to be here in a physical form comes into question when it becomes so damned hard to just be here. This is not why we wanted to incarnate here; yet it seems to be the structure we’ve all been collaborating on for a rather long time.

The thing is, WE, over the centuries have created this polarized mess we now find ourselves in, and the truth is WE are the only ones who can fix this. We are the solution we are seeking. It has to come from a change in how we think and perceive the world. We have to choose now to consciously tear down the artificial structures that are false paradigms and come to a way of seeing the polarized wholeness of all things. De-powering the power structures that we’ve put in place are the key and that begins with our own relationship to power.

“Power-over” is no longer an acceptable path of action, “Power-with” is how we save ourselves and the planet. I think young people, especially those who have been fortunate to grow up with strong mothers and/or sensitive fathers are here to help show the way. The old, crusty Capricornian way of consolidating power and controlling it at the expense of others is being plowed apart by Pluto. The new seeds of ways of living more consciously are now being planted in those fresh furrows…they are the seeds of our future way of living together. Some of those seeds have already sprouted and are flourishing. Others feel the calling to plant in their own communities and simply not comply with the old ways any longer.

The refusal to participate in hierarchical duality, in bullying, in patriarchy is the only way forward now. We’ve backed ourselves into a corner in a world of excruciatingly high contrast societies so we can see just how messed up this way is…and now we get a front row seat to how we will dismantle it and build something (hopefully) anew.

Thanks for all the serious and good work you are doing to contribute to this process. I have been a long-time reader of your work and am appreciating the quality of questioning and observing that has been coming thru lately.

Since I know how much you appreciate the power of communication, the media and advertising, I’d like to call your attention (if you’ve not seen it yet) to a wonderful bit of news that was recently on the CBS program called 60 Minutes about how an advertising agency helped a nation (Colombia) heal several generations of war.

They literally used Light to heal and change the issue and bring about Peace. You can see the story here and read more side stories too. This is an example of holistic thinking and new approaches to old problems that will move us forward in positive ways. Here is the link…enjoy!

yours in spirit,

6 thoughts on “Return to the Great Mystery

  1. Amy Elliott

    Yes, what you say makes a great deal of sense. We have followed the path of competition for far too long. We must now start co-operating instead.

    It seems absurd to me that anyone should be left without food, shelter or other necessities (including healthcare and education) because they are less fortunate than others. And yet that’s the basis of our prevailing economic system. Something has to give.

  2. Geoff Marsh

    It did once, Amy, in October 1917. The Russian revolution (Mars in Leo opposite Uranus in Aquarius) had, as its creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. That’s a pretty righteous social programme, IMO, if you ignore the gender specific.

    What I find interesting is that the Communist Manifesto was published in 1848 as Neptune entered Pisces, just two years after its discovery by us former monkeys. Communism could, by astrological precepts, therefore be regarded as the religion of the times from 1848 until the beginning of 2012 when Neptune re-entered its home sign. That’s amazingly close to the period of communism’s incarnation as a living power structure on this planet.

    There is no doubt that communism can be a perfect solution to the problems we experience in a capitalist society: everyone’s needs are met regardless of their wealth. What it does not address, and the reason for its recent demise, is the greed of individuals who are determined to rule and profit from the labour of others. In other words, those who do not subscribe to the general welfare are the enemies of an egalitarian society.

    For me, communism is a very Aquarian concept. I am convinced that it will become the principle by which our macro-society functions. The cosmic explorer cannot work efficiently if his rubbish is not regularly removed and, if his rubbish is to be regularly removed, the rubbish remover must be satisfied with his lot in life, his needs must be met, his ego satisfied.

    The ideal would seem to be a computer-governed society programmed for equality and the benefit of all. Such a concept is not impossible but the computer programmer would need to be above suspicion and reproach.

    These are our challenges. If I wish to look on the positive side of Trump’s election it is that he will show us exactly what not to do to attain this ideal state. He is the individual ego in opposition to society’s soul.

    Unlikely as it may seem, I do see a return to the communist model. My fear is that it will return as a privately-owned company with the main shareholder of Communism Inc. being a certain Donald j. Trump.

    You have been warned.

    1. Amy Elliott

      Yes, I’d agree that communism (or perhaps socialism) is the way to go – but as you say it can’t be done without the informed consent of most people. There is hope, however, in places like Finland and Iceland. I think on balance Castro did a damn good job in Cuba; but the Scandinavian nations seem to have evolved into their present state naturally. Canada appears to be going the same way. No computers needed, just thinking minds.

      Conservative America is about to receive a big shock, so the wheels might start to turn in the right (left) direction at last. I just hope there are not too many deaths in the process.

  3. zlatka

    I like the idea of The Basic Income Proposal because everyone receives an unconditional basic income, empowering equality and subtly but profoundly undermining the foundations of the rat race. No one has to validate their right to receive it. You receive because you exist as a citizen.
    It was originally raised in the eighteenth century and it is currently gaining favour from the Left and sometimes the Right of politics in many countries as a viable platform for a world in which mechanisation, robotics and articial intelligence has and is diminishing the available pool of jobs.
    Brian Eno believes it would free people to use their talents and gifts more effectively making them happier and more productive. He put forward the idea in a fascinating and compelling way in the John Peel Lecture of 2015.
    In my opinion, accepting this concept and incorporating it within the political, economic and social constructs might create a domino effect for other worthy steps forward. For example, in The Commonwealth of Australia where I live, without fail, when the Right of Centre govt. buys new military hardware (usually from the USA) it is as predictable as night follows day that, after a respectable amount of time, the government will launch a campaign to cut their funding for the poorest in society, the welfare recipients. The leaners not lifters. Totally hypocritical because you only have to be in parliament for eight years to receive a pension for life and the annual cost of entitlements for our ex-politicians has up until now never been discussed publicly.
    I raise this as an example because the war machine impovrishes our societies on so many levels and if the Basic Income Proposal becomes a tenet of society, it lays the foundation for a strong case for decreasing military expenditure so as to increase the social dividend for all citizens. Violent, radical revolution has never succeeded in dismantling heirarchy – just shifing the power to another elite. I am reminded of Peter Tosh’s clever Equal Rights –
    ‘Everyone is crying out for peace…..I don’t want no peace, I need equal rights and justice’
    I take it to mean peace is contingent on justice and equal rights.

    1. Amy Elliott

      I’ve heard of the basic income idea, and I think it’s excellent. As you say, it removes the necessity of working only to get paid. It does need to be accompanied by a complete transformation of the education system so as to allow people to study for the sake of learning (this interview on PWFM last spring…er…sprang to mind).

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