Purposeful Planning — Mercury Revisits Libra

Retrograde Mercury’s return to Libra tomorrow at 1:27 pm EDT (17:27 UT) evokes purposeful planning. Planning is a good thing to do anytime the apparent motion of Mercury is in reverse. This, however, is no typical Mercury retrograde period because it contains two eclipses.


Mercury commenced this retrograde period only last Saturday during a short dip into Scorpio. Now, it’s back to revisit Libra, where it will resume direct motion Oct. 25 at 3:17 pm EDT (19:17 UT).

The first of the current pair of eclipses (an Aries Full Moon and total lunar eclipse, no less) was only two days ago. Completion will come with a Scorpio New Moon and partial solar eclipse just before 6 pm EDT (or 22:00 UT) Oct. 23.

To have the dates of a matched pair of eclipses so neatly nestled between the dates of Mercury’s station retrograde and station direct is not a common occurrence. The combination both indicates something of about your appropriate role and raises questions about it, because the temporal interval between the opening and closing eclipses in a series is normally a good time to do and/or be done with. That goes a bit beyond simply planning.

What’s being indicated is that your role will somehow be an inside job, wherein the heart motivates the mind, and the mind, in turn, turns the heart around.

Answers to the questions implied by two significant (and significantly different) astrological periods so unusually concurrent are, in turn, implied in two ways.

The first is through the spatial relationship between Mercury’s arc of retrograde on the zodiac and the position of the concurrent eclipses on the zodiac.

Next, and most important, is the imperative symbolized by Mercury’s return to Libra.

Mercury stationed retrograde at 2+ Scorpio. The coming solar eclipse will be just inside Scorpio’s first degree. Mercury will station direct at 16+ Libra, within two degrees of the where the Sun was when opposing the eclipsed Moon earlier this week. Hence, these eclipses and this Mercury retrograde are implicitly entangled in both this time and this space even though they are very different in what they signify separately.

It is as if the cosmos is saying “deal with it” when you encounter the consequences of separating and/or compartmentalizing what you cannot (or will not) harmonize in your life. It is as though you are being charged with reconciling the heretofore irreconcilable, which is no small thing — yet indicates a necessary thing within the time and space of your life.

After beginning its retrograde in passionately pugnacious Scorpio (co-ruled by combative Mars and uncompromising Pluto), Mercury’s return to reciprocal Libra (ruled by receptive Venus) reinforces and revisits the “deal with it” message.

As untenable as it may seem, what initiated under one principle must necessarily be completed under the aegis of an opposing principle to avoid repeating the same-old, same-old you probably find yourself confronted with at this time.

In other words, the phenomenon of two eclipses within a Mercury retrograde (which has seldom, if ever, happened like this before), is saying that your special role in the universe now is to accomplish what has seldom, if ever, been done before — precisely because you and the rest of the world can’t take much more of the same-old, same-old.

Fortunately, there is no indication in the astrology that you must accomplish the unprecedented all at once. It will be enough to plan purposefully. It will not be enough if you don’t.

It will not be enough merely to organize your papers, catch up on correspondence, renew old acquaintances, or plan passively until Mercury is direct. Neither will it be enough simply to break a bad habit, start a good habit, or get there from here while you are between eclipses. 

If you don’t know where to start, look into your heart. In your heart, you almost certainly know and have probably been dealing recently with the frustrations and annoyances that appear to be triggered by the same-old, same old. 

Once you have found the triggers, make it your purpose to make a plan. Take a clue from the apparent motion of Mercury and plan to turn things around with your mind. Purposefully plan to do what you can do within the confines of your heart, regardless of whether external triggers persist, to keep the same-old from showing up from within you ever again.

This is not changing the world. It’s changing what is at once the hardest thing to change in the world, and the only thing you can change in the world. It is no small thing. Nevertheless, it’s almost certainly your thing to do when Mercury revisits Libra. If your heart is truly in it. Provided your mind is up to it.

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11 thoughts on “Purposeful Planning — Mercury Revisits Libra

  1. Mary

    Thank you Len, for spelling it all out in ways that are so easy to understand. These are complex times, your perspective helps me sort thru all the options!

  2. Len Wallick

    Lizzy: You are most welcome.

    Mary: Yes, you have it precisely. Complex times. For each of us, and all of us at once. Much as scientists have to resort to mathematics to access what language cannot account for. Much as poets and other artists have, in turn had to confront us with unconventional use of language and other forms of expression so that the boundaries of our consciousness can extend to accommodate our experience. So it is that each of us are now called upon to go within to calculate what we cannot cogitate and push our personal boundaries to accommodate what we must become. It is complex, but if you begin with what keeps bugging you and postulate (perhaps as a new definition of faith) that its origin is actually inside rather than outside, then it’s not so complex as to defy resolution. We are our own poets and mathematicians now, each in our own way, according to each ability, according to each need. We are each as capable as need be too, so long as the heart is in it, and the mind is up to it. Astrology helps by providing a parallax view.

  3. Leanne Paoli

    Dear Len,

    I so appreciate this. Once again your very inspiring articles have moved me to greater understanding and connection this week. Maybe this is another example of the effects of the eclipses, this time, and the season to our new greater relationship towards purposeful, inter-action as you describe.

    All of these aspects, the Full Moon in Aries to Libra Sun, highlighted by the eclipses, the Mercury retrograde in Libra as well as Venus conjunct Uranus, all seem to be working together so harmoniously. And, as you mention if we are aware, brings greater meaning to the overall plan. This is how it is reading for me anyway.

    On Tuesday evening prior to the eclipse I felt called to do a crystal reading. It had been many weeks. (Little busy with a physical move!) I did not realize until reading your article yesterday, explaing the eclipse and it’s exact alignment to 19 years back, that I understood the symetry of this season which was also represented in the transpersonal reading of my spread.

    Likewise did you notice the Sabian Degrees for the Full Moon to Sun and the Mercury Retrograde, touching in Libra speak of Transfiruration from the Karmic degree – Libra 15+, to reconstruction, repair, and objectivity to the aspect degrees – Libra 16+ and 17+. On the Moon and Uranus Sabian degrees ..Regarding the intrepretation, I’ll leave it to say, are very encouraging. We have much help in releasing and recieving indeed!

    Rejecting polarities, (Mars to Venus) and accepting surrendering to the complexity of the merging of these energies of life is the focus I believe. Letting go of dominance, control, manipulation and cohersion to create action in our lives. With these current aspects, personally I am finally gaining insight into the natal Venus/Mars conjunction in my Gemini, 9th house.

    What I see from 19 years ago, it was a time of searching, of many life changes. The way of coping in crisis, or change at that time and for many more years to follow was from an unconcious, unbalanced universe of energy. Defauting to the old cycles and energy patternes of the external victim/control conciousness. Leading to decisions of distraction, aligned with Ego Will. That was then, this is now..so glad!

    What is different for me today, is an awakening, an objective, balance of personal power. It is still a journey, a searching, always a time of change. I still feel the strain of challenges, but in a shift of perspective, choosing decisions from my inner focus and landscape, not dictated by external patterns and events is the value of receptivity and a strength to live by. It is a surrender to the Universal Will today.

    Here is the crystal reading with element, astrological connection and brief interpretation:

    Moldivite: Transformation – Storm (Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Venus conjunct Uranus)

    A time of drastic growth and change. People, circumstances, securities and life lessons that no longer serve you will fall away. Leaving a path for higher good to come. Cleansing, and an exciting time of spiritual unfolding. Will dissolve blockages in all chakras, but most active on the Heart, Third Eye, Crown and Etheric. Molvivite allows the Light of the Divine to work great changes and miracles in your life.

    Malachite: Will – Fire (Libra ruler Venus,Mars,Mercury retrograde)

    Aides in drawing out unwanted energies. Power to clear the influences of ego from the Will of the universe. Aligning Third Chakra, and the force of our own Will with that of the Divine. Teaches appropriate applications of personal power. Balancing polarities with the universe and it’s will.

    Rose Quartz: Love – Water (Venus, (New) Mars in Sagittarius)

    Further speaks of release, clearing blockages, Self Love. Healing, cools firery energies,cleansing the emotions of fear and anger. We forget the true lesson of life. The only lasting lesson of life, is love. We already have this. We have already learned this. We just need to open our hearts to receiving it’s healing truth, through trust in the abundance of love that exists around us. Allowing us to connect to Divine Source while in the physical realm, and our hearts will be lead to the perfect destination!

    Just as Sarah has taught with Tarot. What is the element that is missing?

    Wind. (Mercury) It is the element of the power-mental energy, the messanger of spirit, our intuition that calls, invokes the breath, and moves us in experience.

    P. Sophia

  4. Elizabeth

    Oh my. I’m so glad I read this today. I’ve been wondering how to rescue myself from one of my “same olds” that gave me a case of mental whiplash this week. You do have such a way with words that helps me grok how to work it into my life. As an Aries, and so very sensitive to Mercury retrogrades, thank you for giving me the appropriate tools. So grateful.

  5. Len Wallick

    Leanne (P. Sophia): Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into your eclectic reply. It is a relief to know that your relocation (which, if memory serves, was on short notice) has completed and you are getting settled in again. The crystal reading is an especially appreciated perspective which adds significant depth to astrology’s perception, especially as regards to “the missing element” and its correlation with Mercury. Finally, thank you for bringing up the Sabian symbols which seem to have outdone themselves in characterizing the lunar eclipse just past.

    Elizabeth: Thank you for the feedback. It’s immensely gratifying to know that my efforts work usefully and palpably for you as you work your way past the (as you put it) “mental whiplash” and into what will hopefully be a productive and powerful period of personal evolution.

  6. wandering_yeti

    Planning: Yes! I’m just in the midst of negotiating the parts and process to build a tiny house light enough to pull by bike. Then I no longer need fear when a landlord requires me to move on. The main fear was always “what am I gonna do with all of my STUFF?” But now I don’t have much stuff. With a trailer I can park anywhere for a night’s sleep instead of having to find a place to pitch a tent. With an acoustic guitar I don’t need electricity to maintain music practice. And with a mobile living pad I’ll be able to take my songs to places other than Portland where there’s so many musicians it’s hard to find holes to be heard. Yes, planning…the details have yet to emerge but the plan is getting clear.

  7. Len Wallick

    Kate: You are very welcome.

    Wandering Yeti: Thank you for sharing your plan, and purposeful it is. If there is anything the US has in abundance it’s pavement, and a bicycle-pulled dwelling is an ingenious plan to fit your needs while also taking advantage of available abundance. May you find all the materials you need for a light-weight, yet dry and cozy shelter.

  8. P. Sophia

    Thank you Len! Your kind thoughts and comments mean much to me. : ). It was touch and go on the move, and finding a place in this crazy ballooned rental market. But in the final hour, holding faith, and my talents also came in.. miraculously we found a home in what has turned out to be an ideal setting and win win situation. Hope it lasts, but in this current landscape and season, I remain thankful and have learned to appreciate the blessings of the moment, each day. The rest will be provided for.

    Len, Something BIG I missed that adds to the astrology, Sabian Symbol degrees, all tied to the crystal reading particularly Malachite – the Fire card and Universal Will.

    Mars, the ruler of the Aries lunar eclipse, on Sagittarius 17: An Easter Sunrise Service Draws A Large Crowd. Speaks of revivals, of gathering together with others in order to revive spirit.

    Mars is in a Great Fire Trine to Uranus, Jupiter (and was to the Moon at the time) and Jupiter. I also just learned Mars forms a kite aspect with the Sun. Mars is literally fulfilling the role of Universal Will as I described regarding the Crystal Ally..working on spreading acceptance, love and goodwill.

    * As a side note: the Mars Sabian degree is a Sunrise, positively depicting the aspect as Rising. Which speaks the dawning of a new era!

    Whereas the Moon (at the time) and Uranus degrees both speak of a setting sun, representing the help and liberation found in moving us forward as we let go of the old cycles patterns of consciousness. This is reflected from relationships in the Sun’s position in Libra to the Sabian degrees highlighted in their interpretation quite beautifully..

  9. Len Wallick

    P. Sophia: Thank you. The fire trine is big. The Sun-kite makes it bigger. And both the Sabians and your crystal reading (for which we are grateful) serve to both cohere and expand the theme. Expansion invokes Jupiter. The image of Universal Will (manifested through the Sabian image of “gathering together”, as i understand your perception), along with how your multi-oracular interpretation works in a coherent manner appears to invoke Venus, which (in its opposition to Uranus, applying sextile to Mars, and proximity to the Libra Sun), reinforces the kite-from-trine. With the Gemini Moon today in its own air trine to both the Sun and Venus (and, later, Mercury) the combination of air and fire constituents does imply “big” through numbers, as well as aspect. Just think – if not for your crystal reading, the picture would be nearly so complete. Now, we do have Saturn, and Neptune, and Pluto to think about – loosely invoking either connection on another level where earth and water harmonize? Or perhaps a parallel situation? When the Moon enters watery Cancer (where it rules) late tomorrow – perhaps we will be able to feel our way through to an even deeper insight. In the meantime. may the Cancer Moon coincide with your new home becoming an ever more comfortable and nourishing place to be.

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