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“I just want to say thank you for your wonderful weekly articles and astrological readings. If anyone is living their astrology at the moment, well, it’s me — as whenever I read one of your astrological readings, I feel as though they’ve been written specially for me.”

Welcome! I’d like to take a moment to explain the benefits of membership to my premium astrology service. I use a mix of astrology, news reporting, literary journalism and photography to create a service designed to help guide you through the confusing, challenging yet potentially rich times in which we’re living. My approach is to integrate the many seemingly separate aspects of life, and reveal the underlying connections. Astrology is the perfect way to do this, because it reveals so many of those contact points between people and events that we might never associate with each other otherwise.

In doing astrology, I strive to provide nourishing, clear information designed to help you now. I bring warmth and humanity to my work, as well as an understanding of the world.

I speak to your personal concerns, your growth needs, your desires for deeper meaning and success. This is an ongoing process. The planets are always in motion, and so too is your life.

Premium Membership is separate from our daily blog. We offer content by other writers in our collective, including frequent astrology updates. The blog is sponsored by our members, but available to all readers.

You can read the work of our network of contributors, specializing in such topics as astrology, tarot, alternative relationships and spiritual healing. There are also spot news updates when necessary, and one free selection from the Oracle every day.

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