Planet Waves TV: Total Solar Eclipse in Virgo

Today’s Planet Waves TV looks at the total solar eclipse in Virgo, which takes place at 5:06 am EDT on Thursday, Sept. 1. This eclipse focuses on the Saturn-Neptune square, and includes a stellar appearance by Altjira, the aboriginal god of the dreamtime. This is a most interesting eclipse, with a feeling of bold imagination and meta manifestation.

4 thoughts on “Planet Waves TV: Total Solar Eclipse in Virgo

  1. beleclaire

    Many thanks Eric…your Virgo insights always add to my understanding. I am grateful.
    With the I (don’t ) C in Virgo, and this eclipse on natal Mars…it has been quite a day, mainly in the dream time 🙂 listening to what is happening within.
    After hearing you I saw this –
    Great synchronicity , and your words and this reminded me too of The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin, a magical book – do you know it?

  2. Stella von Thun

    Thank you Eric your knowledge is profound! This video session has re ignited a connection to
    who I really am at the core with Vespa on my ascendant and Venus/Jupiter conjunction
    in the wonderful sign of Virgo. You take people to a sacred space while reminding us to actually
    do, even a little is a good start!
    Blessings to you,

  3. Stella von Thun

    Hi Again Eric,
    Love that you draw from Homeopathy too. Have you read anything by David Lilley the
    Homeopath whose writing is divine! His words flow in to a rich field of mythological and archetypal prose.

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