PW TV :: Mercury Stationing Direct; Mars Square Chiron

Mercury stations direct on Thursday, June 11. Two centaur planets are active right now — Mercury is square Nessus, and Mars is square Chiron. Learn more about them in this edition.

4 thoughts on “PW TV :: Mercury Stationing Direct; Mars Square Chiron

  1. ScorpioX3

    Thank you for this, Eric. I love watching these video because I feel like I’m sitting across the table from you, sipping my coffee and soaking up your wisdom… Chiron is squaring my natal Chiron (which is widely conjunct Mars), so Mars is forming the third leg of a T square. Your insight here about the Mars/Chiron square combined with the info in last night’s podcast should help me integrate their personal messages. Should. It’s going to take some work. I know when I don’t know. Just discovering that is progress. But as you said, with Neptune is in the mix, it’s effects “may be under the table.” (Neptune’s transit is within a few degrees of my Ascendant.) As for integrity? I’m reviewing mine.

  2. Sara Victoria

    Painful yet potentially deeply healing dream. Relating to a deep wound. Also experienced considerable stress and technical hassles related to health insurance. How I marvel at the power of the Archons.

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