Each Tuesday Evening — Planet Waves FM Webcast



Public Affairs Astrology Program Hosted by Eric Francis

Planet Waves FM is our audio channel featuring the Planet Waves webcast, now in its fifth year, and other features. Our webcast offers an hour of commentary, interviews and independent music, presented without commercial interruption.

Planet Waves FM Studio.

Planet Waves FM Studio.

Planet Waves FM updates each Tuesday evening and is available in its own category on this website, or on its own website. Current programs and the archives are open to all listeners, all the time. More archives exist on the program’s official site.

If you like my audio astrology, I provide detailed, helpful, and affordable readings for individual signs and for all 12 signs. You can find out more at the Readings link.

If you have ideas for programming, please contact us at editors@planetwaves.net.

Also watch for special live editions, Core Community meetings and sessions focused on individual signs that come with each sign’s birthday reading.


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