Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Capricorn weekly for Sept. 21, 2012


There is an imperative on emotional maturity right now; consider this a kind of professionalism in the face of change, uncertainty and the demand for leadership — that is to say, your leadership. You have a unique, and well-seasoned, perspective on the unsettled quality of the moment, though you are also in full contact with the potential that’s lurking beyond the chaos. In times such as these, people who can offer a steady example and have a vision are the ones who have the opportunity to shine, while everyone else is scrambling around. Now, as for the maturity piece: this is a learned skill. It’s learned from experience and by following examples, and you have both. The pace of events is about to pick up; you must slow down, long enough to confer with certain people you trust (most likely older than you) and to make reasoned decisions that you don’t have to reconsider. Take things one step at a time — that number is one, not two. And if you find yourself positioned high up, use that as a means of gaining perspective, rather than demanding respect.

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