Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Pisces monthly for Nov. 12, 2010


The next seven to 10 days are a phase when some stunning career developments are possible for you. One key is communication. Another is foreseeing effects and consequences. I can divide this into several subtopics. One is how you focus your intentions; another is how you set your tone; and the other is keeping the right balance between casting a wide net and being specific in what you say to whom. All of this falls under the general heading of strategy, a theme that holds a key place in your solar charts, particularly where career matters are concerned. What actually gets the results will surprise you, so there’s no use knocking yourself out. Be efficient, and make sure you cover the necessary traditional bases (updated CV, business card, checking email) and that you play the random chances. Small moves will have potentially large effects, so keep mistakes down to a minimum. If you happen to not get it right the first time, backtrack quickly and get it right as soon as possible.

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