Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Capricorn weekly for October 15, 2015.


Though you’re experiencing many things in your outer life, by which I mean things related to work, community or parenting, the more significant focus is on your inner life. One challenge here is that you cannot see your inner life using the normal senses, and there is so much happening that you can see, which is distracting. It’s also interesting and it may be exciting and gratifying in ways that you want but don’t usually get. This thing I’m describing as your inner life might feel like an abyss — such as facing your worst fears (being alone, for example, or feeling like nobody understands you). It’s not appealing to go there voluntarily. Yet it’s better, I think, than going out of necessity. The planet I’m describing is Saturn, recently arrived in this place called your 12th house. For you this is Sagittarius, suggesting that your actual spiritual quest is inward above all else. Yes, that’s true of everyone, but it’s especially true for you. In addition to being the planet associated with Capricorn, Saturn is the planet of necessity. The message is that what you need the most right now, you will find within yourself, challenging as that may be. This is an essential phase to acquire an essential skill — not a permanent state of being.

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