Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Pisces monthly for May 1, 2005


You’re likely to see changes in your financial picture and by all indications changes means improvements. It’s essential that you consider your economic and creative potential as something tangible and real which is more a feeling than it is a thought. If what you learned last month has taken root then a space should be open inside you. That space is the willingness to receive the benefits not just of what you do but of who you are. A partnership is involved and someone perhaps several people who know you well is willing to cooperate fully. That if anything emerged as the theme of last month’s eclipses and Mercury retrograde in the financial angle of your solar chart. When the time comes make sure you state what you need in terms that you feel are absolutely fair and then be willing to negotiate.

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One thought on “Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014

  1. Hugging Scorpio

    Recently, I’ve been doing Tarot readings for friends and friends of friends who’ve asked. And a little creative project I started was creating Christmas/New Years cards by doing a 2 card reading and writing a paragraph for each person individually. While I absolutely loved doing this, I put the project on hold after doing a few for the simple ethical reason that no one asked me to do it. It didn’t feel right that I should offer an opinion into someone’s life when it wasn’t asked for. It was a good experiment though.

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