Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Thursday, June 4, 2020

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Aquarius weekly for November 28, 2003.


The privilege of being real belongs to those who are not afraid of the consequences that might come from those who cringe at that potential in themselves. Rather than vanquishing the shame and fear of existence — that is, the fear of being real — the situation is perpetuated and society as we know it becomes an act. You’ve seen through this hypocrisy and I know you don’t like it. Here is the passport beyond: everyone already is different. One does not need the right to be different, that’s just the way it is. You cannot change that reality; nobody can. See the awesome diversity in the people around you, and accept the people who are quickly coming into your life as if you were some kind of high-voltage magnet. That is a fact.


The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is separating, but still strongly influencing our experience. While this event will happen two or three times in the lives of most people, this particular instance is a moment of convergence and reckoning for the world and for us as individuals.

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