Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Virgo monthly for Nov. 1, 2000

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Balancing inner and outer needs once again seems to be the most demanding responsibility you face, yet nothing matters more than the people and events inside your front door. The world out there will take care of itself just fine, but your world is the one that you must steward carefully, because the sweeping changes that are in progress cannot be reversed. I say this less as caution and more alerting you that the healing, processing, housecleaning and attention to personal detail to which you may feel compelled to attend are real opportunities. Changes you now make — and indeed, many that you have made this year — can benefit your life for decades. In short, you are creating a healthy environment and a sustainable life, in recognition that you are indeed human: no more, but no less.

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