Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, Oct. 27, 2014

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Cancer monthly for Sept. 23, 2007


Mars enters your birth sign Sept. 28, where it will remain well into 2008. (Mars turns retrograde in Cancer Nov. 15, so it spends about six months of its two-year orbit in your sign.) This is your invitation to focus your intentions and experiment with the power of desire. Note that this era doesn’t appear to be a transient phase of your life, but rather a threshold to a new understanding of yourself and how you can relate to your world: directly. You are soon to learn that you’re more likely to get what you desire than what you don’t desire. The key to this equation is to make your desires conscious, and to learn how to cancel the ones you don’t want or need. This will require a constant exercise in awareness, and then the additional step of making choices. Part of what you sort out are your past desires from your current ones; all while making room for what you may want in the future. As you do this, remember: feeling secure is more of a choice than a matter of chance.

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