Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, March 9, 2015

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Aquarius weekly for Oct. 24, 2003


We need to maintain a careful relationship with those things that, if they don’t kill us, make us strong. Gratitude is important, since after all we wouldn’t have what we gained without the difficulty or challenge. But it may only represent one layer of feeling, beneath which is anger that people make life so difficult for one another. It is true that pain is the last, best teacher, and is often the necessity that facilitates the greatest breakthroughs we ever experience. But another kind of advancement is possible for you right now, if you’ll embrace the possibility that pain is not a necessary part of gain.

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One thought on “Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, March 9, 2015

  1. Hugging Scorpio

    It’s so funny, I was thinking about this yesterday as I pulled 2 tarot cards: the eight of swords followed by the Tower. Feels like an incredible realization that old beliefs systems that were holding me in place are coming down. Who would I be if I left certain thought patterns behind? Can I embrace my new potential?

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