Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, June 1, 2015

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Taurus weekly for May 7, 2010


Two key events take place in your sign during the next seven days: Mercury retrograde ends, and a New Moon. One interesting thing about the forthcoming Mercury station direct is that it happens close to the degree where Chiron was discovered in your sign, not so long ago, in 1977. The suggestion here is that you’re dealing with awareness of a tension point or long-term struggle; with something trying to get your attention; and most significantly, with a key that can unlock your potential. This key comes through a revelation of the mind first — that being Mercury. Something you’ve been attempting to work through nearly forever is ready to give way. Though you may have all the information and ingredients you need, you’re the one who gets to enact the future. You do this by letting go of the old belief and taking action based on the new one. It really is that simple; and the momentum is carrying you precisely in that direction.

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