Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, Dec 2, 2019

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Aries weekly for July 4, 2016.


You are still working out a balance with a partner or love interest, which requires an honest dialog about what both of you want. Make no mistake here: without open affirmation of desire, there cannot be honesty. This is because honesty is about what you want. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t feel you can express your desires, it’s worth stopping yourself and questioning what that’s about. Most of the misery in relationships comes from withholds: the things that people don’t say to one another. I recognize that in modern mythology, those might be considered good things because a level of secrecy provides social lubrication. At this stage in your life, you need to do much better than that, and take the risk of being real. The result will be that you have real relationships — the ones that don’t meet the test will dissolve, and you’ll get to move on.

In 2020 we have not one but two conjunctions that mark the turn of a generation, and of an era in history. On Jan. 12, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn form their once per 33-year conjunction. Then on Dec. 21. 2020, Jupiter and Saturn, both now in Aquarius, form a conjunction in the first degree of that sign. Read more here…

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