Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, Dec. 1, 2014

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Aquarius weekly for April 18, 2008


You may not feel that an opportunity you’re being offered is big enough, meaningful enough or pays well enough, but don’t let that stop you. Unlike other similar circumstances in the past, what is coming your way now is based on substance more than it is on appearance. Your movement in the outer world is merely a reflection of the progress you’ve made in your inner life. Therefore, a small development can lead to a series of larger ones, primarily because you are building on solid ground. This is much more likely to evoke solid responses from people which, in turn, will lead to more progress. Think of every development as being a door to somewhere else. Go through the door and immediately ask where you are.

The Daily Oracle offers a horoscope selected randomly by our Intelligent Archive Oracle program, unique to Planet Waves. It’s also a database of my horoscopes going back to the late 1990s. You can use the Intelligent Archive Oracle to answer questions and give you ideas for how to handle problems and situations you cannot see through. This feature is available to our All Access and Core Community members. See this link for more information.

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