Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, Oct. 17, 2014

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Taurus weekly for Jan.3, 2003

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You are nearly at the break-free point in a complicated relationship situation that’s been developing over a long while. The word ‘transform’ is overused by astrology and just about everyone else talking about personal growth, but it is the best word to describe what has happened, or more accurately, what is about to happen to you. What’s interesting is how familiar the new space will feel, as if you’d been there all along, or are returning to somewhere you’ve long ago left behind. It may seem silly what a struggle it required to have this modicum of freedom and breathing room, but remember you’ve been through some heavy-duty changes and have invested a lot of energy taking into account the needs and desires of others. Life is about to offer you something very different.

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