Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, March 17, 2017

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Sagittarius monthly for July 2002.


No dream of predictability or stability can change another person, but you have to admit there’s a certain calculus to their changes of late. And we can hold out faith that this mysterious other is at least heading in a positive direction, granted, maybe not your own. But you never know, though do you really care? Okay, anyway, by now you may be wondering about your part in all this. Some facets of the nouveau psychology movement are doing well at erasing the concept of self-blame. I think was codified in pop culture with the line, “Will, it’s not your fault” from Good Will Hunting. That being said, it is given to you to deal with the unprocessed psychological legacies of your rather complicated parents, which legacies may be in bloom like dandelions for a brief upcoming spell, during which you can actually do something about them, and even appreciate them in new, surprising ways.

The Daily Oracle offers a horoscope selected randomly by our Intelligent Archive Oracle program, unique to Planet Waves. It’s also a database of my horoscopes going back to the late 1990s. You can use the Intelligent Archive Oracle to answer questions and give you ideas for how to handle problems and situations you cannot see through. This feature is available to our Galaxy, Backstage and Core Community members. See this link for more information.

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