Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, Jan. 23, 2015

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Taurus monthly for Sept.1, 2001


Taurus is the sign of wealth; its symbol, the bull, is an ancient sigil of prosperity, of the ability to farm and eat, of harmony with nature and mostly with strength. Yet the horns of the bull take the shape of the moon, which points us to the inner world. Any enlightened master you meet on the street will tell you that your wealth is an inner phenomenon, having nothing to do with money or things. But so too is your strange ability to discount your value once you have finally figured out what it is. You can avoid this; you don’t need to be trapped in the same game that seems to do in so many people. Just beware of the idea of sacrifice, which is the actual core belief operating within our culture of gluttony. Beware of thinking that your value to others is on an exchange basis: that you can trade or pay people with certain personal qualities and thus have worth to them. Maybe that’s true, but there’s something even more true.

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