Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, Aug. 25, 2017

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Leo monthly for March 2009.


Be mindful that you’re being influenced by people and circumstances now, which will factor into a decision you make later in the month. You need to be aware of the current influences, so that you know what is guiding your choices. One influence is more obvious than the other; and you may think it a “bad thing.” The other influence is invisible, potentially based on some form of deception, denial or foggy thinking, and if you do notice the influence, it may seem like a “good thing.” Beware if you find yourself making a sudden choice without substantiation, or based on facts you don’t really understand.

The Daily Oracle offers a horoscope selected randomly by our Intelligent Archive Oracle program, unique to Planet Waves. It’s also a database of my horoscopes going back to the late 1990s. You can use the Intelligent Archive Oracle to answer questions and give you ideas for how to handle problems and situations you cannot see through. This feature is available to our Galaxy, Backstage and Core Community members. See this link for more information.



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