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Welcome, Pisces, to your audio astrology reading by Eric Francis.

The report, which is also valid for Pisces rising and Moon, includes two segments of astrology and a third segment of tarot, using the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless.



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A Vast Migration of Souls

from The Book of Your Life for Sagittarius

The astronomical details of Sagittarius are breathtaking, and you deserve to know them. They will shed light on who you are, and what you’re doing on Earth. Typically, astrology ignores the features of deep space (dwelling on the Sun, the Moon and the larger planets). Features of the signs are based on some mythical sketch that appears in patterns of stars, spun into myths that have no actual reference to anything in reality.

There’s not actually a bull in Taurus. There are no fish in Pisces. However, Sagittarius is different from all other signs in this regard. There is something there, and that something has everything to do with both the classical and modern delineations of your sign. Ancient astrologers — the people who came up with the system, starting around 400 BC — described Sagittarius as the sign of things foreign and exotic; of religion, and later, spiritual matters; of the higher courts of justice; and as the sign of long-distance travel.

We got some confirmation of the long-distance bit when the Wright Brothers flew their airplane for the first time with the Sun and Moon making a stunning conjunction to Uranus in Sagittarius.

As for those physical features: Sagittarius contains two centers of our vast region of the universe. The first tangible hint of this didn’t come along till about 1930, when the Galactic Core (GC) was discovered by engineers laying transatlantic communications cable (Sagittarian all by itself — the communications bit, and the transatlantic bit). Their instruments picked up interference along the lines, but only at certain times of day. This, the engineers working on the project determined to be “cosmic rays” emanating from the as-yet-unknown Galactic Core (that’s how it was reported on page one of The New York Times). Prior to that point, neither the galaxy nor the Core was a serious consideration by scientists, and certainly not by astrologers (and for astrologers, they barely are today).

The GC is the center of our spiral island in space that contains an estimated 300,000,000,000,000 stars. At the very core of this spiral is a supermassive black hole and a number of other radio sources. While the galaxy itself spreads across the sky in true Sagittarian fashion, the core is located in your sign, and is the most prominent feature of your astrology this year.

The second feature of Sagittarius was not discovered until 1986, called the Great Attractor. This was observed as a point hundreds of millions of light years beyond the Galactic Core, a kind of gravity anomaly that is drawing thousands of galaxies toward it, including the entire local group. But the Great Attractor, its composition and its structure, remained a mystery.

The most recent discovery came in 2014. The Great Attractor was discovered to be the focal point of a supercluster of about 100,000 galaxies stretched out over 520 million light years. These galaxies are joined together in smaller clusters, strands and voids. This was called Laniakea, or “immense heaven.” Numerous superclusters previously thought of as separate entities were discovered to be part of Laniakea, whose central gravitational point, the Great Attractor, is right in the center of Sagittarius. Imagine that emanating from this center-point are strands of galaxies all being drawn toward a kind of deep-space basin. We are on the far trailing edge of Laniakea. We live in the rural cosmos, if such a thing is possible.

What is interesting about Laniakea is that in our region of the universe, everything is contracting toward the Great Attractor. It’s a kind of watershed draining toward this central point. Everywhere else, the universe is expanding. If contraction feels like the primary quality of energy on Earth, that’s a clue as to why.

A few seasons ago, when I was researching Laniakea — which included an interview with its co-discoverer, Brent Tully — I experienced a kind of vision. I was dozing in my car along the side of a remote road in upstate New York, waiting for an appointment. It was early summer; a beautiful, warm, late afternoon, and my car windows were open. I dozed into half-sleep, the kind where lucid dreaming or astral projection sometimes happen. The vision was prompted by the sounds of birds’ wings fluttering in the woods nearby.

I was transported to a perspective where I could see, hear and feel a vast migration of souls traveling for eons along Laniakea. Fluttering through the cosmos, these souls were being drawn toward the center-point. Souls would land on a planet like birds in a park, activating that planet to sentient life.

Each star system and planet they land on produces a distinct and unique vibration, and thus a distinct experience of life. None is like any other. What we are doing here is something we can only do here, in our world, at this time. Then we rejoin the vast migration, making our way from galaxy to galaxy, planet to planet, having distinct experiences on each one. In our region of the universe, all of us are moving over time toward a vast pool of subatomic particles that contemporary scientists believe make up the Great Attractor. One might describe this as Shamballa.

I was shown no wider context for this migration. I was not told a purpose. I was only shown that it’s happening, and that we are part of it. Also it was clear that the notion of mastery involves learning what’s necessary on any given planet at any given time, and that this is our opportunity to learn what we can only discover here, in our particular place. Every place offers a different vibration and set of teachings, a different quality to which we must adapt.

You are indeed a traveler, and you have landed here, where you came to do what you can only do here. In the system of Esoteric Astrology, it’s interesting to note the planet that rules Sagittarius is the Earth. Therefore, everything about your existence, and your experience here on Earth, is spiritual. Saturn is in your life to help you ground your experience on Earth in a way that you can only do here and now. Saturn, which will be holding a long conjunction to the Galactic Core, will hold you to that commitment and that necessity.

Saturn in Sagittarius, and Chiron in Pisces

from The Book of Your Life for Pisces

Part of your maturing process involves the work you do, your reputation and your sense of mission. You currently have Saturn, the representative of business and professionalism, in Sagittarius — which is your 10th house, covering these same themes. Saturn returns to any zone of the horoscope only once every 27 years, so this is a rare event and it’s one to make the very most of.

It’s true that Saturn has been working this angle of your chart for a while, though it’s about to make its most spectacular moves in 2017. The first of these involves its long conjunction to the Galactic Core in Sagittarius. This is worth a bit of explanation (and there are additional details about all things Sagittarian in my write-up for that sign). To sum up, Sagittarius, your 10th house of career and reputation, contains two points that are the center of the local universe: the Galactic Core and a point much, much further away, called the Great Attractor.

Having Sagittarius as your 10th house is pretty spectacular as it is: visionary, creative, bold and visible. Though you don’t generally read any description of Pisces that talks about how successful you can be, the presence of Sagittarius here points directly to this fact: especially if you know how to focus a goal, and to persist until you succeed. The formula of success is goal + persistence. You will read many, many stories of things now taken for granted that were rejected by everyone and everything until they suddenly were accepted as the greatest thing ever. Sagittarius has the gift of vision, and grants the ability to focus your goals into a single-pointed arrow of intention.

Yet when we recognize and integrate the presence of these deep-space points, the Core and the Great Attractor, you enter a cosmos of infinite potential. Saturn in a sense is serving to focus, harness and limit that potential, so that you can express it. Saturn is a kind of translator of the cosmic into the mundane, and in Sagittarius it has plenty to work with.

With Saturn in the 10th, you’re being guided to do the work of that house, which is establishing yourself. The message of Sagittarius on the 10th is “you must have a spiritually focused career.” That does not necessarily mean being a priest or guru. Rather, it means that your true work will be a venue for you to express your most deeply held beliefs. Said another way, you work for God and not for yourself, no matter what you do. You will be happiest when there is a seamless interweaving of your professional goals, your spiritual values and your sense of your own identity. Rather than define yourself, however, be yourself — and let others do the describing and defining.

This is, of course, not so easy for most people; it may not be so easy for you, but at least it’s inevitable. And you have the help of Saturn, giving you some extra gravitas and ensuring that you have the patience and the commitment to accomplish what for most people would seem to be impossible. Pretty much anything we value and depend upon was either considered to be impossible, or a stupid idea, before it was accepted. For you, it makes more sense to attempt things that, to you, make sense but to others might seem perfectly outrageous.

In any event, you’re well on your way, as Saturn has been working this territory for the past two years. The connection of Saturn to the Galactic Core is an image of manifesting your vision. There is, however, something else happening, on the level of self-becoming. If we take Chiron in your sign as a delegate of Sagittarius (in the context of the quest), there really is no mission, career or vocation: there is you, becoming who you are. I feel like I keep saying this, though this notion keeps coming up in your astrology. You’re not really changing; rather, your inner essence is emerging in a way that is both unstoppable and undeniable.

And this you can express as mission. Don’t be deterred. If something seems to be difficult, or taking too long, persist. If funding is an issue, look for innovative ways to get the money flowing. Look for and address waste. And be bold about seeking support. You are perceived as someone in leadership, and you have significant respect from people of influence and high ethical standards. If you need something, ask for it, and don’t spend any time justifying your goals — just state what they are.

The relationships between many signs and planets in your chart — including your own sign, plus Libra and Sagittarius, and Venus, Jupiter and Saturn — are the very image of dharma: acting as if to hold the world together.

Extended sign description for Pisces

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — The last sign of the zodiac embodies the idea that the world is created by opposite energies that complement and balance one another. Pisces is the living embodiment of yin and yang. That is to say, you want balance in your life, and you’ll go out of your way to find it. But you can also do without or function under extreme conditions, as if you’re drawing energy and information from some parallel universe. When we think of the great Pisceans of all time, Albert Einstein comes to mind, and this is someone who clearly understood alternate dimensions of reality and how what we see is not all there is.

Associated with the ocean and the cosmos itself, Pisces represents the primal waters to which the whole human experience eventually returns, and from which new ideas emerge. Seawater contains nearly every element; so do you, and you manifest this through your flexibility, adaptability and your ability to morph into whatever you need to be. You don’t want to do this too much, however. You have the ability to take the long view; water is the element with the slowest and most enduring action. That is to say, when in doubt, you can rely on your persistence. You don’t demand perfection, only progress. You can be self-sacrificing and believe that it’s possible to serve the greatest good for all concerned. Pisces is the sign that’s truly populist. Aquarius usually gets this credit, but Aquarius is too discriminating to be populist. With Pisces, you might say that the ocean refuses no river.

Your sign is associated with music, imagery and dreams. You believe that art is one of the fundamental things that makes humanity what it is. For you, sex is spiritual, even the original devotional activity. Indulge yourself in these things: your hobbies should include at least two of them. Life would be extremely boring without the release from the edgy world of the ego granted by Pisces. If you’re born under this sign, you have to watch your boundaries, have realistic expectations and remember that the world is ruled by love and not by guilt. If you have self-esteem issues, figure that out and deal with them promptly; both you and everyone else will be happier, healthier and wealthier. Assert what you think is right and you will discover that many people agree with you. Yours is a sign of the element water, categorized as a mutable sign because it’s at the end of the season and indeed the end of the astrological year. In traditional astrology it’s ruled by Jupiter, and in modern times usually associated with the big blue planet Neptune. Venus is your close cousin. Study all three of these planets in your chart and you will have a much better understanding of who you are.


Every sign has its distinctions. For Pisces one of those distinctions is the way in which you actually have a relationship to all of creation, all potential, and the hopes, dreams and nightmares of the entire human race.
There can be no denying that Neptune is profoundly influential toward, and related to, Pisces.

Pisces has an unusual connection to the larger cosmic picture, which is a reminder of how small the world is after all is said and done. Pisces is the sign that is composed of cosmic chaos; and from chaos imagination may spring.
The hidden realm is vitally important to Pisces: in a sense it is your home. Of all the signs, yours has the deepest connection to the parallel dimension, and the work you do there is truly potent in its ability to create psychic templates that you can then build on in the ways more often thought of as ‘reality’.

We often wonder how it is that people believe that thoughts can manifest as reality. Yet little else actually does. Think of it this way. My grandfather Jim, who was a draftsman, used to remind me that everything you see has a drawing to go with it. Without a drawing, very little comes into being: be it a paper cup, a hat, a disk drive, or a chocolate bar. Your 12th solar house is the place where you do your engineering, appropriately enough, in the sign Aquarius.

Aquarius and Pisces is a visionary combination. Aquarius is for you the 12th house, the personal Omega point of your life and the spawning ground for the life that you will lead in the future.

I’ll add one more thing from traditional astrology that you might find interesting. I do, over and over: see if you can follow along. Usually the 12th is considered the house of Pisces, since Pisces is the 12th sign. Therefore people say, “Aquarius is the Pisces house of Pisces.” Which is sort of true. It can feel like that and it’s a useful metaphor.


Contrary to the notion of Pisces as the lush, lazy slacker, astrology suggests that you radiate vitality: in particular, through your work and your drive for achievement. You have it in you to identify with your professional activities, and to shine in your chosen field. Your ability to get a job done is one of your most valuable assets; and you find your greatest stability in being productive and respected.

I know this sounds like most descriptions of Virgo or Capricorn. Anyone who has had a Pisces boyfriend or girlfriend is potentially thinking, Gee, that sounds great. Too bad it’s not true. My Pisces significant other/friend/cousin would be so much happier if that were really so; and I wouldn’t have to do the dishes all the time.
This has to do partly with how you manage your energy; and partly with how you define your purpose: both of which come back to your sense of value — mostly about yourself.

Where one’s Sun is placed tells us a lot about where we must express our creativity and be respected; where Leo is offers another picture of the same quality. You simply must exist in an environment where you are respected for your work.

Leo is your 6th solar house, and this presents an extremely interesting and characteristically Piscean kind of paradox. Leo is the sign of self-expression, glory and leadership. Leo bestows creativity in the biggest sense, that of creating the world and holding it in alignment. But the 6th house is the house of servants, service and participation in the most basic ways. The disadvantage is the sense that all your glory gets lost in the sauce of washing pots, cleaning toilets, doing the filing and tending to the sick — traditional activities of the 6th. The advantage is that you have the capacity, an incredible capacity, to do what must be done. You can do so with astonishing energy, stability and relentlessness.

The 6th house is actually an excellent place to stash Leo, because it puts that energy to good use, and if one is going to feel glorious, applying energy to the basics of life is a good way to do it. The 6th also bestows healing power and vitality, for good or ill: Leo there is a strong sign from which to be drawing these kinds of strength. Nobody can say you don’t earn what you have. But you can claim that, though the shadow form of that is the feeling of not having what you deserve. Once again, you get to decide, though if you want to be free, decide you must.

Aries is in your 2nd solar house, so it represents your personal resources, from cash to your talents, from what you use to make your living to all that you consider your personal property. Because Aries is here, you are your most important asset. You might say this is true for everyone, but I don’t think it is; there are many ways to tap into energy, and for you, it’s directly through your self-awareness and the ongoing process of weaving your relationship into everything larger than you. But for reasons relating to Pisces, not to Aries, this can be unusually challenging for you. So, Pisces bestows a kind of selflessness; Aries compensates for it mightily, unless there is some unaddressed damage or beliefs so dysfunctional you cannot get through the day.


Pisces is introverted.

You may feel that it’s not in your nature to be competitive. You may feel like leadership is too much responsibility. You feel you’re too sensitive to handle too much responsibility. None of this is true, unless you make it true, which would be akin to making it up.

Though you’re a Pisces, your chart has fire in all the handy places: Aries in your 2nd house (self-esteem and resources), Leo in your 6th house (work and wellbeing) and Sagittarius in your 10th house (reputation, profession, leadership).

The action aspects of your chart involve making contact with the energy of fire. That is different than the energy of water — as different as it gets. So part of your challenge is about maintaining the awareness of both passion and sensitivity, sustained in the long run. This will require you to know your own points of conflict, immaturity and most of all, the famous sense that Pisces is a victim. Before you dismiss the possibility that you are a victim, you might want to determine just what you think you’re a victim of. Then you can apply logic and test your theory and figure out how to get yourself to a better place.

As a Pisces, you are used to adapting to the world. This is not to say that you lack influence; you have more than you think. But what you are not as accustomed to is the world adapting to you and your desires, needs and intentions.
Generally, you are the one who does very nearly all the adapting in life.

There is something distinct about Pisces and self-esteem; let’s call it an issue. (I rarely use that word in my astrology practice.) Anyone who knows even just one Pisces native can tell you this. I would not say that Pisces lacks self-esteem: rather I would say that for many, the concept does not exist tangibly. It must be defined and discovered and developed consciously. Remember this: you cannot understand that you lack something that you don’t fully grasp; the issue would not be the lack, it would be your understanding and use of a concept.

The hardest thing for you as a Pisces is to maintain faith in yourself.


As a Pisces you may be accustomed to playing a passive role in your relationships. Or, borrowing from the language of the S&M scene, you usually top from the bottom. That is, you typically assume a passive role, but quietly manipulate the situation so that you are taking charge. Taken a few steps further, this might qualify as passive aggression; if you want a quick test for whether you have qualified, carefully observe what you do with your anger; for example, do you mention it with any degree of honesty? If not, you’re probably taking it out on others “passively.”

Pisces is the Omega point of the zodiac: the last sign. It is more often said that the unfinished business of the past collects in the sign of the Fishes than it is said that all the underutilized wisdom of the past makes its home here. But one cannot be true without the other. Everything ends up in the sea — everything. But the sea has a way of purifying itself, of regenerating, and of nourishing all life in the process.

Furthermore, karma — all that stuff from lifetimes of history — has a good use. Trees do not usually grow in the desert. They more often grow in soil that has been enriched by centuries of life composting over and over in an endless cycle.

Pisces not only carries all the collective baggage of the human race; we carry all the potential; and we often live as if we’ve seen it all. That is a reminder to not be jaded or cynical and to remember that there is new potential in every moment of existence. In a sense you are like the counselor who has worked at the same summer camp for five years, and who must make it fun for every new group of campers.


The image of Pisces is those two fish, attached and swimming in opposite directions. Some look right at that and see yin-yang.

I’ve spent a lot of time taking care of fish, and there are two sides to their nature that must be honored — and yours as well. One is that within definite limits, the environment must be stable. The water temperature and acidity, for example, cannot go too far in either direction and must stay within an ideal range. The bacteria that keep the water clean take a long time to build up; it’s best to disturb the gravel or rocks at the bottom only minimally (for example vacuum it only lightly and never flush it out). The same is true of certain processes of your life.

But the water must flow. About half to a third must be changed on a regular basis, or the toxins (principally ammonia and nitrogen compounds) build up quickly. And as much as fish like familiarity, they need a change of scenery. New critters added to the tank on a gradual basis, moving around the coral and decorations, and making sure the lights are turned off at night are essential to happy fish.


The usual Pisces trait of trying to convince yourself of things. Then there is the fishy bit about using denial as a psychological escape hatch; and of debating with yourself whether there is such a thing as the truth.
It’s worth mentioning that Pisces is the sign associated with illusion, theater, film, art and music. Other signs speak of the creative aspects in different manifestations; Pisces speaks to the waving of illusion, and a gift for doing this both artfully and with integrity.

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