Personal History — Mercury, Venus and Mars

Mercury, Venus and Mars are moving so as to potentially help you employ personal history to make some delayed progress. The three planets most often called ‘personal’ are each separately moving into the same aspect (a sextile) with an outer planet often associated with history.


All three of those separate sextiles will be exact for most of you on Saturday.

Early Saturday, at 8:44 am EDT (12:44 UT) Mercury in Libra will open a sextile to Jupiter in Leo for the third time in two months. 

Then (at 7:09 pm EDT/23:09 UT), Venus in Scorpio will achieve a closing sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Following about half an hour later will be a likewise approaching sextile from Mars in Capricorn to Neptune in Pisces.

Sextile aspects are separations of 60 degrees in the sky and on the zodiac, typically occurring twice in a given cycle between conjunctions.

Conjunctions are two objects merging in the same degree of the same sign to start a new cycle between them.

Sextiles represent both the first (or ‘opening’) major aspect after a conjunction to begin a cycle, and the last (or ‘closing’) major aspect before the next conjunction, to end a cycle.

In addition to being the first and last major points of evaluation in a given cycle between any two objects, sextiles serve (in the words of Robert Hand) “… to sharpen consciousness and heighten awareness, which requires a certain degree of initiative.”

That’s how you come to have a role to play along with Mercury, Venus and Mars on Saturday. Your role begins with taking the initiative to be aware.

You can start with being conscious of how Mercury, Venus and Mars are often referred to as ‘personal planets’. It’s because they go through many cycles of aspect with other objects in a typical human lifetime.

Thus, along with the Sun and Moon, personal planets correlate with the relative frequency of personal cycles in your life most often measured in weeks, months or years.

In contrast, events that are few and far between relative to a human lifetime (or series of lifetimes) are by definition historic. Cycles of historic events implicitly correlate with planetary cycles measured in decades or centuries.

The next step in exercising some degree of initiative is for you to be aware that Mercury takes about a year to go around the zodiac, as (on average) does Venus. Mars takes about two years. Nevertheless, days when Mercury, Venus and Mars are more-or-less simultaneously in sextile aspect to sign-ruling planets of long cycle are few and far between.

Hence, no matter how ordinary or familiar the events of your life on Saturday may seem to be, there will implicitly be some extraordinary overlap or intersection with history, most likely your personal history. If such a possibility is not a reason to take the initiative and sharpen your consciousness, what is?

Mercury’s correlation with mental acuity makes it a good planet with which to sharpen consciousness. Fortunately, the first of the personal planet sextiles on Saturday is from Mercury in Libra to Jupiter in Leo, setting the tone.

Mercury last conjoined with Jupiter in Leo earlier this year on Aug. 2. Since then, because of its retrograde retracing of late Libra, Mercury has had two separating sextiles with Jupiter (on Sept. 10, and Oct. 20) with the third coming Saturday.

Typically there is only one opening sextile event in the more-or-less annual cycle beginning and ending with Mercury-Jupiter conjunctions.

For there to be three such events in two months is more than just another example of the few and far between encroaching to integrate with the frequent. It’s repetition.

Repetition serves (among other things) to get attention. So consider paying attention. Ask yourself what big (Jupiter) thing you started at the beginning of August only to be locked in mental (Mercury) evaluations ever since. Then, contemplate how turning the key to the third separating sextile from Mercury to Jupiter might be in what Venus and Mars are doing on the same day.

Venus and Mars might be the key to unlocking whatever you have been going back and forth with for several months. That’s because Venus is moving into the closing sextile of its annual cycle with Pluto. Likewise, Mars is approaching its final sextile in a two-year cycle with Neptune.

Both aspects will be exact on Saturday, shortly after Mercury repeats its opening sextile to Jupiter for a third time, implying a connection with your personal history of making progress — or not. 

Consider what unfolded after Venus last conjoined with Pluto on Nov. 15, 2013. Even though that conjunction was not repeated, it was followed by a retrograde that kept Venus in Capricorn until March of 2014.

Hence, evaluating now what you did to overcome delay and resume progress early this year could bring some heightened awareness to whatever repetition has been trying to show you more recently.

That’s the implication of Venus in a closing sextile to Pluto on the same day Mercury opens a sextile to Jupiter for the third time in two months without any headway. An implication worth looking into, given how such concurrences between Mercury and Venus sextile aspects to outer planets are few and far between.

Similarly, to have Mars compound the issue of a rare occurrence indicates something of what you might do to avoid delayed progress in the future. That’s because Mars is entering its final evaluation of a cycle that started with a Pisces conjunction to Neptune on Feb. 4, 2013.

Unlike what followed Mercury’s conjunction with Jupiter last August, and unlike what followed Venus’s conjunction with Pluto last November, Mars made rapid progress into an opening sextile and beyond after beginning its cycle with Neptune.

Mars may then very well be providing you with an evaluation of what you did right in early 2013 as part of its closing sextile to Neptune on Saturday.

Given how such an interpretation is consistent with what Mercury and Venus will be doing on the same day, you should think back on that part of your personal history and place some value on what you remember, especially when the alternative is missing the point Mercury has repeatedly been trying to make.

After all, a failure to learn from history frequently results in a destiny to repeat it. So take a cue from Mercury, Venus and Mars to take a hand in shaping your own personal destiny this weekend.

Look back on your personal history. Renew your grasp of what you started in early August, but somehow lost a grip on. Then, recall what Venus taught you about recovering lost momentum early this year.

Finally, remember how you got off on the right foot in early 2013 to sharpen your consciousness of what you want to get going again now. If you can put the astrology to use like that, this may be one of the most productive weekends you have had in a long time.

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18 thoughts on “Personal History — Mercury, Venus and Mars

  1. Barbara Koehler

    Yes, yes, I DO love how you see things Len. All the astrology parts, points and planets have to integrate with each other to make things happen, and their interplay is part of a macro picture we seldom sense in a personal way. I see that changing slowly as we grow in awareness, thanks to you and others like you who understand the meaning of living a life with purpose. Having taken an interest in the Mercury-Jupiter cycles, I appreciate your noting the 3 sextiles between them in this cycle. As these two meet approximately once a year, I thought it odd (and probably significant) that their latest conjunction in early Leo followed the previous conjunction between them in late Gemini, skipping entirely the sign of Cancer. Don’t know what to make of that yet.

    Personal planets are often called on to play quite prominent roles in astrological charts, for example the ingress charts of the most recent sign changes of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune and their effect on other charts. There are several of them but right now the placements of Venus and Mercury and the north node within the 2nd ingress charts of Pluto to Capricorn, Uranus to Aries and Neptune to Pisces, all at 11+ Aquarius will likely affect us individually in historical ways.

    For example, Mitch McConnell, Senator from Kentucky, has natal Mercury at 11+ Aquarius which trines his natal Jupiter at 11+ Gemini that interacts with the present transiting astrology in such a way that it not only will affect Kentuckians, but perhaps all Americans by influencing the balance of power in the upcoming new Congress. So too does the little town of Ferguson, Missouri, with it’s ascendant at 11+ Aquarius, the same degree as the 2nd ingress charts for Neptune with Mercury at 11+ Aquarius, Uranus with Venus at 11+ Aquarius, and Pluto with the NN at 11+ Aquarius, which affects us all. The easily grasped energies expressed through the symbolism of Venus, Mars and Mercury waste little time in any one spot, but their repetition achieved by repeating ground covered through retrogrades make their points emphatic.

    We make our advances sometimes seemingly overnight, yet it is the inner planets aspecting the outer planets (and each other), that make incremental changes to our concepts and that raises our awareness without a lot of conscious recognition as to how it was done. Day-to-day stuff, right? Then BOOM, a miracle happens, or we have an epiphany, not realizing we were changing all along. Saturday would seem to be a special day indeed. Thanks for giving it the attention it deserves Len.

  2. P. Sophia

    Absolutely it is all correlated! It always is. But your awareness in the discovery and discernment of it all Len, is truly the gift and experience you bring to is all. I will be looking up all the dates..Thank you once again. : )

    Personally, starting today Mars is also sextile Natal Saturn through the weekend. So planning and executing (beginning) projects of initiative are favored. Along with a longer term influence wrapping up (ending) this month, is Saturn trine my Sun.

    Len, I also find so much meaning can be emotionally integrated into awareness just by looking at our Moon’s life cycle and position. And again, all these trine and sextile aspects, of beginnings and endings, seem aligned in perfect complement to the phase First Quarter Moon (same as natal phase) in Aquarius. Which is after-all, now moving towards Mars and speaks of a good platform for expression, if/when moving in a direction of intuitive commitment and integrity.

    Dane Ryhder’s interpretation of the phase as below:

    “At the first quarter, the sun and moon are in square, 90′ apart. The momentum we established during the crescent phase is tested. By the time of first quarter, whatever is developing in us or in our lives needs to be definitely established in a clearly delineated direction. This may mean making clear choices between possibilities. If the new direction is to continue to develop and eventually prosper, old forms of behavior, thinking and/or feeling may need to be abandoned. At this phase in the soli-lunar cycle, the moon moves outside the orbit of the earth toward the orbit of Mars. The first quarter moon is thus a symbol of emergence, of growing independence and commitment. During this first quarter phase a trine forms between the sun and moon when the moon reaches 120° ahead of the sun. It may mark a time of harmonious expression, if we are decidedly committed to what we are doing.”

  3. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara: Thank you for kind affirmation. Special thanks for sharpening our consciousness and heightening our awareness of how that 11+ degree of Aquarius has resonated with recent history just as surely as two personal planets and the ascending node occupied that degree when three planets of history changed signs in succession and in relatively short order (a “few and far between” event is there ever was one) to begin our current era of astrology. That’s useful information with which each of us can find our astrological connection with world history. Much appreciated. What would we do without you?

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    P. Sophia: Ah, thank you for being so generous as to integrate Mars’ sextile to your natal Saturn to give us an additional layer of consciousness sharpening and heightened awareness to work with. And yes, just as you imply, the angular relationships between the Moon and Sun (or “phases” of the Moon) give us a visible, and hence physically grounding sense of the cycles of aspect planets go through, (but which are frequently seen only on the zodiac, and not in the sky. Extra thanks for bringing the wisdom of the transcendentally great Dane Rudhyar to the fore – nobody could impose a workable order on a large scale of events like he could, a truly great mind. Thank you so very much for “catching” the Halloween First Quarter Moon so adroitly, and so pertinently. We are much richer for having you among us here at Planet Waves

  5. Trace Davis

    waiting for Saturday could be absurd. the moment is now, reflecting in and defining the results of what consumed the past. where unending turns couldn’t be persuaded, yet momentarily, we all know what side of the bed we’ve laid in.

    since four days ago, limitations consigned a foresight that I hadn’t claimed. it was basically a moving masterpiece as I let life unfold. as storms thrashing at my door, the tent claimed as a door to an even more seismic construct. healing comes from this, as I lived perched amongst a lake proportioned to the healing benefits of nature existing itself, and the ocean and beaches that stretched out endlessly at my door. subtropical forests alive in my surroundings await as I coil my directions traveling here or there. but supported to steer my life direction is the counselling of the four… Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune… negating the furthermost floor to my life without even contemplating what I could achieve, need, hesitate or derive benefit from.

    this is when life exists as it gives us… our very needs.
    bless, Les

  6. Amy Elliott

    That’s an interesting interpretation of a sextile – another of Hand’s priceless pearls of wisdom. Indeed, the closeness of the sextile is perhaps sufficient to bring in the subtle note of discomfort, or wakefulness, that it seems to embody.

    Always nice to see a quote from Rudhyar, too 🙂

  7. Len Wallick Post author

    Trace: Agreed. Thank you. The “moment” of aspects is consistently while they are in application (especially with Mars and the Moon). Hence the reason for the look ahead to Saturday today, and how most posts in this space look ahead to aspects as they are approaching. Nevertheless, the precise date and time of aspects is often of use to many people (if only for erudition), which is the reason for providing that information as a matter of honoring others with different lives and different needs. Thanks you also for bringing an effective sense of poetry to the astrology, Especially the “four days ago” Martian ingress to Capricorn and the additional layer of mutual reception with Saturn that Saturn itself laid the foundation for two years ago this month. We were here even then. Hence your excellent point about the absurdity of waiting when (as Eliot put it) “all time is eternally present.”

    Amy: You make an excellent point as well. Thank you, we are so very fortunate to have you here at Planet Waves.

  8. aWord

    Remarkable synchronicity with my natal, Len (believe it? 🙂
    Venus will not only sextile Pluto but natal Mars as well, as that’s the point upon which transiting Pluto has made his home for some time. Neptune is no longer exactly on n.Sun, but the upcoming Mars sextile will still reverberate with n.Sun. And Mercury will be squeaking back for a third trip across natal Jupiter, exact once he re-enters Scorpio.
    All of your points well taken and the patterns seen loud and clear (although I don’t know what to make of all of them). In the meantime, interesting situations transpiring such as intense deja vu about having written a letter before, but not the whole thing, only a paragraph. Generally for me, deja vu incorporates the whole moment.
    And as Be already knows — AQ 11 is natal DC. (Thanks for the reminder, Be)
    I’ll leave it at that; awareness meter set. Experience anticipated. I’ll let you know if anything remarkable transpires besides the astrology itself 😀

  9. Len Wallick Post author

    aWord: Yes, i believe it. Once again, your personal astrology serves as a bellwether for the astrology of our time. Thank you for being so generous as to share how the synchronicity plays out for you again. We are so very fortunate to have your participation, experience, perspective and insight here. Long may you Wave.

  10. chief niwot's son

    Len- I had the pleasure of seeing Mercury in the sky in the pre-dawn above Taos the other day. Rare beauty which existed because of right timing, which is the phrase that comes while reading your thoughts on the inner planets. Saturday feels like a day chock full of right timing, and as you often teach us, such timing is under the auspice of the individual in question.

  11. Len Wallick Post author

    Chief Niwot’s Son: Thank you for sharing the rare experience of sighting Mercury – seldom seen even in ancient days before light pollution. May other rare gifts soon follow for you. Here in Seattle, what with the light pollution, latitude, and moisture-laden skies, it’s pretty much out of the question to spot the innermost planet. Thank you again for your kind and supportive comments here at Planet Waves.

  12. Len Wallick Post author

    Thank you, Nicolas. i’m grateful in turn for your gentle soul, your perceptive mind, and your generous spirit. You are most welcome here at Planet Waves.

  13. jinspace

    Well, Len, this explains my recent experience and present mindset with breathtaking precision. No wonder I’ve been lurching forward in such frustrating fits and starts. At exactly the moments you point to, I was thwarted by an endless succession of major roadblocks to some very specific goals I’d set out to accomplish. This time around I’ve been feeling the steam gather (especially the last week or two) and really begun moving forward, but with a difference. I’ve felt an internal shift and begun to make real headway at last, ready creatively, and feeling I also have the strength to keep external pressures (which have been great and many) more in check. Or maybe that there simply won’t be any more of them for a while. A huge thank you for the insightful lesson and positive reinforcement of my inner voice 🙂

    Also in today’s transits, I see the Moon at work in my chart with some remarkable timing. Today while the Moon is opposite Jupiter, it is conjunct my natal Chiron in the 3rd & opposite natal Leo Sun in the 9th (from which Jupiter has just begun to separate). I’m guessing that’s got to be driving the insights I had yesterday about myself in relation to my personal surroundings (which is the obstacle I’ve been dealing with since August 2, almost to the day).

  14. Len Wallick Post author

    jinspace: Thank you for the affirmation. It is gratifying to know how my service in return has validated your inner voice. Even more, thank you for serving as an example of inner strength for the rest of us (as might be expected with your natal Chiron in Aquarius). By the way, transiting Jupiter will soon return to conjoin your natal Sun another two times after it stations retrograde at 22+ Leo on December 8. And lest you think the retrograde will thwart your headway, please remember what astrologer Arlene Kramer said of Jupiter in retrograde “Some retrogrades are not bad, and this is one of them.” The key (as always with Jupiter, whether direct or retrograde) is to keep a sense of proportion. Hence, if December tests the (as you put it) “headway” you have started to make, please exercise the same patience and perseverance that got you through so much this year. After all, whether it is forward or in reverse, Jupiter conjunct your natal Sun (in the 9th natal house, no less) continues to be what Robert Hand called “…one of the most marvelous transits,” and having it be prolonged by retrograde should ultimately result in you being bigger than your challenges so long as you do your part to not enlarge them.

  15. jinspace

    Len, I think Jupiter turning back to my Sun once more sounds great. “One of the most marvelous of transits” has so far been manifesting, like a carrot on a string.

    “Mars may then very well be providing you with an evaluation of what you did right in early 2013…” I just read this again now, at the close of today, and by golly, Mars and the seemingly mundane thing I did today are indeed waving frantically to get my attention, about the situation that developed on August 2 and has been holding me back ever since! What a wake up call.

    I’d sure hate to have missed the boat by allowing myself to be held back any longer, especially when Jupiter’s in Leo and shining a spotlight on me, or at least trying to. I know exactly what I need to do. I’ve known all along what set me back beginning August 2. (It was one of those carrot on a string moments). I also know the remedy will feel like yet another delay – it will be, and it will take some time – but it will be what ultimately sets me free to get on with my own plans. So I will relish the Jupiter retrograde and think of it as bonus time.

    Thanks so much for your detailed answer to my earlier comments, Len, and once more for this supremely helpful post!

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