Out of the Blue

There is a difference between something coming at you, and something becoming apparent. It’s documented that you have a natural and healthy aversion to something coming at you as a potential threat. Anything becoming apparent, however, is appropriate to observe, engage with and learn from because it represents potential changes in your life.


During the course of your life, the distinction between what’s coming at you and what’s becoming apparent has probably become increasingly blurred. The result often is an increased perception of threat whether such a perspective is justified or not.

That’s because the environment from which your consciousness collects information has changed a lot in your lifetime. In all probability your environment is dominated by data that reaches you through electronic devices and distractions, all of which carry messages and all of which, as part of the environment, constitute a message in and of themselves.

There’s a problem with what reaches you through electronic devices as well as the message those devices in fact are. Much of that information has been manufactured with an objective of capturing and directing your attention towards a product. For example, advertisers have a concept called “disruption.”

At its best, disruption means being creative, and adapting to change by adopting new patterns. That’s a good thing. It’s empowering to change your patterns (especially unhealthy ones), and doing so fits with the transitional nature of current astrological events. Especially so if you are living with a conscious intent to actually improve your creativity.

For instance, the astrology right now supports your being creative and positive enough to change some self-disruptive perception-and-response patterns you had before the March 20 solar eclipse. Very possibly these have been conditioned by electronic media.

Heck, just thinking about what you might change about yourself will empower you! Imagine what actually trying might do! Hopefully, you can even become just a little more creative and better adapted to the changing world by the lunar eclipse of April 4. If not, at least no harm would accrue from simply trying.

So how is your little project of disrupting unhealthy patterns in your life coming along? If it’s not, it’s probably because all you know of disruption is how it is most commonly practiced on you. Unfortunately, disruption in actual practice has come to mean disturbing your consciousness with histrionic presentations designed to overstimulate and/or distract you.

Over stimulation and distraction as a constant diet, even if it’s sexy, disrupts your life. Then you respond as you would with something coming at you. That is not a good thing, except for those (such as pill makers or political strategists) who profit from your discomfort by falsely promising relief or gratification in return for a dollar, a vote, or even just a decision on your part to seek further distraction through electronic media (which starts a pattern of disruption all over again).

If there is any coherent message in the overall astrology as we approach Saturday’s total lunar eclipse in Libra, it’s to adopt a new pattern. You can start by finally refusing to project the anxiety stimulated by your electronic environment onto natural processes, including astrology.

For astrology is, above all, a natural process. It’s as simple as watching the daytime sky darken enough so that the lesser lights of stars and planets gradually become apparent for you from out of the blue. Simply because those lights undeniably are.

There is no paradox in watching the sky change. It’s not toxic. It’s not complicated. It’s reassuring. It’s empowering. The sky is where you come from, and having that simple fact become apparent to you from out of the blue as you simply watch is what astrology actually is.

It’s no different watching symbols move on the zodiac, and having their continually changing patterns make apparent for you how you could (and probably should) do something of the same.

Hence, as the Moon moves into mindful Virgo today (on its way toward opposing the Aries Sun from compassionate Libra during Saturday’s total lunar eclipse), be mindful of what you are doing with the information astrology gives you. It would be a shame to waste the natural process that your life actually is by mistaking astrology for something it is not.

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Besides endeavoring to be of service to all of you here at Planet Waves, Len strives to live in Seattle while working as a professional astrologer. To contact him for an astrology reading you can send an e-mail to: lenwallick@gmail.com. His telephone number is 206-356-5467. In addition to his profession, Len contributes to the Seattle community without monetary compensation by serving as a Reiki practitioner and teacher through classes and outreach offered by the Seattle Reiki Mastery Series modality.

10 thoughts on “Out of the Blue

  1. Barbara Koehler

    Maybe when I was young something of a histrionic nature might have been considered sexy; I just don’t remember. I much prefer the reassuring, composure-inducing nature of your words these days Len. There are a couple of points of creativity in this eclipsed moon chart we could take advantage of when changing a disruptive pattern I believe. One is the grand trine in fire signs between Mercury, Saturn and Juno (exact on the 2nd) and the other is Ceres at 0+ Aquarius.

    The grand trine is something I’m sure you will be taking advantage of dear friend; I’ll be watching for it in your next offering. The other one, the Ceres at 0+ Aquarius, is a degree that is shared by Eric Holder’s Sun, the President’s and Elizabeth Warren’s Jupiter, and of course, the degree of the next Jupiter-Saturn meeting in 5 and 1/2 years from now. What new endeavor will these 3 high-profile people be embarked on that the goddess Ceres will shed her light on for the next few weeks? The same endeavor that January’s New Moon at 0+ Aquarius shed light on? The same endeavor that last October’s eclipsed Sun at 0+ Scorpio, just before the elections, challenged?

    Whatever it might be, perhaps a change in how we look at the climate of our planet Earth, or how we nurture those we love might be involved. This could lead to a change in how we collect our information – less distractively perhaps. I’ll ponder that for a while. In the meantime, Pluto’s T-square to the eclipsed Moon (conjunct the U.S. Sibly Saturn) opposite the Sun (conjunct Uranus) will force many of us to deal with new realities either coming at us or becoming apparent.

    Good to back in the fold.

  2. marie hawthorne

    Thank you Len

    What becomes increasingly apparent to me through the passage of time is the wonderful mystery at the heart of our daily existence, even in the wobbly moments….

    And i know i can always amuse myself by returning to an faithful companion and making a few adjustments (maybe it’s a Virgo moon-thing, maybe not). So here is a well-loved companion of mine, with a few adjustments.

    The art of living –
    appreciation of the garden,
    with its borders and boundaries of protection
    for that which is Earth’s most precious;
    to sow and reap according to the season
    and to tend throughout,
    mindful, devoted.

    The arts of living
    welcome riches hand-heart picked:
    treasures whose mysteries
    unfurl, unfold their meanings
    for filling gestures like warm smiles
    fulfilling dreams.

    The heart of living
    succumbing to fealty,
    fashioned from stardust,
    bejeweled in a humility that is
    the art of loving
    receiving, giving soothing;
    renewing, restoring
    to a quiet in fullness of surrender.

  3. Yoniyoganidra

    Yeah for natural processes, and thank you Len for encouraging choice. Move out into the world from the inside or within a natural process, with choices of your making, or react and respond to that which is being lobbed in your (and everyone else’s) general direction.

    I live someplace where I can spit in any direction and hit a yoga/meditation teacher or student on the path but my meanderings into the neighborhood leave me feeling like I am in some kind of urban boot camp or festival devoted to The Survival of the Busiest.

    Smiling seems like a lost art….and one that brings such beauty to a moment.

    Here’s to Happy Smiles.

  4. Mandy

    Thanks for the post and link, Len – both an eye-opening read.
    “Does the approach aversion effect occur because people feel
    powerless when encountering an approaching stimulus and hence
    feel negatively?…..the approach aversion effect would vanish if the
    participants perceived themselves as approaching the stimulus;
    presumably, participants in that condition felt more in control and
    more powerful.”
    The old is fluttering away like ribbons on the wind. Adventure is coming up over the horizon and we will greet each other heartily.

  5. wandering_yeti

    Thank you for using electronic media to send signals raising awareness of the part these media actually play in human life. Yes, I’ve been practicing since about 2011 to rehabilitate my musical skills in the presence of others cause I fell in deep when I was a college student and could afford a computer and a home and internet at home, internet at school, classes involving the internet or at least computers: it was a hungry ghost trance. I wanted to get my song craft back but all I got in the computer was a bunch of half digested dead ends and some seeds that would only sprout 3-5 years later when I started playing simple wooden instruments again, but no fully fledged songs, nothing I could play live without a computer to back me up. The musical level of my life is a coal mine canary for health in other aspects of my life: my computer years sucked my art into digital space and left me starving for touch. I’m much relieved to have my computer time limited to only 2 hours per day at the library so I can’t spend 7-12 hours spacing out on audio engineer skills while the Muse throws up her hands in dismay, unable to reach her human for lack of attention on his part.

    I have a retro Aquarian Venus square Mars in Taurus in my birth chart. Squares are energetic, but they don’t have to be explosive if one takes care to cultivate both sides. When my art was in computer space it left out Mars. When I play bass in loud rock bands Venus is left out. Coming back to the simplicity of a wooden guitar with metal strings lets the sparkle of Aquarius shine through the galaxy of sounds I can produce with my voice and the various rhythms and chord voicings I can form on the guitar. Composing the way I sing at the same time as I’m playing the chords on the guitar makes for much faster song creation and much more effective arrangements for holding a spell for a crowd. Aquarius was originally being with the people which happens much more since I went acoustic. Aquarius gets caught in electric alienation if it buys the worldview of consumerism. Freeing the air from the stale office chamber Aquarius can properly carry the water for the people and the secret triangle at the heart of the square shines forth.

  6. wandering_yeti

    Meanwhile Mars shines in that I’m using a lot of physical energy to hold a musical spell on stage with only my voice and an acoustic instrument. Getting my guitar to the gig on my bike is another way to bring Mars into the fold while still keeping Venus shiny.

  7. Jaimie

    “If there is any coherent message in the overall astrology as we approach Friday’s total lunar eclipse in Libra, it’s to adopt a new pattern. You can start by finally refusing to project the anxiety stimulated by your electronic environment onto natural processes, including astrology.” –Golden Quotes by Len Wallick

    This is really a stunning way to phrase a needful approach to the natural and digital worlds we inhabit. Sometimes I read astrologers (elsewhere) who seem hellbent on projecting their own anxiety into everything they write. It’s infectious, and I’m going to start a new pattern right now by not reading them anymore.

    I’m also going to limit my time in front of a screen. Sometimes when I can’t sleep at night, the digital world is like babysitter, but it becomes more and more of a bully the longer I stare into the digital field, becoming increasingly desperate for something, anything, that doesn’t create more anxiety. I’ve started to hem in that pattern by recognizing what’s happening, going to read Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ most recent Facebook post, and then shutting the thing down. Now I’m thinking of ways to reorient myself into a better relationship with things that go bump in the night. Thank you, Len.

    Holding hands as a creative act? Something I’d never considered before. Fascinating and true! Thank you for that, too.

    I’m adopting a greyhound in a couple of weeks. This development has been in the works for the past couple of months, and I am so excited to welcome this new guy into my home. My ambassador of goodwill and I are going to scream a quote from Karen Finley into the night, “Baby, we’re gonna feminize this planet!” OK, just kidding. I’m looking forward to bonding with this fabulous new boy who’s adopting me and touching others we come into contact with in a sensitive and unusual and loving way. His arrival will become an antidote to staring into the shining void of cyberspace for sure. We’re gonna move about in the natural world and smile.

  8. Len Wallick Post author

    Vicki: Thank you! Correction made!

    Barbara: Welcome back! Thank you for being so kind with your words and so generous with your wisdom once again after being so long away from us because of your computer problems. In case you missed it, Eric did a great job covering the transiting grand fire trine on Monday, “Fire Trine Theater” (just scroll down and “over” to his see it among the “older” entries). And yes, you are absolutely correct, the implicitly spiritual and explicitly energetic fire sign trine is indeed an integral (and surprising enduring) part of the current astrology. Finally, thank you for highlighting the ingress of Ceres to Aquarius (wepecially how it is transiting the charts of three progressive leaders in the US). It is so good to have you back!

    Marie: Thank you so very much for your reminder to stay in touch with “the wonderful mystery at the heart of our daily existence.” That is indeed so important, especially because even the most sophisticated electronic media devices (perhaps by their very definition) often serve to only distract us from those precious and resource-full mysteries. Most of all, thank you for honoring perhaps the best way human beings have come up with to actually explore and extract the benefit of those mysteries – poetry. For in pushing the boundaries of the written word as few others do, you have once again given us a taste of what we can further evolve to be if we will but meet poetry half way on the way to becoming. Everybody reading here thus owes you a great debt for the poetic hand up you have extended.

    Yoniyoganidra: Thank you for the smile your words bring to all of us here (just as i am sure you do when you wander from the island where you reside into the surrounding world).

    Mandy: Thank you for wisely selecting and cogently quoting from the link i provided! The fact that you understand serves to supplement the understanding of us all.

    wandering_yeti” Speaking of serving to help the rest of us understand, thank you for sharing the authentic enlightenment you have achieved and continue to accumulate from the wise and perceptive correlation of your own past experience and present work. You are yet another example of how those who comment here contribute so much more than my small service alone. i feel so very fortunate every time you bring reports of your inspiring evolution to supplement my humble offerings. May your evocations of the sky through your music continue to strengthen.

    Jaimie: Thank you for your generous endorsement of the Planet Waves way of offering service to astrology and its readers. Thank you also for sharing your own wisely resolved boundaries with electronic media – perhaps part of a trend that you and others commenting here seem to be a part of. May you and your new canine buddy guide each other to mutually better lives as we all guide this planet of ours into a better balance between the masculine and feminine.

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