Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

Mars is not visible in the sky right now. Nor are any of the robotic devices that are on or orbiting Mars currently in communication with Earth. All that is because Mars is currently moving on the other side of the Sun relative to Earth. For astronomers and scientists, it is almost as though Mars is not there. Not so for astrologers.


When the Sun is precisely between Earth and Mars, the alignment is called a conjunction. It is not what you would call a rare event (taking place approximately once every two years), but is also uncommon enough to be something less than familiar.

On the zodiac, the Sun conjoins Mars when both objects occupy the same degree of the same sign. Shortly before 9 pm EDT tomorrow (00:56:51 UTC Thursday) the meeting will be exact in Leo’s fifth degree. For all practical purposes, however, the alignment is functional all this week.

Just in case you don’t have a clear memory of June 14, 2015 (when the previous merger of the Sun and Mars happened in late Gemini), here are some astrological guidelines to keep in mind as you observe and navigate your life.

First, think of Mars broadly as having to do with energy. Next, take a similarly wide and simple view of the Sun. The astronomical Sun is an external source of day and light that allows you to see what’s going on in the world. The astrological Sun is likewise a source of illumination, but from within, corresponding to being conscious, and aware of your surroundings.

With the conjunction from the Sun to Mars, then, it is less than likely that your consciousness (or that of any other) will be blocking energy. Instead, anything with an energetic component (whither tangible or metaphorical) is more than probably being expressed through, and unavoidably influenced by, a consciousness. In other words, perspective currently counts for a lot.

In general, two objects conjoining on the zodiac represents the end of one mutual cycle and the beginning of another. If perspective is difficult to come by for you this week, you can always start with that one principle. If you don’t absolutely have to align yourself with another point of view immediately, consider the merits of being patient and allowing your own perception to develop.

Another thing about conjunctions is that the corresponding earthly qualities of the two objects in question will tend to merge — but only temporarily. In this case, it’s a good idea to remember that energy and consciousness are not one and the same, even though it may sometimes seem that way.

If somebody is being more than unusually assertive, take what they are expressing with a grain of salt. It could very well be that emphasis does not, and will not, function to confer either veracity or authenticity.

The same goes for you. Keep tabs on yourself. If you hear your voice raise, or witness either your desires or efforts ramp up, check for what’s appropriate and proportional to any given situation.

Finally, even though Mars is not astrologically absent at this time, all conjunctions do tend to correspond with something not easily seen until later. Allow a healthy respect for what you don’t know now to be part of your own consciousness.

With Mercury now slowing down in Virgo, where it will commence its next retrograde on Aug. 12 (or Aug. 13, depending on your time zone), your consciousness and your mind will eventually catch up with each other to sort things out. In the meantime, you would be well advised not to jump to conclusions that might need (with some embarrassment) to be reversed later.

Mars may be out of sight, but it is not out of mind. If you can remember only that one thing this week, you will not be giving trouble a helping hand.

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