Out Of Sight — Gemini New Moon

The Gemini New Moon just before Noon EDT Saturday, like all New Moons, will be out of sight. It will not be the only such event in the astrology this weekend. If there is anything to the proverb “As above, so below,” the next several days will not be about appearances. Rather, you will be entering an auspicious time to observe and cultivate nascent developments to your inner life.

Astrology by Len Wallick

An inner life is a valuable resource. Like all resources, you need to be aware of it, and take care of it. That’s especially so now, on an implied threshold of cycles, shifts and crossings taking place out of sight above and below.

Above you, some new cycles are about to set in. Foremost among them is the start of a lunation — the period of time from one New Moon to the next.

Every lunation begins with the Moon moving between Earth and the Sun, out of sight in the solar glare. That phenomenon explains how New Moons are an appropriate time to begin new cycles of your own by simply being aware of the resources your inner life offers. Among them are contemplation, meditation and imagination. Simple awareness can in turn lead to appreciation. That’s a major inner shift, and it corresponds to a shift about to take place above you.

Out of sight above you, an important hypothetical point is on the threshold of a rare and major shift from one sign to another. The mean lunar apogee (otherwise known as mean Black Moon Lilith) enters Cancer about 6 am EDT Sunday.

In simple terms, mean Black Moon Lilith (abbreviated as mean BML) is the part of the lunar orbit farthest removed from Earth, whether or not the Moon is actually there. The “mean” part is not a nasty disposition, but an indication that the point is an averaged mathematical value. While an empty, abstract, averaged point may seem little more than imaginary, astrologers have learned to appreciate it as a resource.

Witness the “Swiss Ephemeris,” one of the most respected astrological resources in the world. With only 14 columns to work with, one of those columns (the one headed by a black lunar crescent on a cross) is devoted to listing the daily position of mean BML. That position changes slowly. So slowly, the last time mean BML changed signs (into Gemini) was on the historically meaningful date of September 11, 2012.

Mean BML last ingressed Cancer on August 3, 2004. For the mean lunar apogee now to cross over into Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon, for the first time in nearly a decade is thus worthy of meaningful contemplation. What’s more, the timing is something to meditate upon as two positions on the zodiac closely associated with the Moon (mean BML and Cancer) come together less than 24 hours after the actual Sun and Moon have come together to initiate a lunation.

You would be justified in imagining two very different lunar cycles beginning at once, both enhanced and distinguished by their close concurrence. All the more so when you consider that the imagined event will be nearly concurrent with another point being crossed that is deeply appreciated as a milestone of astrology, even though it is also out of sight.

Just before 9 pm EDT Sunday, Mercury will cross the degree of Cancer to which it will return when its retrograde period (from June 26 to July 20) finally ends with a resumption of direct motion. In other words, Mercury will be entering its ‘echo’ (or ‘shadow’) phase just after mean BML enters Cancer and just before the Moon returns from being out of sight in the glare of a conjunction with the Sun. The close association in time implies a close symbolic correlation between all three events.

The echo/shadow phase is a period of about two weeks. During that period, as Mercury’s apparent motion decelerates before reversal, your own experience often corresponds to an ‘echo’ from the future. It is a time which frequently foreshadows what the approximately three weeks of retrograde motion will bring.

To have the foreshadowing that accompanies Mercury’s final fortnight of direct motion commence as two lunar cycles begin, and to have all of those beginnings take place out of sight, implies where your attention would be best directed over the next several days. Instead of the usual protocol of prioritizing what you see, you may want to initiate a new cycle of your own.

This weekend, you may want to initiate a new cycle of awareness. You may want to begin that cycle by shifting your focus from what you see on the outside to what you feel, and what you think, on the inside. You may want to cross over from prioritizing external resources and start appreciating internal resources. You may want to cultivate those internal resources, and develop them into what could ultimately be how you anticipate, and create, an outer life that is out of sight for you now.

If, as is the case with many people, your outer life leaves something to be desired, what have you got to lose? Instead of taking the weekend to simply indulge the usual distractions that take you out of your mind, try taking a cue from the astrology and explore what may have been, until now, out of sight.

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