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Diplomatic solutions to global crises? Nonsense — that’s what war is for. Right? Just bomb it. You know how Cheney does it: Ready-shoot-aim. Well, okay then. Can you recall what country you want to bomb? Ah…that’s why I have cabinet-makers…no, that’s cabinet members.



Diplomatic solutions to global crises? Nonsense — that’s what war is for. Right? Just bomb it. You know how Cheney does it: Ready-shoot-aim.

Well, okay then. Can you recall what country you want to bomb? Ah…that’s why I have cabinet-makers…no, that’s cabinet members.

Their fraudulent morality is yet another performance that I urge you to see through, even though the issue is abortion. (And how one feels about that issue is not my point here – that is an individual choice and I make no comment about that at all.) My point is their fraudulent use of this issue for political noise.

I have listened to them carry on about their “highly moral” platforms about Planned Parenthood and abortion. One of these candidates even agrees with a fundamentalist preacher who likes to scream from his “Christian” podium that every person involved in giving or receiving an abortion should be “executed.” Executed!!! Wow. Love that Christian language. But I digress.

Their high-end moral carrying on and on about Planned Parenthood got me wondering, “Where exactly were these moralists before the Planned Parenthood issue was around?” Hum….I can’t recall any one of them representing a social concern for the betterment of any one. But when it comes to repressing the sexuality of someone — homosexuals, for instance — why, bingo. Sexuality seems to be a turn-on to these deviants. Why is that? Gotta wonder, don’t you? My goodness…I can’t help but wonder if they have little secrets in their backgrounds. You know, it’s always like that.

Then it occurred to me that Planned Parenthood is the perfect issue for the immoral characters that they really are. It’s absolutely perfect. What could be a more perfect issue for all these politicians than abortion? First of all, abortion is a non-corporate one, non-Wall Street, and non-military. Being pro-life, in other words, does not demand any changes of rules, regulations or policies for the criminals running war games or financial crimes.

Being pro-life and anti-Planned Parenthood also makes them look like they actually have a conscience, doesn’t it? Further, this issue is one more way to have leverage over women – and ain’t that just too convenient? I would bet anything that not one of these loud-mouthed heathens has any genuine moral interest in issues related to Planned Parenthood other than votes. They will say whatever gets the vote. And if this is true, which I believe it is, such actions make them moral criminals as well as political ones.

What a mess we have in front of us. What a mess. Just when we need a statesman or woman the most, we are forced to listen to a clown car full of frauds and liars. Meanwhile, mass murders are occurring every day in our country, like dollar store sales. We are actually getting used to them! And none of these cowards — and they are political cowards and liars, make no mistake — has the backbone to actually say, “No more guns at all in public. No more.” Who needs a gun to go to K-Mart? Are we insane? Apparently we are.


Well, if anything is ever going to change, it is up to individuals to see through their fraudulent action and challenge them. Demand better. Demand through editorials, through writing their political offices and letting them know you’re on to them.

Do not sit back out of disgust; that opens the door to fate and sitting back got us into the hellhole. Changing the destiny of our nation — or any nation — just like changing your own personal destiny, requires conscious choice and action. And not just one positive action but you have to be willing to make a commitment to a lifestyle of positive actions in order to shift the balance between the dark and light forces.

Open your eyes. Humanity is tumbling in the wrong direction. Politicians are not only useless; they are part of the problem itself. It is all the more horrific if they benefit from this madness while the rest of us pay for it.


10 thoughts on “Open Your Eyes

  1. Eric Francis

    She cuts through a lot of bullshit in one short article. But mostly she is pissed off and she is correct to be. What we need is some anger. I would even say some rage. The opposite of expressing anger is taking it out on yourself as futility or as guilt.

    She is correct as well in that a bunch of criminally insane people have taken over the planet, moreso than ever, and we need to put the heat on them and as she says, let them know we’re on to them.

  2. Len WallickLen Wallick

    The astro-data bank give an “A” Rodden rating to Dec 2, 1952 at 8 am in Chicago. That makes a natal Moon in the last decan of Gemini a probable. Her natal ascendant for 8 am is in Sagittarius, along with the natal Sun and Mercury (both of which are taking transits from the Saturn-Neptune square right now). Her natal Uranus in Cancer is also taking a square from transiting Uranus in Aries. Combine that with a natal Mars in Aquarius, and yeah, it makes sense that somebody proficient in and committed to healing modalities would find reason to be angry with opportunistic and unconscionable politicians who make hay attacking one of the few efficacious health care institutions still standing. Thank you for publishing this, Eric.

  3. KatalystKatalyst

    Kudos for sharing this Caroline Myss article. Eric, your voice is so necessary for my sanity as is Ms. Myss’s. Two of my favorite people on this planet. Truth telling, fear bashing and authentic, meaningful messages! I love you two and an so very grateful for the difference you make!

  4. Pisces SunPisces Sun

    Thanks for posting. Yes, why does one need a gun to go to K-Mart? And why does one need to be fearful of one who has a gun at K-Mart? This needs to be the beginning statement. It starts with the ridiculousness, the idiocy with Congress’ reluctance to step in and regulate under the Second Amendment, something they can easily do- If they can say, as they have that growing grain in a state in the middle of the country that never leaves that state can affect interstate commerce and thus be regulated then they can similarly expansively read the second amendment and regulate guns for what their purpose was, to have State militias available in the event of a foreign invasion. It’s that simple.

  5. Pisces SunPisces Sun

    Each time I see this cut gem, I think, “I love this picture!” But, there are no credits, who is its creator, it’s depicted facet cuts are brilliant!

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