New Moon, New Order?

While there is no certainty as to its origin, the idea of a new order appears to go back at least as far as the roots of western civilization. Those roots are largely a hybrid of two traditions. In spite of their differences, both imply that humanity is empowered to improve its lot.


One cultural tradition is associated with the folklore and culture of ancient Greece, which was later adopted by ancient Rome (with some names changed, perhaps to protect the innocent).

The other system of belief can broadly but fairly be characterized as Sumerian in its origin. That paradigm now finds some of its more extreme adherents contending with one another to bring on an apocalypse. This, in spite of the fact that they all trace their lineage back to a paternal figure known as Abraham.

It appears that the inspirations for both the Greek and Sumerian traditions were in some way supernatural yet possessed of many human traits. Among those characteristics one can demonstrably include abject jealousy, profoundly destructive rage, and a proprietary sense of entitlement normally observed only in human beings who are about two years of age.

Yet both traditions professed to represent an improvement (especially for human beings) over those who had come before. Since most records of the supplanted spiritual and cultural models have been thoroughly eradicated, we cannot be sure.

We do, however, have cause to be suspicious because both Abraham’s tradition and the Hellenistic tradition are known as much for what, who and how they (often violently) exclude others as they are known for anything else. It is for that same reason we must also be suspicious of any new order proffered by human beings. For as long as unconditional inclusion is not an intrinsic part of the ostensibly new archetype being professed, you can pretty much anticipate more of the same mess that has propelled our planet and our kind in a direction that cannot be sustained.

Yet renewal continues. With every dawn, the rotation of the Earth brings a new day. Similarly the tilt of Earth’s axis, in combination with its orbit around the Sun, regularly brings new seasons. That’s how cycles form the basis for our reality, and as long as that’s true an authentically new order remains possible.

Perhaps the most visually perceptible cycle of Earthly existence has to do with the phases of the Moon. That cycle starts over every month or so with a New Moon — when the Sun and Moon move through the sky together for a day, as represented by their brief conjunction in the same degree of the same sign of the zodiac.

Because the side of the Moon facing toward Earth is not illuminated during its conjunction with the Sun, we don’t see a New Moon. Hence the symbolism of not being able to see, at first, what a new lunar cycle holds in store. The planetary aspects during a New Moon, however, can give a clue.

One of those aspects during the New Moon in Sagittarius earlier today — Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces — offers some intriguing hints about what a viable new order might possibly include.

The geometrical relationship called a trine equates to 120 degrees of separation on the zodiac circle. So, a trine aspect is reminiscent of an equilateral triangle, a figure fundamental to the sacred facet of geometry, and reminiscent of strength and sustainability derived from equality and balance. Because Scorpio and Pisces have the same sacred element (water) in common, there is an implication of nourishment, perpetuation, connection, cycles and intuition included with the aspect.

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Finally, because Neptune represents what astrologers call the higher octave (same tone, different pitch) of Venus, there is a reinforcing sense of harmony, receptivity and life-affirming values indicated by the New Moon taking place while the water trine from Venus to Neptune is exact to the degree.

This is not to say that an authentic and viable new order is finally coming to pass with today’s Sagittarius New Moon. Yet, one cannot help but see what a long-awaited order of justice, peace, love and equality on Earth might consist of.

That order would first and foremost be inclusive. There would be no slaves (such as there were in the Hellenistic cultural model). Neither would be a paradigm of “us” as distinguished from “them,” which, among other things, characterizes the Sumerian tradition.

There would be equality of status and power in the distribution of shared resources for any new order emblematic of today’s water trine from Venus to Neptune. Finally, there would be continual and unlimited strength that requires no coercion or violence to sustain harmony indefinitely.

While we do not in fact know whether or not today’s New Moon in Sagittarius will at long last herald an awakening to a new order worthy of its name, we have reason to be skeptical. Yet, because we can see it in the sky (and more importantly, in ourselves) we also have reason to believe it possible. May you contribute in your own way to make today the first day of that possibility becoming real.

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14 thoughts on “New Moon, New Order?

  1. P. Sophia

    I will in my way, as only I can. Which is not to further perpetuate the old, lower conciousness -insecurity, but continue to know only my true worth.. Magnetic-ally, should draw, only like in.

    On this New Moon, personally Trans Venus is Sextile Natal Uranus: New Friends, New Order. Thank you Len for your gift, and loving offering one again. Sending only the best intentions to you, and all on this High Potential New Moon. 🙂

  2. Barbara Koehler

    Oh, this is so exciting Len; a new order, Venus and Neptune. . and I love it when you say Supernatural. It whets my appetite. Two-year old behavior aside, human nature can sink to remarkable lows in this day just as it did in Abraham’s time and we all long for “new rules” such as what you have described here.

    I do believe it’s coming too. Fast forward to the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election. You will find this pattern amazing just as I did. Venus-Jupiter-Neptune-Pisces. They have much in common between them. Venus is exalted in Pisces, Jupiter used to rule Pisces, Neptune now rules Pisces, Venus is the lower octave of Neptune as you said, some feel that Neptune and Jupiter both rule Neptune, and Jupiter-Venus are the only 2 planets considered Benefics. The day before the U.S. election in November, 2016, transiting Jupiter and transiting Venus will be in mutual reception like peas in a pod; Jupiter being in Libra and Venus being in Sagittarius. Now it gets really interesting.

    The day before we all go and vote for a new U.S. president, Venus and Jupiter who are in mutual reception will also form an exact quintile aspect. More on that later. The day AFTER the election, Venus and Neptune will form an exact quintile. 13 days after Venus quintiles Jupiter transiting Neptune stations direct. As he does so he will be bi-quintile transiting Jupiter who will ALSO be conjunct the U.S. Saturn in Libra . Oh my gosh, this is all so breathtaking! Trans. Neptune will also be sextile transiting Venus. Want more? That 2 week period from the day before the U.S. Elections to the day Neptune stations-direct includes a Full Moon at 22+ Taurus, the degree of the start of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the year 2000. I call this synchronicity with a purpose.

    Right now, as Venus and Neptune are trine in water signs, transiting Jupiter is trine the degree of the 2000 conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn which was the start of the 20 year cycle that ends in December 2020. Transiting Jupiter is also conjunct the U.S. Neptune today.

    Read these words about the family of aspects that include the quintile (72 degrees) and the biquintile (144 degrees) from Francis Sakoian and Louis Acker as written in their book The Minor Aspects. . . they have a pretty supernatural ring:

    “These [aspects] are all based on the division of a circle by 5, 10 and 20; thus forming a harmonic series. This set of aspects is related to the occult and the use of the will. These angles are found in the pentagram or five-pointed star, which has a deep occult significance. This family of aspects relates to the higher synthesis of the four basic elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water – into the fifth element of Ether; therefore, this family of aspects relates to the use of the spiritual will and transcends physical limitations.” We can do this people.

    Okay, now in 2000, when Jupiter and Saturn met at 22+ Taurus, they were squared by Uranus at 20+ Aquarius, the same degree where the U.S. PROGRESSED Mercury (how we think + all forms of data including pictures) is stationing to go direct. In the chart for that May 2000 conjunction, a cycle which represents the 20 years of challenges and support that all the world’s societies and cultures will experience, Venus was trine Neptune (who was conjunct the U.S. Sibly chart’s South Node in Aquarius). Everything that has happened in the world since May 2000 has had this Venus (who most individuals can relate to) trine (harmony) Neptune (whom most individuals can’t relate to well except through mass consciousness) signature aspect. That includes 9-11, the Arab Spring and the 2 recent Paris, France attacks. Venus and Neptune weren’t in a vacuum, they were part of a 20 year chart that held a square between the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn to Uranus. Venus and Neptune would supply the cushioning after the Uranian jolts, aka squares, to society (Saturn-Jupiter).

    All this Kumbaya feeling exemplified by the symbols Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and their aspects at the time of (1) the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, (2) today’s New Moon chart’s with Venus trine Neptune, where even Jupiter conjuncts the U.S. Neptune, and finally (3) the 2 week period surrounding the U.S. nation-wide election for President has a supernatural feel to it. The USA has special ties to all 3 of these events which suggests to me that the possibility of a new order is possible and this country will play an important role in bringing it about. U.S. Progressed Mercury is stationing direct; a new way of thinking and communicating.

    This is my initial contribution. More to follow.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Barbara! i’m finally able to respond to comments again! Thank you (and thanks to others) who have been posting comments to my blog while I have been TRYING to get used to an unfamiliar laptop (on permanent loan) and operating system (which was giving me a heck of a time trying learn all over again how to get logged into and make comments on Planet Waves). Of course it was the “user” (me) who was the biggest problem all along. Thank you also for the look ahead to the 2016 election in the U.S. and the astrology surrounding it. I agree, the combination of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune as you describe them is most auspicious. I look forward to you “More to follow.”

  3. Pisces Sun

    Thanks Len and Be for the inspirational information. So–the Sabian Symbol for Taurus 22+ is a jewelry shop filled with valuable gems, which according to Dane Rudhyar, carries some interesting symbolism: the gems were formed by extreme heat and pressure and then refined by craftsmanship. It is a social confirmation of natural excellence, hence the new world order. Of course, we have been here before but as you say often Len, we always have choice when given the planetary alignment/aspects of opportunity.
    In choosing our intentions, as P.Sophia has written, choose in our way, to live a life-affirming and life sustaining “Yes.” That, in the end, will likely make all the difference in the world. With Neptune’s higher octave presence our intentions can be buoyed a higher octave too!

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    Pisces Sun: Additional thanks to you for being among those who were patient with me during recent weeks when (because of the hardware, software and connectivity problems i was working through) i could not acknowledge your always-generous and insightful comments. Thanks for the Saban symbol insight today. It resonates with other “heat and pressure” themes which seem to have come up lately and implies that situations in which we do have a choice allow us to complement (rather than struggle with) things we cannot (for the moment at least) change or control.

  5. P. Sophia

    Thanks Len, yes finally came through last night. And as you compared to the symbolism in the initial conjunction of Sun and Moon, “of not being able to see, at first, what a new lunar cycle holds in store”, you probably knew it would not be immediate recognition. For that matter I am starting to understand the influence of any New Moon can extend to the Full Moon, and even offer illumination far beyond.

    Trans Venus Sextile Natal Uranus: New Friends, New Order, came from a different source completely than i was hoping expecting as realized in quote below. Which makes sense, as I reread your article again today I then realized that same trans Neptune 7+ Pisces degree, you are referring to is in exact opposition to Natal Uranus 7+ Virgo degree.

    Seems self assertion and responsibility in listening to inner voice, speaking of my truth through it’s polar opposition last week, and now staying grounded in that truth. Has actually been the vehicle though, and ..IS what has helped and led me to my New Friends, New Order discovery of today. Had I veered the course, which I struggled with, (the struggle actutally assisted) I may not have come to my realization today. I cannot believe how this also fits with my Crystal reading of last week as well. Anyway, personally the nugget of truth came to me was Via Venus. Of course in what other way, than through it’s own love, is acknowledged and goes something like this..

    “The inward quest opposes the outward search for the great social symbol, gold. (The passionate search for new values which, at any level, promise a more abundant life.) It should lead to a DEPTH REALIZATION of the very roots of consciousness.” *

    7+ Scorpio
    Venus’ (Loves) New Moon position, degree
    * Dane Rudhyer Intrepretation, Sabian Symbol Degrees

  6. Len Wallick Post author

    P. Sophia: I agree with your perception of how a New Moon really can extend its “moment” (so to speak) into the coming weeks. In my experience, how far the extension goes depends on the context. For example, a New Moon at the end of a sign (just before the Sun changes signs) does not extend in the same way as a new Moon at the beginning of a sign (or, to put it another way, right after the Sun has changed signs). There are other factors as well.

    Also (and with sincerity) thank you for sharing your truly perceptive analysis of HOW Venus came through for you. If things don’t go as expected, it’s easy to miss how the unexpected alternative is acquitted by its own advantages. The fact that you grasped what transpired so adroitly is a measure of how evolved you are (and yet another reason for me to be grateful that you find my humble offerings here worthy of the time and effort you put into your comments).

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