Much Ado About Noting: Venus and Mars

Venus will conjoin Mars in the second degree of Aries at 12:13 am EST (05:13 UTC) Sunday. It will be the first of three times Venus and Mars will briefly share the same degree of the same sign this year. For two reasons, one general and one specific, the first Venus-Mars conjunction of 2015 will implicitly be better suited for taking note than for drawing conclusions.


The general reason for noting rather than inferring over the weekend has to do with how Venus and Mars move in relation to each other from our perspective here on Earth. The specific reason to observe now and judge later corresponds with what the Sun and Neptune will be doing in relation to all three of the Venus-Mars mergers this year.

From our perspective here on Earth, it’s difficult to accurately generalize about the motions of Venus and Mars relative to each other. The difficulty has to do with the calendar most of us use.

Our 12-month civil calendar is based on the apparent motion of the Sun. Of course, it’s really Earth that orbits the Sun once a year. For all practical purposes, however, perception is reality. That’s how it usually makes more sense both to keep track of time and to do astrology based on how things look from where you actually are.

Problem is, the apparent motions of Venus and Mars relative to each other do not make sense if the civil calendar is the framework for your perceptions. For example, you might say that Venus and Mars conjoin once every two years or so, and accurately capture their pattern since 2011. But such a convenient generalization breaks down periodically. This year is just such an occasion.

Implicitly then, you should eschew convenient conclusions when Venus and Mars conjoin this weekend. Instead, make note of what transpires and how you feel about it.

Moving further into 2015, endeavor to preserve your notations from this weekend. Save your notes to see how things look from where you actually are when Venus and Mars conjoin again, smack in the middle of Leo during the last day of August (or on Sept. 1, depending on your time zone).

That way, by the time Venus and Mars reach their third merger of the year at 24+ Virgo (late on Nov. 2 in the U.S.), you will have a customized framework of their correlations with your life. As result, you should finally be able to connect some meaningful dots based on your own experience. Doing so should give you a firmer grasp on your own reality as 2015 draws to a close.

As it turns out, there yet is another reason to first note, then corroborate your perceptions as Venus and Mars conjoin. It is a reason specific to this year. For every time Venus and Mars conjoin this year, the Sun and Neptune will be in meaningful aspect to each other.

The Sun represents (among other things) conscious awareness. In other words, being wide awake, engaged, fully present and accountable. Neptune, on the other hand, often corresponds with alternative states of consciousness. That’s how the Sun and Neptune often constitute a tricky mix that bears watching more than showing.

So happens, the Sun (in Pisces since yesterday) will be closing in on a conjunction of its own — with Neptune — when Venus and Mars hook up this weekend. For that reason alone you might want to do as you will, but without the proverbial beer goggles, so as to more astutely note your circumstances going into next week.

By the same token, you may want to anticipate that the Sun will oppose Neptune rather precisely when Venus and Mars perfect their second conjunction of 2015. Finally, you can reasonably plan on having a clearer head for this year’s third coalescence of Venus and Mars by simply knowing that the Sun by that time will have safely separated from the entanglements of a trine with Neptune.

So there you have it. From astrology’s perspective, this weekend should be well worth noting. That’s probably very good, or at least very interesting news. On the whole, however, you may want to subject your notes to tests of time and subsequent correlation before drawing conclusions about (or acting on) what you perceive as reality.

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18 thoughts on “Much Ado About Noting: Venus and Mars

  1. Bette

    There is much here to reflect upon. The Mars/Venus conjunction will occur in my 10th house & will square my nodal axis (N in Cancer/12th, S in Cap/6th). Part of my ongoing efforts to understand the 6th house have led me to the sense that although I have no Virgo planets, my 6th house S.N. in Cap & Sun/Merc. in Sagg. have a certain Virgo “feel” about them. This suggests prudence & diligence & seeking facts. Therefore, I am regarding the Aries-point conj. with caution. Definitely making notes!

    Also, I once dove into what became a nightmare relationship under a Mars/Venus conj. in Cancer, when Pluto was transiting my sun. I still struggle to frame those years as a “learning experience” rather than a plain old BIG mistake. So I regard any conjoining of those two with a raised eyebrow & cautious gaze.

    The Sun/Neptune conj. will occur in my 9th, another house (Uranus- ruled) unoccupied in my natal chart, & one I think merits some homework on my part. Neptune rules my 10th.

    In these tedious, still cold days of late winter, when the quickening energy of spring still feels far away, at least there is early seeding to do, peppers & herbs first, which I’ll keep under my growlight until garden season in May. Planting – & some cleaning – offer useful time to reflect. Thank-you, Len for planting some thought-seeds for us to reflect upon, & see what “comes up.”

  2. Len Wallick Post author

    Bette: Thank you, and right you are about a fundamental correspondence (which is very often authentically resonant) between sixth house and sixth sign. Additional gratitude for your sharing how a precipitous conclusion drawn during a Venus-Mars conjunction ultimately revealed a reality not initially perceived. As you say, a self-teaching moment. Been there, done that myself. Finally, thank you for showing the faith of life itself in how you are already preparing to plant your garden. In my mind’s eye, i can see those peppers and herbs sprouting already.

  3. aWord

    Len, I think that for me part of this is initiating a cease-fire as far as the struggle to maintain some “common” or “normal” perception of reality. Because from at least one perspective, there is none. Reality is to each our own although within the broader scope of society. Isn’t that very Sun/Neptune?
    I’m a blank slate on the Venus/Mars conjunction so close to my BD in time and so close to natal Moon/Eris in the sky (closer still to natal DML at 0Aries and semi-sextile to birth Sun of course).
    Pleasure and action are good when combined, but surely it will take the Sun to define what that’s all about. Fully awake with an altered state of consciousness? Perhaps.

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    aWord: Thank you, and right you are as well regarding differences of perception (and, as a consequence, different realities). No need to fight over which instrument is best. Better to emphasize the integrity and proficiency of the musician. Thank you also for astutely perceiving the creative potential of Neptune, especially as regards to entertaining alternatives. Please remember to share the parallax that prevails for you when Venus and Mars conjoin for the second of three times while the Sun opposes Neptune as August segues into September. Your point of view is always considered valuable here.

  5. aWord

    I’ll keep my eye on things, Len. Especially as that Aug 31 conjunction is a mere 1/36th of a year past my annual solar opposition and venus and mars will have just crossed over my AC (as well as natal Uranus with whom they are currently sharing space in Aries). Half a year can be no time at all.

  6. Bette

    Thanks for the affirmation & encouragement Len. Yes, I love planting time – after sorting my seed collection yesterday, I was carrying the box back to the shelf & was suddenly stuck by what a box of wonder – of future food & beauty – I was carrying. Such a marvellous manifestation of Life, with just a little effort & the blessed sun & rain on good ground.

  7. Bette

    Len, given the 6th house/6th sign correspondence, I might find it useful to explore my (empty Aquarius>Pisces) 9th house from the perspective of Sagittarius/9th sign, might I not? I’ve a feeling that might be helpful – something I’d never considered before. I always knew I was endlessly curious in exploring an evolving collection of pursuits – the perpetual student?!

  8. Len Wallick Post author

    Bette: Yes, what you propose for your 9th house is worth a try. Especially if you can correlate the relationship between Jupiter (traditional ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces) and Saturn (traditional ruler of Aquarius) in your nativity. Also, please note that no house is likely empty on any chart. Serennu allows you to construct a chart with lots of minor planetary objects (TNO’s, Centaurs, asteroids, etc) that will give you some additional insights. Please let me know if you need any step-through on getting your more thorough nativity on the serennu site.

  9. chief niwot's son

    “Venus & Mars are alright tonight…”

    – Sir Paul McCartney & Wings

    They say that the third time is the charm, in my case the 3rd conjunction sits on my Ascendant. A charming event to grace the morning horizon of my reality, I have no doubt the unfoldment you are prognosticating Len will be unmistakable in my life stream. Thanks, as always, for your wise words.

  10. Len Wallick Post author

    Chief Niwot’s Son: Thank you. Then you should know about the (less than 24) hours before Venus and Mars conjoin on your natal ascendant. Mercury enters Scorpio to immediately trine Nessus and sextile Amycus for some serious centaur action. Pholus (at 23+ Sagittarius), will be opposing Psyche (at 23+ Gemini) and both Venus and Mars will be passing through to “cross” the T-square just before they get together at 24+ Virgo. All in the less than 24 hours before that third conjunction of Venus and Mars! i don’t think Sir Paul (or any any of us) have seen anything quite like that. The combination looks complex, but for some reason it does not feel anything but promising at this point for me (thanks to the water and the mutability quotients). i will probably need the next 8+ months to figure it out, if ever. For you, my sense of the matter is some sort of meaningful moment regarding your soul’s aspirations for this life.

    1. chief niwot's son

      Thank you Len. Psyche will be sitting right between my Mercury and Mid-Heaven, which are 2 degrees apart. This all happens at a key juncture in my professional life, right before the final week of a project that has been going for the past 3 years. A meaningful moment indeed!

  11. Bette

    Len, I’m just beginning to work with some of the minor planets etc., besides Chiron, which I’ve been using for some years.

    Funny you should mention the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, since they’re square (with Jupiter conj. Chiron) in my natal chart. That square is probably my biggest ongoing challenge.

    Thanks for the pointers.

  12. Mandy

    Much ado for sure. I endeavored to go where no man(dy) has gone before. Breaking through self limitations feels really, REALLY good.
    Thanks for the signposts, Len.

  13. Len Wallick Post author

    Bette: You are most welcome.

    Mandy: Congratulations on your breakthrough(s). It is an honor to know you consider my offerings here to be of service.

  14. Nicolas Salinas

    So much love coming into my heart lately and now between Friday and Saturday it’s just amazing. I’m an Aries. If I may say so, may you all be filled with love also. Thanks Len, it’s been great to look forward to Tuesday’s and Thursday’s to read what is going on in your special way, not knowing what picture of the sky you’ll choose, maybe hinting, but it’s all so beautiful. It is a wonderful Universe, a wonderful world, specially when some kind of magic touch or grace comes one’s way and it feels so much sweeter and brighter when the road has been long or perhaps because it was so. Thank you Len and all you at PW, may your lives be blessed always.

  15. Leilani Curry

    “On the whole, however, you may want to subject your notes to tests of time and subsequent correlation before drawing conclusions about (or acting on) what you perceive as reality.”

    “Perceive” is the operative word. I had a confrontation with my beautiful man on Friday night, and being a Sag, he rose to the challenge, faced me, and pointed things out to me that really made me see it was my perception that was wrong, but still wanted to be with me, to love me, to sort it all out. I love him even more for that.

    Over the weekend, I realised how much of my mother’s angst I had been carrying. My mother was very unforgiving when my father left us when I was seven. I had been wondering for years where my dissatisfaction with love had come from, and it was on the weekend, that I figured out I was carrying beliefs that were not my own. I am now with a man, that even my mother thinks is amazing, and sometimes you wonder when is the bubble going to burst on this wonderful love affair.

    I learnt that it doesn’t have to burst at all. It can continue to rise higher and higher, as all bubbles do!

    Thank you for the heads up on the other conjunctions throughout the year too. With my Venus in Virgo, the third one will be one to watch out for.


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