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As Eric has mentioned numerous times, planets further removed from the Sun become more astrologically accessible when they are in aspect from planets closer to the Sun. For example, today’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse in late Pisces is making Chiron (also in late Pisces) a more strongly felt factor.


Because of a combination of factors, the same principle will continue to be true this weekend as Venus moves through late Libra. First off, Libra is one of the two signs (along with Taurus) where Venus is considered to be the so-called ‘ruler’.

When a planet is moving through a sign it rules, the qualities of the object in question tend to be more strongly expressed here on Earth. Because human beings have been aware of Venus for a long time, its qualities are many. To begin with, astrologer Robert Hand has succinctly noted how, “In its highest manifestation, Venus is love, the emotion that brings people together without force or compulsion.”

In the context of today’s Pisces Full Moon and lunar eclipse, emotions are likely to be of immediate concern for the near future. Venus moving in late Libra to oppose the Aries conjunction of far-out Uranus and even more ‘out there’ Eris in Aries over the weekend would seem to provide some context in turn — beginning with the aspect itself. Planets in opposition can conceivably imply conflict, but that’s not usually the case. More commonly, astrological oppositions indicate something of a complementary reflection.

Of course, the most familiar and prototypical representation of an opposition is a Full Moon. Full Moons happen when the Sun opposes the Moon from across the sky (which is also to say, from across the zodiac circle), with Earth moving somewhere between the two. Hence, from our perspective a Full Moon reflects the Sun’s light fully, like a great, big mirror.

Lunar eclipses (such as the one today) happen when Earth is moving precisely between the Sun and Moon so as to both throw a shadow on the Moon and also make their prototypical opposition aspect more emphatic.

Venus is now moving to follow the act of a Full Moon and lunar eclipse, symbolically adding still more emphasis. Given that Uranus last met up with Eris in Aries nearly 90 years ago, the implications of Venus in opposition to them would seem to extend today’s Full Moon through time while providing a more specific context.

Among other things, the qualities associated with Uranus tend to be on the revolutionary side. When interviewed for the October/November issue of The Mountain Astrologer, Robert Hand even went so far as to call Uranus a “crazy planet.” Even though Eris was discovered and named only in this century, it would appear to be proving itself rather intense as well — especially as regards to issues of identity.


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When you take into account that any opposition between Aries and Libra has relationship implications, the total picture of the two oppositions (Virgo Sun to Pisces Moon, followed by Venus in Libra opposing both Uranus and Eris in Aries), becomes more focused. In its highest manifestation, the emphasis would seem to include how love can be a revolutionary act that functions to reflect on who you are.

Fortunately, love is not against the law in most earthly jurisdictions. Therefore, both showing and being open to receiving some love this weekend would appear to be a safe and sound way to flow with the astrology. Just remember one thing: what works for you may not work so well for the object of your affections.

By all means, show your love, but in a gentle (even subtle) way — at least until reciprocal signals are reflected back to you. Don’t love anybody into a corner. Love so as to show who you are while simultaneously allowing others the freedom to be who they are. You might be pleasantly surprised by what happens. Similarly, if you are the object of love from another, endeavor to receive it graciously while also practicing self-respect.

When you consider all the other stuff going on in the world (and undoubtedly, in your life), you could do a lot worse than to be brought together with others without force or compulsion this weekend. Who knows, with morning’s echo on Monday, your life could quite conceivably have become a lot better as result.

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