Monday Tarot Reading — Monday, May 18, 2015

Posted by Sarah Taylor

What make you of a Queen, and two Twos? This is the question Sarah asks and explores in this week’s three-card reading. The answer lies at the heart of the Queen herself, and the changes that her presence makes room for in your life.

By Sarah Taylor

What make you of a Queen, and two Twos?

There is something to be said, here, of an aspect of the personality that has been made present sometime in the near past, which is bringing about change on a material level. This includes the materiality (mater-iality) of who you are — and how this transitions into change, and a regaining of equilibrium on the mental plane.


Queen of Wands, Two of Disks, Two of Swords from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig. Click on the image for a larger version.

Where are you in this? Maybe you are still in the throes of the Two of Disks.

That would be more likely: that, right now, you are not sure of where you are, of what is happening, and of where things stand. What you can know is that things will not be the same again. You, and your life, are changing in some tangible way.

The catalyst lies at the left: the emotional, watery nature of fire. She is Leo in her most queenly form. A witch in her most potent form — and when you look at her, you are looking into the mirror. In a key way, you are her, and she is you. I wonder what would happen if you were to look at the card and strike the same pose? Finger resting on your chin, coolly regarding yourself with inner fire, lips closed. But if they were to open, what would you say to yourself?

“Do you know yourself?”

Perhaps you do. Perhaps you don’t. Perhaps you think you know. What feels true when the Queen of Wands appears next to the Two of Disks is that there is a part of you that is becoming known to you, and it has the potential to rock your world. The word “change” doesn’t appear on both the Queen of Wands and the Two of Disks for nothing. No. There is a reason for this change; the fire has come through to shake things up a little — or a lot. Your creativity, your passion, your ecstasy, are calling you out.

This call is not heartless, however, because the Queen of Wands is not without heart. Her gaze may be implacable, but her exposed left breast indicates that her feelings are right there for the world to see. She is utterly unafraid to live her vulnerability along with her fire, her motherliness along with the lioness. Her Mama Lion roars are an activating force — maybe out of direct ear-shot, but they are reverberating nonetheless.

Do you know yourself? What would change if your existence were a lived-out declaration of what beats at the heart of you? Because those flames are licking right through you, baby. Can you feel them? You are them, and they are you. Can you ride the heat without losing your cool? Can you be your inner fire-keeper?

I think you can. And the reason for this is held in the relationship between all three cards, and particularly both Twos.

While red predominates with the Queen, my eye is also drawn to the spatters of green on the lower half of the card — spatters that continue onto her headdress and morph into two green ribbons that hold between them a key. This key is pointing to the Two of Disks, as if it unlocks something that sets the two Disks into motion.

In the Two of Disks, the red of the Queen is still apparent in the mauve sky behind the lower Disk. Her quality is acting behind the scenes, shifting and drawing three near-metallic arrows out of the clouds on the horizon, which then become the agents of change. They direct and hold the Disks — two magnetic, hematite spheres — in a new paradigm of relatedness.

The arrows, like the key, point to the next card as if leading my eye to a third metallic element: two swords lying horizontally, hilt-to-point. The invocation of the fiery feminine was what was needed in order to redress an imbalance and open the skies up to new possibilities.

The Two of Swords — Peace — is another card that speaks of transition: the creation of a through-point that clears the skies enough that you can journey to new land. And it looks like the journey itself could be one beautiful adventure, if you are open to moving in a way that you may not be used to, open to living with a lot more (head) space than you may be used to.

First: change. It’s the change that gets you to the space. With that space, you can choose to leave an element of your life behind that in some way has felt stuck or barren. You don’t need to be there anymore. The through-point beckons. Adventure — your passion, your heart — is calling.

Astrology/Elemental correspondences: Queen of Wands (the watery aspect of fire / Leo), Two of Disks (Jupiter in Capricorn), Two of Swords (Moon in Libra)

If you want to experiment with tarot cards and don’t have any, we provide a free tarot spread generator using the Celtic Wings spread, which is based on the traditional Celtic Cross spread. This article explains how to use the spread.

32 thoughts on “Monday Tarot Reading — Monday, May 18, 2015

  1. Fay

    Thank you for another truly beautiful reading. If I didn’t understand that the Universe gives us what we need when we need it, I would be a bit afraid of your astute perceptions. But as it is, I am indeed pleased to be in the midst of and looking forward to — the quite magical adventure.

  2. Cowboyiam

    “Do you know yourself?” Perhaps you do. Perhaps you don’t. What would change if your existence were a lived-out declaration of what beats at the heart of you? Because those flames are licking right through you, baby. Can you feel them? You are them, and they are you. Can you ride the heat without losing your cool? Can you be your inner fire-keeper?

    That seems to be a very honest question for me right now. I think I know myself but have still yet not accepted all of me. My desire to please people is yet a thorn I struggle with, not to the degree of my past but still with some reluctance.

    I am ready for the change that must be. I wont survive if I don’t – but today not sure how to. Eyes wide open. Hope. Love.

    1. LizzyLizzy

      Hang on in there, dear Cowboyiam! Open up to your struggle and let it be, if you can – cos on the deepest level of existence we are already accepted for who we are – but our minds keep telling us that we’re not. (and as you can see form my comment – am struggling with this one myself)!

      1. Cowboyiam

        Thank you Lizzy, Encouragement so soothing at times.

        But yes the process is challenging and hard at times. I love knowing that (whatever the acronym given for God) that design adores us. Each one. We are perfect in IT’s eyes. The creator adores it’s creations. And I have seen and felt that reality in my experience. Old programing is yet holding on, but not so much as before.

        1. Pisces SunPisces Sun

          Sometimes we just need to be, that is, be still to fall into a different reality. If we are doers and resist the “be” aspect of ourselves, I know I do, than the fire inside of us has to focus on igniting a flame towards learning how to only “be” still so that we can become. By doing so, it is without judgment. We judge ourselves harder than others, we do so consciously and unconsciously but we always do so, until we learn to “be still” in our minds so that we can fall into that different reality.
          I am like you cowboyiam, always pleasing others, doing for others (and to some extent I must, given my responsibilities) but becoming who you are is part of your life’s journey and your interaction with others is your journey too. It’s a matter of perspective and acceptance.
          I hear ya on old programming. The beauty is that we are designed to renew ourselves, cells renew each day, brain syntaxes are charged new each day, we never stop learning, and we never stop knowing. And yes, we are Perfect in the eyes of the creator because we, too, are creators.
          From one soul to another, I’m feelin’ ya!

          1. Cowboyiam

            Thanks Pisces Sun, I appreciate and agree with your words. Very enlightening thoughts.

            I want to add one twist though – where it comes to my people pleasing issue. I deeply desire to be pleasing but I rebel against that erg so my issue is internalized. But all my life I have been unable to be what others seemed to want me to be. Or was it just my concept of what they wanted?

            At least where I am now understands that I am the person I am still trying to please. When I accept me I do better. Other peoples opinions of me are just my own inner critic in the mirror.

            I am trying to allow my self love to blossom. Still working on my awareness in that regard. And some things about me are just unfixable, with no logical explanation to give myself. But even so I know I am adorable. Just comes down to what I look for. Its been a struggle lately. But this too shall pass. :)

    2. Sarah TaylorSarah Taylor Post author

      “I think I know myself but have still yet not accepted all of me.”

      I think this is ongoing work, cowboyiam. It is for me at any rate, and some times are tougher than others. The tough times have helped me to know from experience that things move, things pass, new things come in.

      1. Cowboyiam

        Sarah here is a thought I have been pondering and would appreciate your feedback:

        Do I – think myself into great places – and then – into hard places? Like the law of attraction. Or is this cyclical nature some how a gift allowing for us to perceive the imperceptible? Which leads back to the law of attraction but maybe with a twist. Maybe we cant control what we cant know. Maybe it comes down to the Law of Acceptance – and we have to just let go.

        1. Pisces SunPisces Sun

          I will jump in but I know you have this for Sarah and appreciate her thoughts here too, as well as others cowboyiam but I take a lot of clues from a great teacher, Gary Zukav. What is your strongest thought? Whatever it is is really what you are attracting, he calls it a springing action. So for example, perhaps you are drawing something to you but you really don’t think you are worthy of it, that’s been my experience, then voila’ a hard spot, but it’s also about my need to work through my own continuous cycle of karma until I realize that I am repeating a pattern here!

          1. Cowboyiam

            Pisces Sun – Ditto. (So for example, perhaps you are drawing something to you but you really don’t think you are worthy of it, that’s been my experience)
            That is really a deep seated and debilitating belief that lurks in the background noise of my mind. Sometime more and sometimes less – but even during times where it has went silent and my confidence has risen to extreme heights – it still lurks below the surface waiting for its opportunity to jump back out like – Gottcha!

            To that extent it really does feel like a demon with a mind of its own, designed to destroy my hopes and dreams.
            One discovery I have made that helps me is that these thought patterns will always be there. They exist in specific frequencies.

            Every time I am confronted with them and I challenge them from that felt place – I will loose the battle because all of the evidence to prove my unworthiness is there and my desire to see my beauty is diminished – so I cant access the felt reality of my beauty – I run out of ammunition and feel beaten.

            I am beginning to realize I cant win fighting them there. I have to be in a higher place to be able to see them for the what they are.

            From a couple of layers up on my emotional scale my beauty is in felt abundance while the demons from below look small and toothless. I think it all comes down to keeping some emotional space and working on this issue from a safe place. But I think I have to accept that part of myself with gentleness and almost like my five year old self. The garbage is deeply imprinted – a wound that can be treated but may never heal.

        2. Sarah TaylorSarah Taylor Post author

          Cowboyiam – The short answer is “I don’t know.” The longer answer is more along the lines of your second thought about what’s happening.

          I think the Law of Attraction is generally a bypass for the reality of what we deal with. I used to love it; and it served me very little. What has served me is to try to be present with what is. It’s harder – much harder – at times, and it has also led me in directions I would never have taken otherwise, and while life has been difficult, it has also been joyous, and I would not choose it any other way.

          What I know for sure is that the unconscious is more powerful than the conscious, and it plans and strategises and reacts in ways that do not follow the paths that we try to wish or hope into existence. I bow to it every time. And when I do not, I end up bowing anyway. And that is something I have never regretted.

          1. pam

            Also the unconscious can throw curved balls of those elements you aren’t aware of and need to be – shadow material of all sorts. Turning and facing, being present, engaging with (my)self (and others).

          2. Cowboyiam

            Sarah it seems we are on the same wavelength of this journey. Law of Attraction has limitations. By consciously trying to choose our path we move generally toward things but our subconscious has issues that have to be worked out. It seems to me also that working on my thoughts has a lot to do with learning acceptance of what is. As long as I am holding faith about the journey I work through issues more easily, and often I do find jewels along the way that verify my path.
            But I think the idea of conscious control through stringent determined focus is a frustration that can discourage us.
            I think we have something important to do kind of written into soul and really we won’t consciously know until we are prepared for it.

            Get better at hearing the quiet inner voice. My highs and lows drown it out but then from the middle of the cycle it has my attention and I find myself. I hope this is teaching me to hold that subtle focus in all situations. Difficult part of Jedi training.

          3. pam

            cowboyiam – may be soul level, but equally just not seeing clearly or actually enough – a laughable example would be a friend who this morning said if he would be gay it would be with so and so and how gifted a guy he is and polished and handsome. And I said involuntarily: but he hits women! And my friend didn’t believe it so he googled it and found an interview where the guy says in this and this circumstance he thinks it is ok to hit women.

            My friend said wonderingly, I can’t imagine a circumstance where I would hit a woman.

            (i was sorry)

            No no he said better to be clear about it

            ?Just something outside his experience and then he added what he knew of others’ qualities and added the extra qualities of this guy that he admired.

  3. LizzyLizzy

    Wow. Knew that once again, your reading would deeply touch the place where I am right now, dear Sarah. The present cosmic climate has taken my breath away – and I find that the only way to handle it is to give into it (as much as I can). But your words give me hope and a much needed energy boost. many many thanks.

    1. Sarah TaylorSarah Taylor Post author

      I hope the reading is practical enough to be helpful, Lizzy. It’s always my aim to work with the cards to bring that forward while still keeping with the integrity of their message … though it seems to me that the cards are always very practical with or without my input :)

  4. RobinRobin

    Thank you, Sarah. I always enjoy your readings. This one especially powerful for me right now. I get what I need when I’m ready to hear it and embrace it. Got so much from this one. Thank you again. Blessings, Robin

  5. Stephanie Morris

    My world seems to have collapsed around me… a true Tower moment if I’ve ever felt one. The reading above made me feel a sense of empowerment that I desperately need right now. I’m going to read it over and over a few times to really allow it to sink in. Yet, it helps me know for certain that CHANGE was needed and that all is as it is meant to be. Thank you so much.

  6. Sarah TaylorSarah Taylor Post author

    I try to walk the walk as much as I can, William. It’s my life’s work, and I often find myself wanting to judge myself for falling far short of the mark … and then I remind myself that a huge part of that life’s work is to love myself through it all.

    This particular climate is proving to be a doozy, and I’m definitely not one of the unaffected.

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