Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 22, 2016

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


If you’re the kind of Virgo who often feels trapped in a world of imperfection, where everything needs to be improved, you can take a rest from all that. Stretch into this moment. Feel how it feels to be complete in yourself. I say this knowing that you may be facing what seem like intense emotional challenges. Yet you are larger than these issues, and remembering that is the most significant step toward resolving them.


Aries (March 20-April 19) — With the Sun moving into Virgo this week, you will now have the energy to accomplish some of the many goals on your list. I suggest, however, that you begin with what is the most difficult, which is likely to be the one you’re the most passionate about. It would be easy to get lost in many side-tasks and alternate projects, and lose sight of the thing you want to accomplish the very most. What could deter you is the feeling that it’s not possible. Let that thought go. Anything is possible; there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. Yet you will need to focus your energy, and very likely neglect what seem like potentially relevant tasks. Even so, nothing is more meaningful than the one thing you know it’s time to do — and you’re finally in a position to do it. You might notice that when you gather your mind, your intentions and your energy, and stay at it, accomplishing this particular goal will be far easier than you imagined.


Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Current aspects are the perfect fertile ground for growing your blend of intellect, creativity and passion. The Sun is about to join many other planets in the most alive and dynamic angle of your chart, fellow Earth sign Virgo. You are about to figure out that you have everything you need to create anything you want. I know that’s a big statement; it’s tempered by your tendency to think on a small scale rather than a wider and deeper one. You might consider going up one or two orders of magnitude on your plans. Whatever you happen to be working on, ask yourself how this would look and feel were there a larger audience and more elaborate stage. What is the right scale on which to do the things you’re doing? One thing you may have to step over is the sense of limitation imposed by someone close to you, who is not accustomed to thinking in terms of the greatest potential. No offense to anyone, but you’re the one who actually grasps what is possible.


Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Let others lead the way, at least for themselves; they know best, or they think they do. If you stand back a few paces, you’ll succeed in doing two things: allowing close partners or loved ones to make their own decisions, and having some perspective so that you see where you fit in (or don’t). What I suggest you not do is intervene, or try to alter anyone’s trajectory — even if you don’t think they’re doing the right thing. You might be right; or alternately, they might know something you don’t know. There is plenty going on in your life that’s calling for your attention. You seem to be preparing for some emergence into a new phase of your talent. Stick to that. Take care of yourself. Leave the people close to you space to deal with their stuff, and give things a solid week or more to settle down and sort themselves out. You’ll save a lot of needless bother.


Cancer (June 21-July 22) — It can take a long time and a lot of thankless work to reach the point of a breakthrough. You’re at that spot right now, and I suggest you proceed with persistence rather than with pressure or force. Gently guide the flow of energy, relying on the considerable momentum that you’ve accumulated. When you encounter resistance, use water rather than fire: that is, slow, gentle, rhythmic pressure rather than a siege or flare-up. The most valuable information you can have at any time is where you are in that moment, and what direction you’re headed. Resist or let go of any notion of planning the future and stick to right now. I don’t mean to get too Zen or New Agey on you, but that’s what your solar chart is suggesting: focus on the task at hand, and focus on doing it well. Tap into your abundant intelligence and think through every problem or puzzle at least three different ways. You will find out all you need to know.


Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You have abundant resources to work with. Therefore you can go light on your own money and toil. Pause and take an inventory of what’s available. I assure you that anything you need, you or someone close to you already has. Proceed in the spirit of service without necessarily using that word. State clearly what you want to get done and by when. Remember that any project you’re involved with will have in equal measure creative potential, the ability to support others, and a visionary touch to it. You may be feeling that the time is now, though you don’t need to proceed with urgency or a sense of pressure. You’re fully connected to the best possible outcome, though you may need to work your way through some turbulence to get there. This is why I’m suggesting that you conserve your energy and use what you have wisely. Make a goal of never getting stressed. When in doubt, get out your sketchpad and draw something, or put on some music and dance around the room for a few minutes.

Planet Waves
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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — If you’re the kind of Virgo who often feels trapped in a world of imperfection, where everything needs to be improved, you can take a rest from all that. Stretch into this moment. Feel how it feels to be complete in yourself. I say this knowing that you may be facing what seem like intense emotional challenges. Yet you are larger than these issues, and remembering that is the most significant step toward resolving them. You seem determined to clear out your emotional body and no longer be a slave to the past, or to your family, or to your need for security. That takes some rebelling. The way out of your need for security is just that: to no longer need false reassurance, or father figures of any kind to lean on and ultimately deprive yourself of your independence. You have everything you need right now, though the only way to confirm that is to actually use your resources.


Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — For Libra, this is International Get Along With Your Neighbors Week. By that I mean your literal neighbors and housemates, and your sibs and cousins in all their forms, genetically real and metaphorical. There’s tension in this angle of your chart right now, and you’re the one who has the power to guide things to a higher plane of reality. You don’t need drama, and you know that nobody else does, either. You cannot control others, and you have only limited influence over them. What you can do is respond with kindness and concern, which is the missing piece in the world right now. Yet where care and gestures of love exist, it’s best to proceed without attachment. You won’t always get a positive response, though it will help if you continue to respond positively, or just step back until the dust settles. In a sense, what you’re learning is your independence; love must stand on its own, rather than get mired in need and complexity. This is considered impossible for most people, though not for you.


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You have a knack for holding the pieces together. Heck, you may be the one person on the planet who is capable of herding cats. Your first order of business is literally business: take care of money, keep the flow going, and allocate precious resources carefully. Make every decision count. You seem determined to work through one particular choke point to your cash flow. If astrology means anything, it looks like this: you have a lot of energy tied up in something that’s not easy to access or to put to use. In a sense you are blocking yourself. What you’re now trying to do is unravel that interference. You may be inclined to do so violently. What I suggest you do, rather than taking a hammer to anything, is to get out your magnifying glass and look closely at the details. There is some deception involved. It may be that you’re not leveling with yourself, or that someone is trying to get one over on you. Be open-minded. Figure this out and you will take many steps ahead.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You’re about to experience a personal breakthrough that will, at first, take you by surprise. Then it will seem like you knew exactly what was about to happen, and knew how to respond and what you were going to do with the sense of release you knew you would feel. Take hold of the moment of mystery while it lasts, while the developments still hold their full potential. Stop and consider what you want to do with such a rare moment of transformation. You are setting something within yourself free. That something has a life of its own, which is your life, and you want to express yourself. Yet you no longer have any use for holding any aspect of yourself down. That seems to be the larger message of these events. Hang loose, relax and let the energy flow through you. If you have questions, take your sweet time answering them.


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — If you can rise above your fear, you can do anything you want, and there is plenty that you want to do. I would remind you, though, that to most people, freedom ranges from scary to terrifying. Who would have thunk it? Yet humans invest vast amounts of energy in retreating from their potential rather than exploring it curiously and courageously. I suggest you go right in the direction of what makes you nervous, or gives you butterflies or goose bumps. Those things contain the experiences you seek. The fear is merely what you experience when the first blush of energy rises, though it’s partly about an ingrained habit. Face it: you see far more potential in yourself and to life than your parents did. You are willing to take greater risks for a greater reward. That is progress, if anything is.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Muster all your personal resources for the task at hand: your skills, your inventiveness, your bullshit-sniffer and your ability to get people cooperating. You’re in that moment when an ideal or fantasy is about to become a reality. There’s always a transformation involved; what you imagine rarely feels like what actually manifests. Yet it will help if you stick close to your core intent, which is to shake up belief in something that’s no longer working. This will require you to do that inside yourself, which in turn will open up the potential for something that gets the result that you want. Just remember, it’s unlikely to happen the way you were planning. Therefore, let go of your plan the moment you need to. Rather than adapt to the new conditions, create something you were not planning. A little turbulence and chaos will go a long way toward creativity and adventure.


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — You know where you stand with yourself. Don’t forget. You know what you want to accomplish. Remember that every day, from hour to hour. The only way anyone can fool you is if you deceive yourself; therefore, be clear and real about your intentions and do not hesitate or doubt yourself. This is a moment that requires leadership — and in your life, you’re the one who’s going to provide that. No matter who may be involved, or how many people may be involved, the central organizing principle of your existence is your ability to keep your focus. This is a gentle process. People can feel the intensity and drive that you’re carrying now. Pay attention to who notices; observe who intuitively is drawn to what you’re doing and the way you’re doing it. Develop collaborations with those to whom you need to explain the least: those who already feel the rhythm and follow the melody.

16 thoughts on “Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 22, 2016

  1. LizzyLizzy

    Ah – bless you sweet dear Amy! Your lovely hugs have set me up for the day (and more..). Just got back from week with family in UK – we scattered my mum’s ashes in the garden during beautiful celebration of her and her life. Always hard leaving the UK and family these days – and many thoughts about going back. But am feeling much more serene now. Thanks again, sweetheart. (((())))

  2. Virgo Earth MonkeyVirgo Earth Monkey

    My Sun (Virgo) and Ascendant (Sag) reading for this week is spot on about where I am at present. Thanks for the reinforcement that it is ok to let go; it’s an ongoing life lesson that authenticity is never ending and “security” is a false friend.

  3. LizzyLizzy

    Bless you sweetheart! I’m fine (stirred but not shaken) – but wish I could say the same for the many who have been hit, about 100 km north of Rome. It’s too soon to know the extent of the damage, but it seems that there are many deaths, and much of a village has been destroyed, inter alia. it’s the usual scandal around those parts – which are earthquake zones, but the funds provided for building proper earthquake resistant housing always ‘disappear’. Must say that it was one of the scariest epsiodes of the kind that I’ve experienced – was woken at 3 40 am with the building violently shaking for about 30 secs, and things falling off shelves – some of my neighbours fled the building – but I knew from experience that it was some poor buggers elsewhere who were really getting it. Thanks for your concern, dear Geoff. xxx

  4. Geoff Marsh

    Sorry to read of the many casualties but pleased to know that you are safe and well. Many thanks, Lizzy. My sincere condolences to those affected by this tragedy.

    There’s certainly little doubt that a modern country such as Italy could protect its citizens from the worst effects of these disasters by using the latest construction technology. Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius would be a good time to initiate more stringent building regulations to future-proof against these calamities, so that corruption can have no part in the planning process.

  5. Geoff Marsh

    I was reminded of the Aquila tragedy while reading of this quake. Aquila is the Eagle, one of the alternative symbols for Scorpio. Mars has just left Scorpio so perhaps this was a message from that previous disaster that it’s about time humans got their act together and worked for the betterment of their fellows instead of operating perpetually from greed. The European Court should shine a light on the nefarious doings of those responsible for the diversion of funds.

    1. Geoff Marsh

      All the more reason to shine that light, Lizzy. Nothing’s gonna change until we do. Best time to strike? The day after Twelfth Night next year when the villains are sated from their ill-gotten gains and the Sun is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Justice for the 247 (and rising).

  6. LizzyLizzy

    Significantly, the Umbrian town of Norcia, which was also hit by the quake, was not badly affected. Why? Because after a devastating earthquake some years ago (can’t remember the year) they built earthquake resistant buildings. As they were saying in an in-depth news report yesterday, it’s only after a serious earthquake and heavy loss of lives that necessary action is taken (but not always). This is the real tragedy. Hugs to you too, dear gumbybug.

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