Astrology of the Millennials Reading

Dear All-Access Pass Member:

Welcome to your Millennials Reading — the first in our series of Generations Readings.

Below are the audio files. All segments of the reading are also available through the links to listen via iPhone or iPad and the downloadable versions just above each of the players. Soon we’ll announce the date of the Talk to Me session, though I would like to get the discussion about this work going first. Please share it with young people in your life. To facilitate that we are leaving the password off of this version of the recordings.

Part One | Overview of Astrology, 1981-2001
Apple mobile device | Zip archive

Part Two | The Impact of the Digital Revolution
Apple mobile device | Zip archive

Part Three | Sex is Not Porn. Porn is Not Sex.
Apple mobile device | Zip archive

Part Four | Career, Education, Vocation and Debt: Digital Retrieves Medieval
Apple mobile device | Zip archive

Thanks for supporting Planet Waves, and please share these readings with the young adults and teens in your life.


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