Astrology for Artists | The Art of Living – By Eric Francis


Astrology for Artists | The Art of Living
Dedicated with love to Brian Eno

Audio Presentations

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The Heart of the Matter | Apple mobile device | Zip archive

The Signs of the Wheel

The signs are presented in the order given in the Thema Mundi, the oldest known astrological document. This chart begins with Cancer in the ascendant, and describes the sign Cancer (and the Moon’s) resonance with the 1st house. For more about the houses, what I consider the most relevant topic in all of astrology, you may visit this resource. It contains an audio presentation and a few written ones as well.

Cancer | Apple mobile device | Zip archive

Leo | Apple mobile device | Zip archive

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Libra | Apple mobile device | Zip archive

Scorpio | Apple mobile device | Zip archive

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10 thoughts on “Astrology for Artists | The Art of Living – By Eric Francis

  1. Carolynkc

    Hello Eric,

    I was ready to bite someone’s head off…and I live alone with, Sam, my 13 yr old Golden Retriever. The guilt would have been horrendous. Tantamount to elder abuse.

    By “Chance” I started to listen to the Libra recording suggesting I get myself to an art exhibition. So I got off my rear end and went to a local one. The minute I walked in the hall, the mood lifted. The art wasn’t really to my taste, but I always find bits to really look at. There was this red maple tree done in thick acrylic, I guess. Fascinating…nothing to live with or even like, but fascinating.

    So once again, one of your readings has been of great benefit to me.

    Thank you, kindly,

    Carolyn k Cornish

  2. karliecole

    Orienting these readings on the Thema Mundi …. total brilliance! Illuminates so much! Just think, instead of getting 2 people 61 days in – we get the coming together at the fullness of the circle of Gemini in the 12th house – the house between the worlds where conception – of people and ideas happens. I’ll be exploring this orientation for some time. The wheel and much of astrology has just become conceivable to me in ways I could never wrapped my mind around with the Aries orientation. We don’t start with war! Sure that happens – later but we start with caring for each other! The Aries centric focus seems a false layer added.

  3. rohini

    Hyperventilating in frenzied eagerness
    sucking , gasping the purified air
    Rushing at me in penetrating waves
    Widening the opened gateway
    to the treasure chest of resourceful me.

    Spying the wealth I was told I could not have
    Mummified and frozen for a later date
    Burdened with conceptual fear
    of a sorrow I was doomed to carry

    Invest, invest, invest in myself
    Blow open the door and go within
    Take the risk for there is nothing left
    And no path back to what was contained

    It is time to birth that child
    Push, contract, expand, let go
    Pregnant no more, the waters broken
    The labor destined, the pain a pleasure

    Move, move, move,
    Reach out and drawn within
    Re-connect to the beginning of time
    Nurture her, play to her, become her
    Unearth the dance of togetherness
    And partake to joyfully share in the creation
    The treasured essence for our Beingness

  4. char mcghee

    Eric….,Namaste, my heart is breaking …right now , Our paradise is going up in flames here in Twisp wa.
    Thank you for my scorpio reading will read pisces next, You stayed with service first, pleasure second profits last….for a $1.00 wow. Living with the unknown is difficult,,,now cant see the mountains, for some one who Lives their ART, and the zen of being in the moment …got a lot of healing(Reiki) to do…thank Eric for your love and light, Warmly char

  5. robcorreia

    Thank you so much for opening up for the “pay what you can” readings. It was wonderful listening to my rising sign reading (Libra) and, as always, you were spot on! I am looking forward to the Uranus-Eris conjunction.
    May your generosity return ten fold to you through the Law of Attraction! Namasté!

    1. Elizabeth

      Astrology for artists

      I don’t know how Eric does it, but yet again he’s produced readings that speak to me in a very specific, pertinent way about my innermost feelings and current state of mind and development, whilst simultaneously positioning my personal quest and questions in the broader context of the times we live in, the ‘bigger picture’, if you like.

      How can his readings, written for the many, be so uncannily true for me? He somehow puts into the perfect words my unexpressed but very much felt awareness that my life purpose is not something separate from who I essentially am, but integral, essential – I and my creativity are (ideally) one seamless expression.

      Because he’s so accurate, so spot on in his portrayal of my life right now, I know I can trust and be inspired by the guidance, the tools for living and growing he also offers as part of the reading – I see my life, and my available resources, with greater clarity; I see how I might move forward, be bolder about my choices, experiment more, develop bigger ideas, manifest and embody the best, the creative aspect of myself…

      He’s an exceptional astrologer, and I have experienced real, tangible benefits from the mid-year readings – I’m not ‘there’ yet, but the fact that I’m even on the journey is very much thanks to Eric’s skill and intuition: timely, specific, mind-expanding analysis and advice.

      A great gift for a friend or partner, or a great gift to oneself, the Astrology for Artists readings are, like all the readings on this site, incredible value for money – there’s a wealth of soul nourishment and life-enriching sustenance here that you simply can’t and won’t get anywhere else.

      And now, the new ‘read before you pay’ invitation is such a generous, big-hearted offer I just want to say ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’, you are leading by example, as always.

  6. Sus'n

    ALL good occurs in right-perfect timing — and, in PERFECT timing for this older’n dirt Pisces (with Sag rising), these reset me AS my kinky system reset from overextending doing Y’Art* (Yard Art)!

    Long story — to nutshell it, not all “weeds” are. Not all “trash” is — protecting native buffalo grass left a tiny patch to grow-vs-mow. Protecting milkweeds for Monarch butterfly larvae/caterpillars I’ve also left native wildflowers for pollinators — put “public nuisance” letters in my POB, Aug 19.

    I had 10-days to “abate” what some saw as “weeds and trash” or Town would send crews at my cost — at/near noon on Aug 24, I saw the cop who’d signed those. Listening, he “got” what I was doing as Y’Art — incl optimizing organics to curve natural barriers to encircle protected environs.

    To visibly “abate” the two sites they’d incl photos of, I’d carefully spared tiny newbies of what I’d been shown by a bicycling passerby is cato — he’d been astonished seeing it, said, “It’s precious!”

    As he rode south (with a bundle of cato in his basket), I’d find it, its uses, on a U of NM website. It is “precious” and hearing him say, “I’ve never seen it this far east,” compounded its value, esp for me. Drying it — sipping cato tea while “earthing” in sweltering heat — reset my hydration systems.

    He’d first stopped early June 23 — early June 24 he’d stop with a folder of mule-train pics/articles. I’d gone onto porch at his knock, heard him reel on to, “It must have been your dad with my dad when that train hit their crew’s truck…” I’d calmly replied, “Fifty-three years ago today…” No, he’d not known. At 14 he’d been with one who’d not learned to drive yet had him, his siblings (he was first of six) to raise — her youngest had Downs Syndrome, was diabetic — next youngest was also diabetic and he (cato-guy) had polio in 1949-50… I’d not known of his existence until Cato Event.

    Cop who’d signed my notices knew whom I meant; he’d checked-him-out, had met/interacted as he’d made repairs on his wagon-train after being rear-ended by one texting-while-driving. Being on a narrow strip of farm-road asphalt spared many its mess local crews took awhile to clean up.

    One paramedic/EMT heard cato-guy’s back-story, knew how/what/where to have wagon-train for its repairs as yes, it was EMT’s grandmother who’d driven to notify family of freight-train “event.” After seeing cato on my corner’s curve, he shared some of what I’d given him with EMT’s mom as is how he knew to share his back-story with me — nor had those realized it was 53 yrs to-the-day.

    While sitting on porch steps, EMT’s mom pulled over, got out to relay “farewell, safe travels” gifts from her late-90s mom — that’s when they’d know of his right-perfect timing to recognize cato so I’d know its history, its medicinal uses. She’d been going to do Story Hour at public library so had known he might be here, she’d circled to see before he left for his next stop. He was heading out to en-joy his time left on this planet, in the Enchanted Circle, where he told me he’d prefer to RIP.

    Having told Cop what’s really-going-on (on seeing his truck in a store’s lot yes’day) he’ll watch my back as I spare plants to grow-vs-mow. He’d also read an Aug 18 article on pollinators, Monarchs and milkweed, etc. He now knows “earthing” helps reset EMFs — knows Y’Art* is organic barriers to deflect strays (incl intrusive trespassers) as will soon host vines and be flanked by wild edibles, medicinal herbals, native wildflowers — as they protect native buffalo grass to re-seed its spread.

    Kermit the Frog’s, “It ain’t easy bein’ green…” reels as this granny-gear Hermit crawls on all fours, “earthing” while mulling, culling what to grow-vs-mow… A few tugs too many kinked vertebrae as lulled into reset-mode… In perfect timing for Astrology for Artists (Pisces, Cancer, Sagittarius and Virgo) to affirm what I’ve been experiencing — revealing potential adventures I’ve yet to explore…

  7. Rebecca

    Just listened to Capricorn, my Sun sign, and am blown away. Eric, I am amazed how you zeroed right in on the very point of my inner/outer struggle that has been on the edges of awareness. At age 74, retired 4 years, rekindling my painting skills during last 2 years and then stopped. You described the challenges (perfection & control) and the solution perfectly to dive into my own alchemical state. I must go forward, explore, the ideas flow, the materials are waiting, Art (paint, glass, clay) is the next way of self evolution. Thanking you with much love, Rebecca

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