Messenger, Not Passenger: Mercury Ingress Sagittarius

Mercury enters tropical Sagittarius in direct motion at 9:26 pm EST tonight (02:26 UT tomorrow) as a messenger, not as a passenger. Planets move through signs, and in doing so bring their archetypal messages to express through a given sign’s ‘nature’ (or ‘signature’, if you will) as an example of change manifesting in your life.


Perhaps you should take the occasion to at least think about emulating Mercury by your example. After all, you are here, and existence is so much more meaningful with a purpose.

One question rational discourse cannot resolve is whether you came here with a purpose that preceded your existence, or whether purpose is something you bring to being here. Nonetheless, it makes sense to assume nothing you can’t readily prove. Centuries ago a fellow named Rene Descartes covered the first base for you with a premise never disproved: “I think, therefore I am.”

Even so, it’s often the path of least resistance to ride along as a passenger with how others think. It requires conscious effort to get off the bus upon occasion, actually making it your purpose to convey yourself. Mercury’s ingress to Sagittarius tonight is just such an occasion. 

Among versatile Mercury’s many roles in astrology (beyond its mythic image as a messenger) is a representation of how you think. Accordingly, astrology posits that Mercury changing signs indicates some sort of corresponding change of mind is in order.

You don’t need any astrologer to tell you the nature of your thoughts since Mercury re-entered Scorpio (following its last retrograde of 2014) on Nov. 8. However, it would be implicitly helpful if you were to demonstrate a capacity to get off the Scorpio thought-bus and be open to changing how you think with Mercury’s ingress to Sagittarius tonight.

It would also be explicitly helpful if your being open-minded were to serve as an example for others to emulate after Mercury’s implied shift of expression upon entering Sagittarius.

Since most of us cannot assume to read your mind, being an example means being a messenger and expressing yourself as somebody who is open to how others think, somebody who is simply willing to change.

Simply being open to changing your mind may not seem like an exceptional message, but it is. It’s emblematic of what Mercury is doing tonight, and Mercury is profound company to keep.

Indeed (as well as in word), when you consider some of the human company you might be keeping today, a lot of what you see and hear is likely to be from those who have made up their mind.

By simply being open to how others think, you will be the exception among those who have made it their purpose merely to take exception. At the end of the day, it is only by setting such a simple yet profound example that anything or anybody is likely to change.

And change, once started, tends to acquire a momentum as others join in. So, unless you think the world is fine the way it is right now, please consider to what extent you are a passenger in it all. What purpose you might serve by simply moving out of a previous signature and into another, like Mercury the messenger?

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15 thoughts on “Messenger, Not Passenger: Mercury Ingress Sagittarius

  1. Barbara Koehler

    Is that a trick question Len? You know, did you come here with a purpose that preceded your existence or is purpose something you bring to being here? Hmmm, can or can’t it be both? In hindsight I would say my earliest years were spent learning to be what didn’t come naturally, so if I had a purpose it was soon relegated to exploring the world through books I had access to. My mom and dad both had Air Suns so did not discourage the privacy of reading, but other outlets discouraged any meaningful purpose. My mom called it willfulness as I remember, so I was molded into a relatively proper young lady.. . . with no real purpose. I more or less followed the path laid out for me.

    But then I got old(er) and eventually, discovered purpose. Now whether it was in existence all along and I just happened onto it, or whether it ripened inside me like a hot-house tomato over the years would be speculating, but I just know I’m happier believing I’ve got purpose instead of always trying to get happy by being proper. It has its place mind you, but can suck up all the oxygen without purpose.

    I know Mercury loves variety and changing his nature through changing signs keeps his energy fresh and even youthful, don’t you think? With no major planets now in his signs of Gemini and Virgo to keep track of he can devote all his time to philosophical questions that Sagittarius loves to contemplate. As the trickster, Mercury will always have 2 or 3 or more answers to keep us guessing whether he came into this life with purpose or if it was just waiting for him to show up and discover it. Feast on!

  2. Bette

    Does feel like a trick question, doesn’t it, be?
    It occurs to me there may be a number of ways in which one may “change one’s mind”, & it’s not just either/or, yes/no, this/that.
    Something to contemplate as I bundle up & walk out into the winter afternoon…
    Thanks for this food for thought, Len – my Sagg Sun/ Mercury enjoys this. Immensely.

  3. P. Sophia

    Yeah, Len love your message. You are one I have reverence for this day.

    For me Mercury in Scorpio with the eclipses seemed to drudge up a lot of icky, sticky OLD energy. Mainly experienced in others which my soul (purpose) obviously called me -to let go. I know Mercury has been working with me here tho with the dissolution of things; people, and situations that no longer resonate. This leaves room and the opportunity to finally move on.

    Guess you need to be a passenger for a while, in order to perceive, recognize, understand then release. The wisdom is learning to respond in constancy (not react) then apparently you are offered those keys of messenger and begin to slowly rise.

    It’s seemed to me in this moment there are no suppose-to’s in the NEW. I make choices that lead me to what resonates in my heart, continuing towards the discovery and growth of who I, truly am.

    Fresh emerging from the water’s of Scorpio It’s me there, but still feel a bit of a blob of wet clay. Yet, with tolerance in Sagittarius the fire kiln warms and hopefully with the new thinking the figure begins to take a harden shape. Then, as Merc moves closer to the Sun (consciousness) the vibration will rise in anyway. And as Merc moves on to meet Venus I believe will help to spread the message of love there.

  4. sojourn

    Oh Hermes (sigh)… ‘the messenger’– yes, I am a Mercury girl (Gemini) through and through. Changing my mind about ‘things’ is not necessarily a struggle for me… in fact, it is that which I do too much (in my mind anyway). I have contemplated my entire life for what my ‘message’ might be to the world… funny to think it may be that I am here to show others ‘it is OK to change your mind.’

  5. aWord

    I worked hard to develop a particular signature, but in recent years have designed new image/s that require a new one. Whether literal or not, the result’s the same. I’m thinking that Merc entering Sagg this go’round is a shift in signature that’s rather important, as you point out “with purpose”.
    I’ll keep looking for it — perhaps it’s with the keys mentioned recently in one of your posts, Len.
    Keys and purpose all as one, now that’s a good Thanksgiving.

  6. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara (and all): It’s not a trick question. It’s one of the antinomies (questions that cannot be resolved by rational discourse) set forth by Emanuel Kant centuries ago – in this case, whether essence comes first, or whether existence comes first. A more colloquial version is whether the chicken or egg came first. And yes, i do agree that Mercury is bound to find both refreshment and philosophical contemplation in Sagittarius – whether it can or “Kant” resolve those great metaphysical questions. Thankful for you!

    Bette: Precisely right and spot on you are! It is very probable that Kant’s antinomies cannot be resolved by binary thinking. You get the drumstick!. Happy birthday, and thank you Ms. solar Sadge!

    P.Sophia: Please accept my reverence in return. Namaste – believe that’s the term. Yes, you are correct that most of us begin as passengers – that’s the usual way of things. Thank you today for conveying yourself so elegantly.

    sojourn: No need to sigh. To have the best discoveries in front of you is reason for joy. If you can change your mind about purpose as something to choose and make rather than contemplate and find, you may find yourself as thankful for your existence as i am thankful for your generous sharing and cogent contemplations today. Also, as Bette noted, there may be multiple answers, and multiple ways for you – think of it a rainbow of your making in your life.

    aWord: You have shown us all so much wisdom over the years here. And we are thankful. Hence, i’m confident that you will make the continuing story of your evolution something we all can be all look up to and be inspired by. Looking forward to it.

    1. sojourn

      Thank you, Len. You are so kind to always respond with such beautiful words of advice.

      And by the way, the ‘sigh’ after Hermes was a joyful one… for he always reminds me that I have wings to fly.

      Now, on to… “choosing and making.”

  7. Racquel

    Dear Len, & fellow contributors (becoming used to your ‘new’ names since the site update)
    thank you so very much for the clarity & lightness in your missives on what has been a heavy, dense topic for me recently – ie taking responsibility to live Purposefully (even if I do not know the Purpose!) and embracing the change – I was doing the opposite in bracing myself for the change & so feeling all the restrictions of the past. being in the UK there was not an intense, intimate family holiday situation, yet, recently feelings of gratitude & thankfulness for the exquisite Plan of Life has led to intense, intimate family situations & the Scorpion aspects of me were so passionate about it all… & yet still holding on to the old & now with your bright neon arrow directing towards the open minded (& heart thoughts too) acceptance of change, what has happened is it has provided the space & freedom for others which has all been somewhat of a relief & if it was not so blessed & profound could almost be seen as an anticlimax in its subtlety. This space has led my partner of 13 years to behave as he has wished to for all of our marriage (& myself to respond to him as I have always wished!!) rather than follow the old codependent routine storyline & outdated roles that serve no Purpose, especially not our Partnership. I am so very Thankful to be able to share this Journey with you all.
    Love & Light

  8. chief niwot's son

    Poor Kant- never heard of the Buddhist teaching on “Interdependent Origination,” which would have solved his dualistic conundrum of essence vs. existence. Of course his deeper dilemma is that he could not stop back and recognize the metaphysical presuppositions he was wrestling with, ideas like “essence” and “existence.”

    So maybe the message of the shift is the opportunity to transcend the fixated energy of Scorpio from the mutable fire of Sagittarius. Such fixations might include the very way in which we organize our beliefs about reality, how deep can we burrow into our own operating system?

    Thanks for the news of this change Len, I always enjoy when my boy Mercury finds a new pasture to roam.

    sojurn- I am gratified to know I am not the only Gemini denizen in these parts.

  9. Len Wallick Post author

    sojourn: You are very welcome.

    Racquel: Thank you for your beautiful comments. Notably, thank you for the courage it took to share some of the details of your recent personal evolution. Both your exemplary courage and elective growth (which might very well be considered holistically as facets of the same thing) are an excellent example for others looking for the same relief you found.

    chief niwot’s son: Thank you for bringing us a practical, yet transcendent alternative to binary thinking (and for your support of sojourn’s sojourn). How you translate your offered alternative into an alternative perception of Mercury’s ingress is downright inspirational. May we (each and all) be inspired to burrow ever more deeply into our “operating system” (as you so aptly put it) because of your words here.

    Pam: You are most welcome. With heartfelt thanks to you in turn!

  10. Len Wallick Post author

    Deborah and Amy: Thank you both for being so kind, and for teaming up to demonstrate just how profound Monty Python could be (while still keeping us both grounded and giggling).

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