A compilation of Eric’s writing on Mercury retrograde

An Expert’s Guide to Mercury Retrograde | Jan. 24, 2014
This in-depth ‘print-and-save’ guide covers such topics as: Don’t Sign, Don’t Buy; The Truth Comes Out When Mercury Stations; Don’t Assume You’re Being Ignored; If Communication Gets Dicey, Pick Up the Phone; Resolve the Past, Plan the Future; and If It May Not Be Broke, Don’t Fix It So Fast — plus insights about ancient and modern astrological interpretations and thoughts about the planet itself.

Mercury, Weaving the Story of Nessus | June 6, 2014
Centaur object Nessus carries themes of revenge, karma and stopping cycles of abuse. In 2014, Mercury in Cancer made three exact trines to Nessus as part of its retrograde cycle, opening a gate to emotional introspection and personal accountability.

2012 Election: The Mercury Retrograde Factor | Nov. 9, 2012
A recap of the shenanigans surrounding the 2012 US presidential election, which coincided with Mercury stationing retrograde on voting day — and the collective relief of not repeating the 2000 stolen election.

Mercury Retrograde Election Day: Astrology is No Excuse | Sept. 22, 2012
A detailed pregame analysis of the astrology of 2012’s Mercury Station Election Day, in the shadow of Citizens’ United campaign spending.

Mercury Retrograde: A Special Report from Planet Waves | Aug. 28, 2009
This handy compendium includes The Electric Tide (which also has its own entry in this list, below); a section answering a letter from a reader being laid off while Mercury is retrograde, and more.

The Electric Tide | Aug. 21, 2009
This step-by-step article breaks Mercury retrograde into its constituent parts: What Actually Happens; The Echo Phase into the Turnaround Phase; The Retrograde Phase; The Retrograde Works Out — and offers some additional thoughts.

Mixed Signals, Bright Ideas: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini | May 16, 2008
Seven years ago was another all-Gemini Mercury retrograde. This piece takes Mercury retrogrades first, then the sign Gemini, then puts it all together. If you have a journal or calendar from 2008, you can match up your entries with the article’s list of key aspects: see what you learned then, and whether themes repeat now.

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