Mercury Retrograde: Real Ideas; Real Information

Mercury Retrograde Live Call-In Edition Playback

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Recently I released my 2015 spring reading — a Mercury report covering the upcoming retrograde, from early next week through June 11. I was in part inspired to do this because of how challenging the last Mercury retrograde was, the one over the winter. People are still talking about it four months later. Some are joking that it never really ended.

Learning astrology is a lifelong process. This is me researching the brilliant NY Post columns of horoscope master Patric Walker in the New York Public Library last fall. Photo by Lisa Gatto.

With some focused and careful interpretation of the charts, I knew I could get beneath the psychology of the current retrograde and map out some strategies to make it easier on people.

That’s what I’ve created the past few weeks — and I’m here to offer it to you. I’d also ask that you get the word out, so that others get to benefit from real astrology in a time when it’s truly needed.

The idea of astrology is not just to hear what’s going to happen, but rather to figure out how to make the most of your opportunities. That includes seeing obstacles and knowing how to get beyond them. That is more useful than attempted prediction.

Your Mercury retrograde reading goes light years beyond the usual advice about purchasing and agreements. I cover all of that in the introduction, offering ideas I’ve gained from covering more than 60 Mercury retrogrades as a professional astrologer.

The result is something that’s equal parts astrology and motivational coaching. Your reading includes a live conference call next week, where you can bring your Mercury retrograde stories and questions.

In the sign and rising sign readings (all 12 are included), I cover career strategy, financial issues, the psychology of relationships, ancestral material that may be surfacing, matters of highly sensitive communication with partners, tapping your creative power, sorting out sexual identity themes and real issues devoted to spiritual and emotional healing.

Planet Waves

Jonah is a devoted astrology student as well, seen with his library and his vintage burlap desk.

This is handmade, organic astrology, not the stuff you get at Sam’s Club. I have put many days’ work into this project, bringing the best of my talents to bear.

I’ve designed it so that every sign’s reading will be interesting to anyone, born under any sign. You will want to listen to all of them. They’re playable on any device, and downloadable, and your access never expires.

You don’t need any pre-existing astrology literacy; my readings are clear and easy to follow. I speak about real life situations, using astrology only as needed.

If you’ve heard of Mercury retrograde, or experienced its effects, you will benefit from these concise, creative and inspiring readings. The information I offer is designed to bring important subjects to light, and to make this retrograde into an entirely positive turning point.

Here is the link to get instant access, which includes a live conference call on Thursday, May 21, as well as my forthcoming “bonus track” on writing.

Thank you for your business. You’re one of our very best customers, and we’re grateful that you choose to vote with your dollars for my style of home-made, authentic artisan astrology.


PS — In last night’s edition of Planet Waves, the lead article and the horoscope cover Mercury retrograde in Gemini. After each sign’s reading I include a sample of your audio reading, in case you want to check it out. Here is the first 10 minutes of the introduction.

22 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde: Real Ideas; Real Information

  1. Amy Elliott

    Very much looking forward to listening to this, which I will take some time to do during the weekend.

    Mercury rules my chart and my MC, and is in mutual reception with my Sun ruler, and is on point on my Finger of the World… Nuff said.

    Check, double-check, save and backup. That is all. 🙂

  2. Len Wallick

    Erid i LOVED listening to the recording! From the highly evocative musical introduction (reminiscent of the intro to “Castles Made of Sand” by Jimi Hendrix) to how smoothly it flowed and how coherently it came together. Anybody reading this should take 40 minutes at their next opportunity and give a listen that will pay dividends doubly when you follow up with the recording specific to your Sun sign.

  3. Eric Francis


    Thank you so much for the Mercury Rx reading, from the deepest part of my heart (and I recently went back and read the annual again and it is just so damn spot-on, holy hell!) I cherish your down-to-earth, pragmatic, realistic style that also respects people as holistic beings; speaking not just to the mental and physical, but to the emotional and spiritual as well, and giving useful perspective that leads to personal integration and conscious choice. And if that isn’t evolution, I don’t know what is!

    — Maggie Kelly, Jonah Kelly Francis’s mom

  4. Cowboyiam

    This only speaks to a portion of this recording.

    For many years I have been hearing about the mechanical effects of Mercury retrograde. My experience is that you are all fucking hysterical!!!! Shut the fuck up! You are full of shit! We do feel inwardly drawn during Mercury Retrograde – but – there is NO electronic correlation! Pretend all you want but it will not change.


    Everything is fine. Just look a little deeper. That is all Mercury retrograde asks of us.

    Eric you eluded to a study last year that concluded – there was no correlation to retrograde Mercury and mechanical breakdown.

    But you still believe in it. There is no reality TO THE IDEA THAT mercury IN RETROGRADE MOTION – MIGHT MEAN MY CAR WONT START – OR THAT MY COMPUTER MIGHT CRASH. But just by focusing now on this issue I have already put energy into the possibility.

    1. Jere

      Technically I’m not here man. I’m breaking from the e-world to put myself together in meat city. Plus my comp’s a bit wiggy lately (just kidding 😉 ).

      Personally, I find planetary retrogrades to be productively useful. It would be a fascinating research project to compare a multitude of charts over a period of years to see how everything correlates. That’s a lot of work I’m not up for right now. I do bet someone else has done it though… hmmm, I’d probably just ask them, (politely 🙂 ).

      Take care man, catch ya in the present future,


  5. Pisces Sun

    The mercury trickster got me, can someone help? Listened to your excellent overarching discussion of the current Metcury in retro that ended at the digital second. Where do I go next to find the readings for each horoscope?

  6. Leana

    Well, from my own experience, as of today, BNP Paribas ( French Bank) and their computer system is totally blocked, and they don’t know how long this is going to last….so here I am, blocked to make my purchase of this inspiring reading 🙁

  7. Cowboyiam

    I have looked at my natal chart many ways. No mater how I look – Mercury is my biggest influence. Mercury retrogrades are always a big deal for me….. But none are ever alike.

    That is life for me, and you too.

  8. Cowboyiam

    I really get what you say. It reminds me that (according to the Bible) in the end times, time will speed up. We are experiencing our evolution – now. It feels odd. It does – doesn’t it? We are living a strange time. This is really a cool time to be alive!

  9. Michael Mayes

    If I’m not mistaken, this is the first Mercury retrograde since the last exact square of Uranus and Pluto. It’s time to slow down and process who I am now compared to who I was at the first exact hit in 2012. I find it’s going to be a Mercury retrograde that will really put me to the test. It’s like I revolutionized my life over the past several years, I have become my own authority more so than ever before. Now it’s time to put my backbone to the test. Maybe that’s a good picture, as Mercury (mind) slows down, it more properly aligns with my body. If I have the determination, and will to simply be in my body, and allow my mind to be still, I will manage just fine.

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