Mercury News and Inner Space Horoscope for June

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Upcoming astrological events mainly involve Gemini and Mercury. Wednesday is the Gemini New Moon — the Moon-Sun conjunction, which generally happens once a year in each sign.

Interesting elements of this New Moon include its exact square to Neptune in Pisces, as well as a square to asteroid Apollo in Virgo. This translates to: pay attention to the patterns that show up in the errors you make consistently. Use careful, sober analysis as a means of addressing denial or any blind spots. Do the Virgo thing and write out your calculations long-form.

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This is not about you being wrong, it’s about figuring out ways to make the best decisions. The prominence of Neptune, plus asteroid Bacchus and centaur Pholus have us on alcohol alert. As I mentioned in today’s Daily Astrology, the alcohol can be anywhere in your environment, not necessarily your body.

On May 29, Mercury then dips into the sign Cancer, where it will be for a few weeks.

There is something interesting about this, apart from Mercury’s slow movement in the early degrees of a cardinal sign (and contact with the Aries Point), though I’m still working out the elements of the narrative.

I will have more to say about this setup, including Venus ingressing Taurus, in tonight’s Planet Waves FM, which will post by about 5 pm EDT. In tonight’s edition, I’ll be talking about writing horoscopes, in honor of Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope #1000 coming out Friday. I’ll also take a look at the chart for what happened in Isla Vista on Friday night — and why the discussion of violence and misogyny is necessary but just the tip of the iceberg.

The next major Mercury event is the station retrograde on June 7. This coming Sunday, June 1, I’ll be hosting a free community forum on Mercury retrograde. This event requires pre-registration.

The Gemini birthday reading will be ready later today. I am putting the finishing touches on it this morning.
We’ll keep the pre-order price of $24.95 open to our subscribers till Wednesday evening EDT.

If you’re a Gemini or Gemini rising I suggest you listen to the free audio preview to see if this reading is for you. Listen if only to hear the new music by Daniel Sternstein.

Just a reminder that there is still space in my Introduction to Reading a Natal Chart, scheduled for Saturday morning, May 31. This is a two-hour class that will get you started reading and understanding any natal chart. You will have access to the teleconference and the recording.

Finally, here is your Inner Space horoscope for June.

Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you tonight over at Planet Waves FM.


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