Mercury Direct in Aquarius, Lots to Think About

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Will Robinson and the robot from Lost In Space.

Thankfully, Mercury is stationing direct in Aquarius on Wednesday just before 10 am EST (15:00 UTC). I covered this in my Monday diary entry, which includes a discussion of the evolving meaning of Mercury retrograde as we are all carried by the rising digital tide.

Speaking of digital evolution, most links in this letter go to the new Planet Waves website. People who use the new website love it. That is an invitation.

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In tonight’s Planet Waves FM, I will have more news about Mercury direct for you. Then I plan to continue the discussion of how digital life is impacting our relationships, which is another way of saying our consciousness. This is the conversation that rarely happens when a new medium takes over — and nothing has ever come at the world so fast and furious as digital.

I will also look at the Brian Williams situation — the managing editor of NBC Nightly News who was recently caught lying in the form of war stories and is now suspended. What Williams, the highest-rated newscaster on television, is going through reveals something about the nature of reality.

Conference Calls Coming!

We have a few conference calls planned. They are not scheduled; we’re not doing that until Mercury is direct. But to sum up: they will include calls for the recent Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius birthday readings; the Cosmophilia discussion; a Core Community meeting; and finally, the rescheduling of a special class for astrology beginners and advanced students alike, Tools and Power Tools.

We will email you about these readings, and also post notices to the Planet Waves website, my personal Facebook page and the company Facebook page.

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Photo by Eric Francis.

In our latest installment from the series of Cosmophilia featured articles, Maria Jawan recounts her personal journey back into her body, through various therapeutic modes, after years of dissociation. She writes, “I have started to feel more alive, and more active and I keep inviting more breath in, even though it can be hard to navigate through the intense grief it releases.”

In a new column, Amanda Moreno describes her reverence for words and a respect for their power, especially in ritual — along with the potential to get fixated on them, or to distrust of them. Yet these days she thinks “more about the container and intention than anything else.”

Guest-writer Kristin Luce opens up to readers about the amazing healing that can happen with deep sexual surrender and union. She writes, “Through these encounters it began to occur to me that only in sex do we touch each other in the same place that we were conceived, that we were born, that we were nursed, and only in sex can we be held, adored and physically met in that same place.”

Political-spiritual columnist Judith Gayle reports that, “despite the fact that [political regressives have] captured even more law-making authority, it’s been a very good week, surprisingly, packed with positive signs and omens.” Can I get a hallelujah?

Sarah Taylor was unable to write a tarot reading for this week on her usual schedule, but hopes to have one for you Wednesday — Mercury willing, of course. And in Len Wallick’s latest column he offers that the Moon’s last quarter is poised to help you overcome whatever challenges Mercury’s station direct may pose for you. Check the Planet Waves website around noon today for that piece.

Thanks for reading, catch you this evening over at Planet Waves FM, and KEEP IN TOUCH.


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