Mental Matters

Posted by Len Wallick


Other than the Moon, none of astrology’s archetypes changes signs more often than Mercury. Mercury’s retrogrades, however, slow the changes down. As Len Wallick describes it, you can be just as exceptional as Mercury’s long delayed (and impending) ingress to Capricorn — provided you keep your mind in mind.

Depending on your time zone, Mercury will end more than two months in Sagittarius either late tomorrow or early Thursday. Normally, Mercury clips through a given sign in about three weeks. Only a retrograde can keep Mercury confined for so much longer. As result, this particular Mercury ingress to Capricorn is especially worthy of your keeping it in mind.


In fact, among Mercury’s many terrestrial correlations, your mind (and how you use it) is among the most prominent. The fact that Mercury will begin an in-sign conjunction with Saturn upon entering Capricorn would appear to emphasize that correspondence.

For astrologers, Capricorn is one of two signs (along with Aquarius) where Saturn finds domicile. For this reason, Saturn will implicitly be the dominant partner in its impending merger with Mercury. This single factor indicates that how you think might be something else to be consciously aware of for the remainder of this week.

Saturn has a way of imparting structure, form and order. To a certain extent, the same can be said of Capricorn. As regards to mental processes, such an effect is usually a very good thing — unless it also serves promote a state of mind oblivious to other points of view.

Ideally, the next several days of Mercury moving to finally share the same degree of Capricorn with Saturn on Saturday will be used for tasks requiring acute mental focus. Beyond that, there are even higher aspirations whose time has at long last come. In order to manifest such extra potential, the cosmos will need assistance from you.

To realize the upside of Mercury’s conjunction with Saturn (and, to some extent, that of Mercury in Capricorn until the end of the month), while simultaneously keeping the downside at bay, some discernment on your part will be necessary.

It will be more than helpful to exercise critical thinking without also being critical of either yourself of others. Even more useful will be an ability to practice compassion towards anybody and everybody you cannot bring yourself to either empathize or even sympathize with. One example would be how the Dalai Lama publicly exhibits magnanimity towards a nation that has annexed his homeland, forcing him into exile, while bringing untold hardship onto his fellows in the bargain.

Even though most of us cannot afford to practice the same degree of forbearance exhibited by the Dalai Lama (even if any of us were capable of it), he is a far better example to follow than any of those who feel licensed by possession of a social media account to mercilessly and profusely criticize others.

While a Mercury ingress is not as big a deal as (say) Saturn changing signs, this particular case would be an especially good time to pick your spot instead of picking a fight.

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Len Wallick

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3 thoughts on “Mental Matters

  1. chief niwot's sonchief niwot's son

    Len- Thank you for the reminder regarding the end of Mercury’s shadow run, his ingress into Capricorn, and the conjunction with Saturn. That’s a lot to ponder, observe, and engage.

  2. Glen Young

    We’re gathering a lot of info about the influence of Neptune in Pisces, from the considerable darkening of a cloud that been hovering over the house of a licensed social media account. Also, thanks for making the Dalai Lama personal, and a far better example to be conscious of; his level of awareness through the veil of Neptune in Pisces- Inspirational.

  3. Sue Edwards

    Thank You Glen, especially for your mention of the Dali Lama – an extraordinary Soul.

    Maybe the Dali Lama understands that our Universe maintains balance and harmony at all times and realizes his experiences are all part of the balancing act of Humanity? As in, East and West are now blending as is North and South?

    The East has been a focus of our spiritual development, while the West has focused on personality development. Blending the two creates a Whole human being. Just as North has been focused in mental development, while South has been heart centered. Our massive migrations for whatever reasons may very well be serving this goal of a balanced and whole Humanity.

    One thing I note about the Dali Llama is that he has never expressed being a victim, of anything or anyone.

    An incredible woman once told me that if we seek to know our karma, look to Saturn and if we want to know why, look to Neptune. It’s one of the reasons I have shared that most of us do not know Love. We only know Need – the lack of it. What we call “Love” is having our “Needs” satisfied.

    Reference was made in a post recently to “evil”. I rid my mind of the very idea long ago, because I began to understand that to choose to believe in it was to feed it, support it and nurture it. I gave it life, with the energy of my own Mind. I didn’t like being an evil-minded person. It felt awful. What I was, was out of my Ever Loving Mind. A Mind very much like what the Dali Llama expresses.

    I do not perceive “evil” anymore when I look upon our world or in relating to others. What I do see is blindness, ignorance, wounding, and pain, instead. Perceiving things this way makes it easier to embrace in understanding and compassion, whereas the designation of evil is one of rejection, separation and denial. I can’t very well be embracing while pushing something away. It just doesn’t work; they are contradictions in concepts and actions.

    It’s such contradictions I found my Mind was filled with. It is what we call “duality” and “polarity” and for me, I’ve had enough of it. It’s time we came together, willingly, in compassion and understanding. Forget the “good and evil” stuff. Forget the “good and bad” stuff. Good, evil, bad, etc. are all in the Mind of the Beholder.

    I found it to be quite simple but far from easy. I pass along what I told my children. When you look at any person in the world, ask yourself how would you like to be treated if that were you? Because at some time in some place, you are that person. Struggling with the same issues and expressing the same behavior.

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